Willie Geist Show Announcement Coming…

Back in the end of May, TVNewser reported that Willie Geist would be getting his own TV show on MSNBC at 5:30 am and the show would premiere the day MSNBC launched in HD. Well, obviously that day passed and no show debuted. So did the plug get pulled? No.

I’ve heard an announcement regarding the launch date is coming soon. It should be noted that the TVN story never had an official announcement attached to it, just the ubiquitous insiders talking, so you can’t really accuse MSNBC of “blowing” or “changing” a launch date since no date was ever officially announced before the TVN June 29th date.

But this may have been a factor if there was a delay: Willie Geist became a proud papa today when his wife gave birth to George William Geist. Geist will be off of MSNBC until next Tuesday. Given the TVN launch date of Jun 29th, having a baby a week after the debut of a show would have caused all sorts of traction and branding headaches when the star of the show takes a family break so soon (see: CNN; Brown, Campbell). Better to push the date. If that was a factor.


2 Responses to “Willie Geist Show Announcement Coming…”

  1. Spud

    I love Willie, what is MSNBC thinking putting him up against Beck?

    Glenn Beck, I just can’t describe the effect he has you can’t look a way because if you do you never know what you will miss, and you are sure to miss something.

    I was hoping Fox Business News would pick up Tucker Carlson and Willie Geist.

  2. Um, he’s not up against Beck. He’s up against a 5 am O’Reilly Factor repeat.

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