CNBC cancels Dennis Kneale’s Show…

The New York Observer’s Felix Gillette scoops that Dennis Kneale’s 8pm program…

At the moment, CNBC is staring down a major challenge to their bread-and-butter a.m. programming–next month, Don Imus makes his debut on rival Fox Business Network, where he will go head-to-head with CNBC’s Squawk Box.

Towards the end of August, Mr. Kneale went on vacation. While he was gone, CNBC replaced his 8 P.M.. show with repeats of their popular dude-friendly documentaries, which range in subject matter from porn to pot, to escorts and race cars. Sure enough the documentaries put up better numbers at 8 P.M. than Mr. Kneale.

When we caught up with Mr. Kneale on Friday afternoon, he was understandably disappointed.

“They always told me it was a temporary gig,” said Mr. Kneale. “I was lucky to have 5 months anchoring my own show on national television. It was fun.”

6 Responses to “CNBC cancels Dennis Kneale’s Show…”

  1. Dennis Kneale had a show?

  2. After 20 years on the air they still can’t program any shows at night that generate any ratings.

    Why don’t they go back to airing reruns of Deal or No Deal or The Apprentice or something else. Maybe back to having a Johnny Mac talk show or something.

    Once again their inability to program takes any sting out of putting Imus on in the mornings for FBN.

    The interesting thing is that FBN gets its best ratings at night while CNBC can’t draw anything at night. But Squak Box in the morning treads on scratch status in the demo all the time anyways so nobody is watching then either.

  3. Ditto Al. Who knew?

  4. Who’s Dennis Kneale?

  5. totalrecall9 Says:

    A Republican douche that called bloggers “dickweeds”.

  6. Is that a bad thing?

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