CNN Atlanta to revamp Newsroom. New Set. Launch HD…

ICN has learned via a tipster that CNN is in the process of revamping its newsroom in Atlanta. A new set is under construction. The current set has been in use since 2000 1998. No specific launch date has been set though I’m hearing maybe late October. Also in the works, HD in Atlanta. It’s not clear whether the new set and HD will simultaneously debut or HD will follow later. If I were to guess, the set won’t debut until HD is ready. But that’s just a guess though it seems likely. CNN Washington launched in HD this week and CNN is also now broadcasting Larry King Live in HD from Los Angeles. That just leaves Atlanta as the most glaring hole in CNN’s HD lineup. More as I hear it…

4 Responses to “CNN Atlanta to revamp Newsroom. New Set. Launch HD…”

  1. It’s actually been in use since 1998!

  2. I remember Reese Schonfield talking about how Rick Kaplan spent $30 million to renovate CNN Center in Atlanta, and how that was more than was spent to launch the network in (what was it…) 81.

  3. […] List” launching, this raises the question of how close CNN is to launching that rumored new HD studio in Atlanta. This would seem to me to be the time to do it. TVNewser was first to report that […]

  4. […] new Atlanta Full HD Newsdesk due in Spring 2010… Earlier today I speculated that with the simultaneous launch of Ali Velshi’s new anchor role and the debut of […]

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