HLN to go HD…

Back in the beginning of June, CNN Observations spotted an HLN HD logo. But that was all that was found to indicate HLN had HD plans. However today, buried in a Multichannel News report by Kent Gibbons regarding Time Warner Cable in NYC shuffling its channels around and adding new channels, which some focused in on the part about CNN being bumped down the channel numbers, we see that HLN HD is definitely launching…

HD channels being added on Aug. 19 are: Big Ten HD On Demand on 471, Outdoor Channel HD on 480, Investigation Discovery HD on 723, Headline News HD on 758, Lifetime HD on 762, TCM HD on 782 and Smithsonian HD On Demand on 794.

One Response to “HLN to go HD…”

  1. mccollunsky Says:

    CNN needs go full HD for LA, Atlanta and D.C

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