Ed Schultz: Poor Sport?

As I pack to be re-united once and for all with my prized snorkel (see below), this popped up regarding Ed Schultz and a radio debate show he co-hosted with a rival talk show host. Rob Port blogs on SayAnything.com about the story…

Its been an interesting couple of months in Ed Schultz news, which is never usually an interesting news category unless you find men who consider shouting insults to be keen political analysis to be interesting. First Schultz and his North Dakota rival Scott Hennen (full disclosure: I guest host for Hennen and have my own show on his station) announced a partnership whereby Schultz would host a morning show on Hennen’s recently-acquired AM station in southeast North Dakota and debate with Hennen himself once a week on Hennen’s morning show.

This sparked a great deal of criticism of Hennen which I never quite understood. I understand that a lot of people don’t like Schultz (including many on his own side of the political divide), but as far as Hennen goes what’s wrong with debating with the other side? Anyway, last week during the Hennen vs. Schultz debate Schultz got so angry he hung up during the program.

Then Schultz pulls the plug on his radio show on Hennen’s station.

…. (edited by ICN to remove some salacious Schultz side story Port refers to which really has nothing to do with this story)

Now, I could understand Schultz pulling the plug because he’s too busy. After all, he’s got a three hour national radio show and a one hour cable news show on his plate every day and it can’t be easy to keep up with likes of Keith Olbermann when it comes to red-faced, spittle-flecked punditry. But Schultz did commit to the radio show. And he didn’t commit to the segment on Hennen’s show. But as soon as he had to face some heat from someone who disagrees with him, he bailed.

Update: J$ dug up this from Fox and Friends earlier in the year…

8 Responses to “Ed Schultz: Poor Sport?”

  1. That F&F clip was from just under a year ago. He must be so happy to be at MSNBC now.

  2. zonedaiatlas Says:

    Joeremi, You should have stopped a long time ago when Olbermann compared Fox News as worse than Al-Qaeda, worse than the KKK…

  3. zonedaiatlas Says:

    Damn! I posted on the wrong thread!

  4. Wrong thread…and not happy I didn’t go further, earlier. Newsflash, Zone: I am not, nor will I ever be, a right wing zealot, and Fox News has done some really bad shyte in their time.

  5. I saw Ed interrupt Tom Tancredo in an interview today, because Tom had the gall to bring up the fact that Liberals had smeared Republicans and the Bush Administration with the “Hitler” line. Ed said he NEVER saw that, and couldn’t remember anyone carrying an offensive sign, like he’s seen at the townhall meetings.

    Either Ed is oblivious, he has no significant memory at all… or he’s a liar… a loud, shouting, bold faced, liar.

  6. I saw that, too, Blue. I’m sitting there thinking, “Don’t deny it, just refuse to play the ‘yeah, what about you guys’ game.” Idiot.

  7. Here’s a big cable news story, via TV Newser:

    John Stossel is leaving ABC & 20/20 for FOX News.


  8. […] not like we haven’t had this happen before, but Ed Schultz got into it with Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC today and the end result was Schultz […]

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