The WPiTW that Wasn’t…

Wrestlezone reported that WWE star Jeff Hardy was put on Keith Olbermann’s WPiTW list for getting arrested on drug charges. Only thing is, it never happened and the site later corrected that error. Will the site now get put on the WPiTW list?

4 Responses to “The WPiTW that Wasn’t…”

  1. Pro wrestilng websites are as reliable as…MSNBC… when it comes to accurate reporting.

    They both deal in rumors, innuendo, hype, and straight out lies.

  2. I was waiting for you to chime in on a wrasslin’ post Red… 😛

  3. Let’s try this – how about using creditable sources for news?

    If you can’t, check the material out before using it. Original sources, et cetera.

    And if you still can’t verify the material, try accrediting or sourcing the information and telling the audience so that they can judge the reliability of the information and the source for it.

    Yes, it’s called professional journalism and reporting, Mr. Olbermann.

  4. Spud, the Jeff Hardy story is intriguing.

    The tip came into the Fayetteville, NC police, but he lives in Cameron, which is in another county. Apparently, the Fayetteville PD also took part in the arrest, along with other agencies.

    An an NC native, I can tell you, Fayetteville is a drug trafficking haven. I think someone got busted, and to save himself, ratted out Jeff Hardy.

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