Ali Velshi Profile…

The Globe and Mail’s Sarah Hampson profiles CNN’s Ali Velshi. (via TVNewser)

His ascendancy at the network began at the end of 2007, when economic deterioration started and the American electorate focused on its importance in the run-up to the presidential election. “What we realized is that we so effectively deployed resources to cover politics – such that ‘CNN equals politics’ became an accepted idea. So we wanted ‘CNN equals money,’ and we had the resources to do it.”

The decision lengthened his working day into as much as 20 hours at the height of the financial crisis. With his multi-platform presence – which also includes podcasts, a blog, radio, his own website and Twitter updates – he says he rarely works less than 12 hours a day. In his office in the New York CNN bureau, where he is based, he has a small IKEA bed. In October, he will marry Lori Wachs, a portfolio manager from Philadelphia, whom he met when she was a guest on his show.

The only drawback to his celebrity, he says, is that people see him as an expert who will dispense advice. “I still cringe when anyone at CNN or otherwise refers to me as an expert on anything.” He prefers to think of himself as a journalist.

Velshi is definitely getting a profile raise these days. He started sub-anchoring on CNN Newsroom recently. I wonder if this was just the first step in a larger career path trajectory at CNN?

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