Sotomayor: Your reactions…

Post your comments about the Sotomayor hearings and the coverage thereof here…

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  1. imnotblue Says:

    Here’s something interesting… It appears that FNC (although I haven’t been watching this snooze-fest all day) is sticking with the coverage life, while CNN is occasionally dipping away for commercials. Can anyone else confirm that?

  2. crp2008 Says:

    I’m watching my local PBS station (WNET) since they have the least clutter on the screen (just a station bug).

  3. jerziegrl Says:

    I don’t understand the purpose of ANY of this mess. The Senators just get up there and jabber on and on, with the only purpose behind their bloviating is to make themselves look good. They aren’t there to get answers, just to talk. Sonya Sotomayor is going to get confirmed, there is no way around it, even if the right put up a fight (which they didn’t because she is a woman, and an Hispanic one at that) they’ve got the unbreakable 60 votes now with Franken so it is a sure thing.

    This non-stop coverage is BORING.

  4. bigred08 Says:

    Joe, you’re absolutely right. These douchebags, on both sides of the aisle, use these hearings to grandstand. It’s beyond boring. It’s a better cure for insomnia than AmbienCR.

    It was worse when Biden was on the committee, and would use 29:30:47 of his 30:00:00 to bloviate, while looking ridiculous in a Seton Hall ball cap.

  5. Not me, Red, it was JerzieGirl. But I agree with her. I’m watching a tape-delay of Arlen Specter yammering on right now. Has anyone asked her a question yet? I’m on my third senator and so far all I’ve seen is them yapping while Sotomayer tries to stay awake.

  6. chipsohio Says:

    Unfortunately, senators on both sides of the aisle are not the best & brightest of our society.

    Bloviating is one of the only ways they can attempt & often succeed in tricking their constitutents into voting for them for re-election.

    The general premise behind our Constitution was that the “common man” would serve for a short period of time & not make a career out of being a politician.

  7. Too banal to even aspire to the vaunted level of douchebag, in my incredibly humble opinion.

  8. bigred08 Says:

    Sorry, jerzie. I credited Joe & not you for your spot-on analysis.

    Joe, I believe today was just the “opening statements” part, and the actual questioning begins tomorrow.

  9. I believe today was just the “opening statements” part…

    Ah I see. Watching Franken getting his first Senate duty interrupted by a protester. It must have taken unbelievable restraint to not make a crack about it.

  10. dvschase Says:

    maybe someone knows the answer to the question i’ve been wondering… did franken get on the committee as the most junior senator in the senate?

  11. imnotblue Says:

    I don’t know, DV… but he could be the opening the Republicans are looking for. If he says something, or does something goofy… that could be a problem for the Democrats. Although, I’m not necessarily holding my breath.

  12. dvschase Says:

    yeah these hearing are mostly a formality. i just wonder how he got the spot. I am sure there are many dem senators that would love to give their own speeches and get attention.

  13. joeremi Says:

    You can count on Sen. Franken to be unbelievably boring for a long time.

  14. smh3477 Says:

    I believe committee assignments are completely at the party leader’s (majority and minority leaders) discretion. Al Franken is going to be a party leader one day. He has already demonstrated his ability to shut his mouth when necessary. He is an unbelievably intelligent guy (regardless of what one thinks of his politics) and I’m ecstatic that he is a US Senator.

    As for INB’s comment that “…he could be the opening the Republicans are looking for.” How PATHETIC. The Republicans can’t win any argument on the merits, so they hope the other side fails. No new ideas, no new policies, just the same old sh t and hoping the Dems (and the country) fail so that people will go running back to them. INB doesn’t realize that the Democratic Party has a LONG way to go before their approval ratings are as low as the Repubs.

    Keep hoping Al Franken and the Dems give you your “opening”. It’s going to be a long, meandering stroll through the wilderness. Get used to it.

  15. imnotblue Says:

    smh3477 Says:

    July 13, 2009 at 6:41 am

    Please, Shawn… tell me more about not being able to win an argument on it’s “merits”… you seem to know a lot about that. Nice “argument,” BTW.

  16. smh3477 Says:

    Please enlighten us all INB. Go ahead and refute my argument that your party has new ideas and new policies. PLEASE, ENLIGHTEN US ALL. What are your party’s new ideas and policies? All we’ve heard is the same old tax cut BS to solve all of our problems. Look how well that has turned out for us all so far.

    Again, I ask you: aside from hoping for Democratic failures, how does your party expect to regain the American people’s confidence?

    I expect you don’t have an answer to that question. If you do, you should get in touch with Michael Steele. He may need your help.

  17. imnotblue Says:

    I should have known better than to respond to a Shawn comment… off target, irrelevant, hypocritical, insulting… all these things are typical for Shawn, and yet, I got roped in again. *Sigh* Shawn proves you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… he runs when “his side” does something stupid (notice we don’t see him then), and then gloats when he feels the Republicans have in some way failed.

    Anyway… (1) I remind you again, they’re not “my party.” I’m a registered independent, who finds the whole left/right Democrat/Republican thing trivial and stupid. (2) I’m not rooting for anyone or any party to fail, only for certain policies and ideas. (3) Where in my comment did I suggest or say that I HOPED Franken said something stupid, and wrecked the process? You projected that… but I didn’t say it… only my analysis of what could happen. (4) What are YOUR ideas for anything? Other than hating Republicans, and blindly supporting all things Democratic… what ideas do you have?

    Face it, kid… you’re just a face in the crowd… someone who shouts and feels like they’re connecting with the band, like their part of the team… but really, you’re just a speck in the distance.

    (Oh, and if you’d really like “ideas” perhaps you should narrow it down… or better yet, find a political blog to ramble on… not this one.)

  18. smh3477 Says:

    Wow INB, way to NOT respond there. Great job of bobbing and weaving/deflecting, if you will. I asked you for your party’s new ideas and policies and you responded with a question. Great job. You prove my point.

  19. imnotblue Says:

    You want Republican ideas… here:

    Do the research yourself… I’m not here to hold your hand.

  20. smh3477 Says:

    Ha! AWESOME response INB! Just AWESOME! LOL!

  21. imnotblue Says:

    I do what I can, Shawn.

    Now how about a question from me: Yesterday you responded to a thread with the comment posted above saying, “Morons.” There was no follow-up, no ideas, no nothing… just an insult. And then today, you criticized Republicans by saying they “can’t win any argument on the merits,”.

    Now it seems to me that your desire for the Republicans to have more “merit-ful arguments” is contradictory to your belief that you can post something like “Morons,” and be above that which you have just criticized.

    So answer me this… are you a hypocrite, a fool, or somehow better than or different then the standard you want others to live/work by?

  22. smh3477 Says:


    How CUTE is it that INB is trying to tie me (by calling him and his friends morons for their faux outrage to Sonia Sotomayor) to his joke of a party? His argument is that I have no ideas and no detailed explanations for the “morons” comment, THEREFORE (wait for it) I am just like, and no better than, his precious Republican Party.

    Truly mind-blowing. Again, INB: Never. Stop. Posting.


  23. imnotblue Says:

    …by calling him and his friends morons for their faux outrage to Sonia Sotomayor…

    This says more than the rest, really. It’s not that you don’t understand… it’s that you can’t read! I’m so sorry, I should have figured that out sooner.

    The thread where you called everyone “morons,” wasn’t really criticizing Sotomayor, just talking about some of the extra coverage she’s getting. If you could read, you would have noticed that! I hope my pointing out your illogical nonsense, which is apparently the result of your illiteracy, hasn’t made you feel to bad. I’ll try to be more sensitive to you in the future.

    Again, INB: Never. Stop. Posting.

    I’ll tell you what… I’ll never stop posting, if you go seek some real help for your condition. I mean, there’s an economic crisis going on, and the amount of help your require should be able to keep a moderate staff of people employed for many years to come. The men in the white coats are your friends.

    (PS- “Way to NOT respond there. Great job of bobbing and weaving/deflecting”… still waiting for your response.)

  24. laural1 Says:

    imnotblue Says:
    Pearls before swine. His only purpose is to make Art seem a more worthy opponent. That he does quite well.

  25. smh3477 Says:

    Oh NOES! INB and the obviously brilliant laural1 are saying mean things about me, I suppose I should just pack it in… *snivel*

    How will I ever recover?

  26. imnotblue Says:

    I bet if you ask nicely, mom will make you a PB&J, and give you back your Mr. Wubsy… and you can go night-night for a while. Maybe when you’re less cranky, you can have a serious discussion.

  27. unclearthur Says:

    The general premise behind our Constitution was that the “common man” would serve for a short period of time & not make a career out of being a politician.

    Actually, the thought at the time was that the landed gentry would take turns dabbling in country-running – the common man of the eighteenth century, who was quite possibly functionally illiterate, didn’t stand a chance.

    And frankly, the situation the drafters of the constitution were envisioning has grown a little more complex. How do you suppose James Mason would have dealt with nuclear proliferation? What would John Adams suggest with respect to global warming? I wouldn’t want my plumber, sterling individual though he is, to be working on nuclear submarine propulsion.

    Non-privileged backgrounds should not be a bar to government service. But government experience is not irrelevant – if anyone on this board tried to get a bill passed, I think you’d quickly stop feeling quite so superior to the people who do it for a living.

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