Megyn Kelly Interview…

Haute Living’s Seth Semilof profiles, in pretty gushing terms, FNC’s Megyn Kelly…

Taking into account viewer interest and the competition for the No. 1 slot against other super networks like CNN and MSNBC, the fast-paced nature of television news, especially cable news, comes with its share of pressures. But, from the research required to ask the right questions to the confidence needed to deliver the report convincingly, Megyn Kelly doesn’t buckle. After all, this roadrunner-esque type energy is what she dropped all those law books for. “The news changes everyday,” she says. “So it’s not like being involved in any litigation that goes on for four years and the trial lasts three months.”

And then there’s this nice kicker from Semilof…

With a bio that already has shades of Diane Sawyer, Megyn Kelly is knee-deep into establishing herself in an enduring career in broadcasting.

Diane Sawyer would never ever allow herself to get caught up in mixing it up with guests she disagreed with the way Kelly repeatedly has or allow herself to lose it on the air the way Kelly repetedly has.

Bad comparison Semilof. Bad comparison.


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