Jesse Watters Ambushed Again…

Think Progress ambushed O’Reilly Factor ambusher-at-large Jesse Watters at the Voters Values Summit…who then turned FNC cameras on to record the ambush apparently. Which suggests this may morph into a Factor segment at some point…

Members of ThinkProgress attended the Values Voters Summit in Washington, DC today. While we were there, we happened to see Fox News producer Jesse Watters and decided to try to interview him about why he stalked and ambushed ThinkProgress Managing Editor Amanda Terkel in March while she was on vacation in rural Virginia.

At first, Watters tried to walk away from us, but we were able to chat with him as he waited for the elevator. When we said we were from, he replied, “I don’t know that organization.” But as soon as we mentioned the ambush of Amanda, he turned to his cameraman and said, “Oh, shoot this. Shoot this. Shoot this.”

We pointed out to Watters that O’Reilly has said he always contacts people to give them a chance to respond before ambushing them. Watters attempted to stall several times before answering the question, but eventually responded:

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