What’s Hot/What’s Not: 09/27/09

Due to circumstances beyond my control this is going up tonight. Blogging resumes Monday morning…

What’s Hot:

Glenn Beck – I’m starting to sound like a broken record by putting Beck up here week after week but nobody in recent memory has, love him or hate him, so dominated cable news discussion the way Beck has. Even O’Reilly in his best month wasn’t this dominant. Consider Salon’s excellent 3 part article on Beck’s “Morning Zoo” radio days and his journey from there to talk radio lightning rod.

Frog-Gate – It dominated the news cycle for at least a day. Which I suspect was the whole point of the stunt I guess…

Scarborough vs. Beck – Joe Scarborough picked a fight with Glenn Beck this week. Beck responded. Scarborough continued the heat. This one probably isn’t over…

What’s Not:

Rally Caps – A video emerged from a 9/12 rally where an FNC producer is seen whipping up the crowd prior to a live shot on FNC. This was not smart but also overblown.

CNBC’s September Numbers – Someone sent a ratings leak for CNBC to Zero Hedge again. The numbers were bad of course. Now if the numbers aren’t as bad by the end of September then the leaker is also not hot for jumping the gun.

(Punctua-tion “Errors’> – An ad for On The Record appeared in print with a grade school level error. FNC blamed the advertising agency for the error.

My question: Isn’t it supposed to be standard operating procedure for someone working with an ad house to review all ads before they go live just to be safe? Or did this error occur after final approval (in which case the ad agency should be fired for altering an ad that was supposedly the final proof)?

Politics and Glenn Beck Day in Mount Vernon – When you’re a lightning rod, it’s expected that controversy will follow you wherever you go. But what’s going on with Glenn Beck Day in Mount Vernon is ridiculous…

Ed Schultz – Schultz telling viewers that “The Republicans lie. They want to see you dead!” caught a lucky break because Frog-gate was still going on and it sort of buried Schultz’s embarrassing foot in mouth moment. MSNBC didn’t seem to care either way though as evidenced by the dumping Tamron Hall and Alex Witt the last half hour of their shift Friday in favor of bringing Schultz in to anchor the run up to Obama’s G-20 news conference. Bad move, MSNBC. Really bad move.

5 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 09/27/09”

  1. Maybe the Schultz thing is a misread of the source of Beck’s popularity and a poor attempt to copycat.

  2. Or maybe Schultz is just a buffoon.

  3. Since Spud didn’t start a “what’s on your mind” for today, here goes:

    I was watching Fox and Friends, and they were discussing, w/Dana Perino, the situation in Afghanistan. All were dismayed to find out that 0bama had not spoken w/Gen. McChrystal, except for once, since he appointed him in the spring. And earlier, the Iran missile and nuclear situation was being discussed.

    But then, a FOX NEWS ALERT!!! OK, world events are getting dangerous – 0bama to the rescue! Yes, that’s it, he’s getting out there and tackling the problem…

    Uh oh – wrong again. He’s traveling, but not to address the problems in Iran or Afghanistan. He’s going to Copenhagen, to try to secure the Olympics for Chicago!!!!! Can you believe this guy’s sense of priority?

    God help us!!!!!

  4. unclearthur Says:

    you crack me up – “God help us!!!!!”

  5. This wouldn’t happen to be the same Dana Perino who got mowed over by the press corps during every afternoon briefing would it?

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