What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/04/09

What’s Hot:

GE considering NBCU Options – News that GE is considering the future of NBC Universal and its relationship to the corporation is a story that’s just starting to play itself out. The future is uncertain. And we haven’t heard the last of this.

Disaster Coverage – Earthquakes in the South Pacific, Tsunamis in the South Pacific, Hurricanes in the South Pacific. It was disaster coverage week in the South Pacific. But the coverage was uneven. Some networks sent people over. Some didn’t (even as the death toll continued climbing in Samoa).

What’s Not:

We build you up, and we’ll tear you down – Amazing turn of events regarding the media’s coverage of Obama and the Olympics.

ALG vs. NBC News – The fact that neither side has stepped up and conclusively proven their case to be accurate just leaves everyone else taking sides; sides which more often than not divide along ideological lines.

We’re #2! No…WE’RE #2…but WE’RE #1 actually – If anyone wants a reason why the cable news ratings race has become rather comical, all one has to do is look at what happened this week. MSNBC put out a release noting it was #2 in the prime time Demo in September. CNN countered with a release noting it was #2 in Q3. But wait! MSNBC’s earlier release noted it was #2 for 2009 year to date. Meanwhile CNN was playing TV ads saying they’ve been #1 with the most eyeballs since dirt.

Lost in this back and forth was this: CNN claimed #2 for Q3 but it was only #2 for the month of July for the quarter. MSNBC was #2 for August and September. Which means CNN’s Q3 win rested on what happened in July. And what happened in July? Extended coverage of Michael Jackson’s death (he died in late June). So CNN was #2 for Q3 in part because of its smothering coverage of Michael Jackson.

Covering Disaster Coverage – One of the purest indicators of a news orgs’ abilities is the way they cover an unexpected major disaster. It shows their interest level and their ability to put resources in the region and how quickly they can do it. You’d think that what happened this week in Samoa, Tonga, Indonesia, and The Philippines would merit coverage by those who cover the coverage of the news. But you’d be wrong. Instead, most “media watchdogs” in print and the blogosphere focused in on Roman Polanksi’s arrest, David Letterman’s scandal, and the September/Q3 numbers.

ICN says you all blew it. You went for the low hanging fruit; the salacious and most meaningless news. You couldn’t even bother yourselves to note what network sent its people over to cover the stories. When the networks actually do marshal themselves for news of a life and death nature overseas in a country not named Iraq or Afghanistan, you don’t note it. Not your finest hour…

11 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/04/09”

  1. I’m lost on the GE/NBCU story. Too inside baseball for me.

    Granted, I’m lost on much more than that story….

  2. Spot on about the disaster coverage, Spud. Why was Letterman given so much attention, anyway? He’s never claimed a moral high ground, and took 23 years to marry his girlfriend. She probably knew about it before the producer did, and was the first one to tell Dave, “Go get that sucker.” Some ‘scandal’…

  3. unclearthur Says:

    Why was Letterman given so much attention, anyway?

    A, it plays into Celebrity Fascination and B. it plays into the Hollywood Elites Morally Corrupt meme so popular among the Opinion Leaders.

    My main question is, how did Letterman get anyone to sleep with him without money changing hands? And he’s had MULTIPLE female stalkers. WTF? I’m admittedly the wrong gender to understand this but what’s the appeal?

  4. Rare moment of agreement, there. Money and power. Who knew?

  5. Rare moment of agreement…

    Hell freezes over.

  6. Chicks…go figure.

  7. ^
    Gave up figuring ’em out. As soon as you’ve got it down, the plot changes..

  8. Ok, you two need to get a private chat room or something. You keep hijacking threads with this stuff. Move it off the blog or at the very least dial it back.

  9. I guess I should have seen that coming. Sorry, Spud. Back-dialing.

  10. It is somewhat surprising to see all of the various media being critical of the president over the Olympics. Heck, SNL’s opening skit was downright brutal and this is the first time I’ve noticed anything like this for this president.

    Maybe… maybe everyone figured that since POTUS decided that he was also going to Copenhagen then there must be some inside deal going on or some signal was transmitted making Chicago’s win almost a sure thing. So when it all fizzled on the first round all the newsies were dumbfounded… and so they reacted.

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