Talking Head Primetime Invades Daytime: Chapter 5…

Well this appears to becoming more and more frequent (much to my chagrin). So much so, that I’ve had to create a Category field to hold posts like these. Today CNN’s Rick Sanchez spent considerable time rebutting Bill O’Reilly. I know this is a Sanchez trademark, to stick his opinion into a story. But the thing is, this is dayside news, when news is supposed to happen. It’s not primetime when opinion takes over (though apparently that concept is being downplayed at CNN these days).

In the end is it really necessary to rebut O’Reilly? Sanchez is a big Tweeter. Why not put it there? Is it so important for CNN to devote a whole segment to fact checking O’Reilly? Why give him the publicity? I’m just askin’…

Update: O’Reilly comments. “A rare correction”…cute. What about the ones that should’ve come but didn’t? (via J$)

21 Responses to “Talking Head Primetime Invades Daytime: Chapter 5…”

  1. joeremi Says:

    Um, ’cause it’s working for MSNBC? Maybe he should talk about Rush more, too. 🙂

  2. imnotblue Says:

    Apparently (at least according to some of the posters over at TVN, I haven’t seen the show yet), O’Reilly corrected the record and said that CNN did cover it more than he originally said… and said that when he criticized CNN’s coverage, he should have said “in prime time” their coverage was minimal.

    So, it looks like the ball is back in Sanchez’s court… will he acknowledge this, or will he ignore it?

  3. friendsofronmexico Says:

    Well Rick Sanchez is CNN’S chief twit.So he should have done some twitin’ about BOR.

    Cable news is being to get on muh nerves.I can’t watch CNN or MSDNC and can only stand a few mins of FOX NEWS.

  4. bigred08 Says:

    I know I’ve used the douchebaggery term quite a bit on here, but Sanchez really lives up to it.

    He’s a complete fraud. You can’t just tell there’s something very insincere & slimy about him. He reminds me a lot of John Edwards.

  5. Ok people, let’s stick to the subject and not get into what happened in talent’s private lives years ago.

  6. laural1 Says:

    Does that mean felafel’s out of the question?

  7. Does that mean felafel’s out of the question?

    Especially falafels. That story was never proven. At least the Cafferty, and Sanchez accidents are a matter of public record.

  8. laural1 Says:

    Joke. Figured since “personal” habits were discussed earlier, at some length…

  9. CNN monitoring Bill O’Reilly or is TARGETING a better description taking a page from Media Matters For America’s handbook?

    Who was it that was monitoring Imus? Targeting “The PacMan Jones” sound bite. Turned out it was CNN so is this because of competition or are they doing it for political reasons for the Democrat party headed up by Barack H Obama…..

    I know how this game works it isn’t new, and Fox News and Bill O’Reilly are aware of how it works too.

  10. bigred08 Says:

    This is the new ploy in the ratings handbook….. If you can’t get viewers on your own, because of a lack of talent, personality, charisma, likability or credibility…. (all of which Sanchez lacks), then just attack the competition.

  11. Then what’s Billo’s excuse bigred?

  12. tripton Says:

    He just can’t apologize. He’s got such an ego that he has to trash Sanchez and ‘excuse” his error as having meant to refer to CNN primetime (which except for Larry King) was just as comprehensive.
    Sanchez’ documented reaction mentioned almost every show aired in the first 24 hours.
    BillO doesn’t mention how little FNC covered its own exclusive interview with General Peteaus two weeks ago when the General seemed to support President Obama’s efforts on GITMO, torture and the wars.
    BillO criticizes Sanchez (not mentioned by name) as “snide.” How would you react, BillO, if someone said you and the other Fox-holes completely ignored a major story to meet your narrow-minded agenda?

  13. joeremi Says:

    Hmmm, would you look at that. Laree works in an Imus reference. Fess up Laree…you’re Don Imus.

  14. bigred08 Says:

    hmmmf, billo must have at least a couple of those abilities, because he’s had the top rated cable news show for years.

    He doesn’t need to attack over networks to get ratings. He does, but he doesn’t need to.

  15. tripton Says:

    Look at the posts above.
    Does anyone care that BillO was caught completely wrong? Not partially wrong, but utterly.
    His apologists waste their space trashing CNN and Sanchez and backing Bullyboy.
    I can tell you BillO never watched CNN before he made his point about CNN not covering the story. How many of the BillO-backers think for one minute that he watched CNN before making his claim? Come on….just one of you tell me you believe him. Fact is BillO has morons and flunkies working for him and feeding him trash that fits his agenda. As long as he can “own” part of a story, he goes for the jugular.

  16. “BillO doesn’t mention how little FNC covered its own exclusive interview with General Peteaus two weeks ago”

    Well maybe because he wouldn’t want to make another mistake he’d have to correct later. I saw clips and/or reports on this interview on Happening Now, Studio B, Special Report, The Fox Report, On the Record. Not to mention the promos and teaser clips before the actual airing. I’d really like to know on what basis anyone could possibly characterize FNC’s coverage as “little”.

  17. bigred08 Says:

    tripton, follow your own advice & read the posts above. Does anyone care that BillO admitted he was wrong and corrected himself?

    I’m no BillO backer, and certainly not an apologist. I disagree with him often and believe he’s wrong often.

    But I give him credit for admitting the mistake. Something Sanchez, and other O’Reilly critics, never do.

  18. joeremi Says:

    Does that mean falafel’s out of the question?

    I thought it was funny. 🙂

  19. laural1 Says:

    Sometimes I amuse myself. It’s better with an audience, tho.

  20. Does anyone care that BillO was caught completely wrong? Not partially wrong, but utterly.

    Not really. It’s happened too many times to hold interest for long. Same thing applies to Olbermann and Dobbs.

  21. imnotblue Says:

    Fact is BillO has morons and flunkies working for him and feeding him trash that fits his agenda.
    tripton Says:
    June 6, 2009 at 9:36 am

    Prove it, genius.

    Does anybody really believe that TRIPTON watches FOX? Seems a little hypocritical, if you as me.

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