Blogus Interruptus…

Ok, since y’all have been clamoring in the comments for a snorkel update, here goes… (for the uninitiated start here and then go here)

So having been told by U.S. Customs that my snorkel would be released to me I headed to the impound yard in Kauai. To say I was giddy would be an understatement. Snorkels are very sensitive. They can’t survive long on their own without their owners. Buuuuuuuuuuut…

When I arrived at the impound yard to retrieve my snorkel, U.S. Customs informed me that someone had broken into the yard the previous night and made off with it. Worse, they had very cleverly removed the GPS tracking I spent a ton of money on. I was crestfallen. So close…and now it’s gone. Who would want a used snorkel anyways? Yes, it was my first snorkel; the one I’ve had throughout my diving adventures – well, until I lost it that is – but it’s still just a snorkel. And now the trail had gone cold. All was lost…

But then yesterday an emailer and part time tech diver sent this frame grab in…

Ok, at first this saga had its amusing aspects to it but this was serious. It’s gone from one man’s quest for his wayward snorkel to a very underhanded case of blogger intimidation. If Mediaite thinks it can hold my snorkel hostage in an attempt to muzzle me…well…it thought wrong. ICN WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED!!! Just because Mediaite has Dan Abrams backing them doesn’t mean it can push me around. Who the hell do they think they are anyways? Getting between a man and his snorkel. I mean, really! Krakauer probably can’t even dive to 120 feet without getting narc’d and fleeing to the surface like a scared little girly man.

So now Mediaite has been exposed; caught red handed. The fact that they’re clear across the country in New York City, where the diving sucks I would imagine, won’t stop me. I’m on a plane to JFK and coming for you Mediaite! Your vaunted Power Grid can’t save you. This means WAR!

Blogging resumes October 11th…


54 Responses to “Blogus Interruptus…”

  1. imnotblue Says:

    Awww… you should have told us earlier! I would have made the trip into NYC to buy you a beer!

    Still can if you’ve got the free time! Hit me on the email… bee-eeeer!

  2. unclearthur Says:

    This has buddy action-adventure written all over it.

  3. imnotblue Says:

    God I hope so!

  4. Gibson & Glover. Way too old, but it could work.

  5. missy5537 Says:

    I hope Spud gave his Mom access to the site this time. I’m sure she has some thoughts on Spud and his snorkel.

  6. – Spud And His Snorkel –

    Sounds like the name of a book for ages 3 and up – with pictures.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . o
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . o
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . o
    . . . . . . | \/ . o \
    . . . . . . | /\__ _/

  7. missy5537 Says:

    Since it’s relatively quiet here, maybe this will generate some discussion:

    I saw a guy name Don Lemon on CNN last weekend (apparently he is one of their anchors), and he was talking to two reformed guys from the ‘hood who were actually sent to prison years ago. These two looked to be about 35 or so.

    Anyway, the three of them were all lamenting the teen violence and murders in Chicago, stating that “something had to be done”, that celebrities other than those in their 70s (e.g., Jesse Jackson and Louis Farakan (sp)) had to make a presence, and that the schools, police and community need to get involved.

    However, the “elephant in the room” of which no one spoke was the fact that these kids have no father in the home! Hasn’t this conclusion been drawn decades ago – that males, especially, turn to crime, or just don’t thrive in life, if they have no dad? But even a “father figure” such as a caring uncle or family friend usually makes for a great substitute! Just some male figure who actually cares about the kid.

    So I’m just wondering why no one brought this up. Is it politically incorrect to do so, or has the urban population simply given up on the presence of a father altogether? Or have they decided that someone in government must fix the problem – far be it for personal, familial responsibility to kick in?

  8. stevekrak Says:

    I hope you all saw Spud on our web show today!

    He’s on the last 10 minutes…check it out.

    -Steve Krakauer

  9. missy5537 Says:

    Wow – we actually get to hear Spud speak! And I love how he worked in the reference to diving, something like “great diving in the Red Sea”.

    To which Rachel Sklar replied, “great floating in the Dead Sea”! LOL!!!!

    Anyway, good interview, Spud. But I disagree about the over-coverage of ACORN. From what I’ve been reading, Fox is the only one covering the story, are they not?

  10. That’s generally what ‘liberals’ mean when they say something is being over-covered, isn’t it? 😉

  11. Missy, ACORN has been a topic of conversation on MSNBC often.
    Laura, about your snarky ‘liberals’, comment…oh never mind..

  12. Sounds like you struck a cord Laura. Good job. 🙂

    Did anyone hear that the NFL has awarded the Detroit Lions the Super Bowl trophy?

    Welcome to ObamaLand, where you get prized awards for accomplishing absolutely nothing.

  13. Carefully avoiding any cord-striking comments…hey Red, what do they say Obama got the prize for? I’ve been busy this morning and all I have is “Obama wins Peace Prize.” Even this sorta-liberal responded with “Really? Why?”

  14. He has, by his very being of presence, or presence of being, created a peace that passes understanding.

  15. …that’s why we don’t understand it. 😉

  16. Obama’s getting raked over the coals…on MSNBC! I imagine he made his little speech, then went behind the curtain and handed the prize to the nearest Nobel official: “Thanks, now take this thing and shove it, I need a cigarette.” Dude can’t win..

  17. No Dr. Nancy this morning. Did she go the way of Carlos Watson?

  18. unclearthur Says:

    Hey, he’s been president for almost nine months and hasn’t invaded another country yet. The world is understandably relieved.

  19. imnotblue Says:

    Um, how did they know that to be true when the voting for this closed after his was President for 2 WEEKS?!

  20. ^
    Lucky guess?

  21. I guess bombing Pakistan doesn’t count.

  22. chipsohio Says:

    No Dr. Nancy this morning. Did she go the way of Carlos Watson?

    Joe…they included Dr. Nancy for the upcoming ads promoting the “Women’s Program” that is going to be airing in the next couple weeks. I believe Maria Shriver is the host.

    I like Dr. Nancy as a guest….but her show is quite frankly unwatchable.

  23. chipsohio Says:

    Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize has everything to do with the fact that he’s not GWB given the fact that the voting took place two weeks after he was inaugurated.

  24. unclearthur Says:

    Uh, no. NOMINATIONS took place two weeks after he was inaugurated. And frankly, US presidents are pretty much always nominated, altho’ whoever got stuck nominated Bush probably felt like an a$$…

    Voting took place in October.

    Best quote so far: “Did you ever think you’d see a headline “President on defensive after winning Nobel Peace Prize”? We’re almost there.”

  25. Chips, I thought Dr. Nancy’ show would be lame, but found it surprisingly tolerable (high praise, considering my expectations). My question: Why does MSNBC insist on replacing all pre-empted or cancelled shows with Tamron “why am I yelling” Hall? Lovely girl, but, as a television anchor…lovely girl.

  26. I think the Nobel committee jumped the gun with the prize – certainly doing Obama no favors – but listening to Glenn Beck and Rush grind on him for it makes me ill. What have those two clowns done for world peace?

  27. ^The exact same as Barack Obama. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nil.

    But they weren’t nominated for an award they clearly did not deserve.

  28. ^
    Yeah, but their hyperbole about it is ridiculous. He’s supposed to turn the prize down? Give me a break.

  29. The honour in winning a Nobel prize has been severely eroded for the sake of political statements. It is those winners truly deserving the award who have been harmed.

    President Obama handled his response to winning the prize just about right. There is a legitimate argument that he should politely turn it down and he would probably earn some strong domestic political capital if he did. There’s also a legitimate argument that accepting it as he says he will can earn some foreign political capital. We’ll see but so far the foreign newspapers are viewing this as a farce.

    I haven’t really cared one way or the other that President Bush hasn’t won the prize for his achievements such as working to end the suffering of African peoples. So I don’t care one way or the other that President Obama has won it.

  30. Turning it down would look like a stupid stunt.

  31. ^

    It probably would now. Had he done that initially and with carefully crafted words to not be impolite to the Nobel committee it would have looked brilliant.

  32. Very much enjoyed watching spud on It was a good interview and I appreciate that he calls ’em as he sees ’em. I also liked the book club – will have to get that “Israel Is Real”.

  33. unclearthur Says:

    man, having been following the reaction today, I sure hope President Obama doesn’t buy lottery tickets. God forbid he should win…

  34. imnotblue Says:

    Art, yes… you’re very upset with Republicans. But really, that’s nothing new.

    So lets change the dynamic a bit. Tell me… why should Obama have gotten this award. Convince me this was a good move, and not a politically motivated joke. Don’t attack Rush, Beck, etc. Tell me why the NPP was deserved.

  35. unclearthur Says:

    Convince me this was a good move, and not a politically motivated joke.

    The standard sneer from the right seems to be that Obama was awarded on the basis of his intentions, not his accomplishments. I simply point out that Desmond Tutu was awarded for opposing apartheid, not ending it – apartheid lasted another decade. The Dalai Lama should give his Nobel back, since Tibet is still in Chinese hands, and Aung San Suu Kyi? how’s democracy working out in Burma these days? She has to give hers back too.

    You HAVE to believe it’s a ‘politically motivated joke’ because otherwise you’d be forced to recognize how far America deviated from its core principles during the last eight years, a movement you approved of.

    I agree with Steve Benen:

    For all the recognition of George W. Bush’s unpopularity, it’s easy to overlook the ways in which the international community was truly mortified by the U.S. leadership during the Bush era. The irreplaceable leading nation could no longer be trusted to do the right thing — on use of force, torture, rule of law, international cooperation, democratic norms, even climate change. We’d reached a point at which much of the world was poised to simply give up on America’s role as a global leader.

    And, love him or hate him, President Obama changed this. I doubt anyone on the Nobel committee would admit it, but the Peace Prize is, to a certain extent, an implicit “thank you” to the United States for reclaiming its rightful place on the global stage.

    It’s indicative of a degree of relief. Much of the world has wanted America to take the lead again, and they’re rightly encouraged to see the U.S. president stepping up in the ways they hoped he would. It’s hard to overstate the significance, for example, of seeing a U.S. president chair a meeting of the United Nations Security Council and making strides on a nuclear deal.

    It’s sad that America has to be patted on the head for returning to principles we all used to share.

  36. imnotblue Says:

    So, if I understand you correctly… the answer to my question is, “Nothing.” He hasn’t done anything specifically… but he’s not George Bush, and he talks a lot.

    I’m still asking for a list of what he’s DONE to deserve this.

    PS- Perhaps your comparison to Tutu, the Dalai Lama, etc. had Obama not been nominated after 2 weeks of nothing. Perhaps if he had a few years under his belt, some experience, or perhaps a track record of this stuff… it would be valid. Let’s see, person who devotes their whole life to a certain cause… versus a politician of 2 years… hmmmm…

  37. Don’t try and make sense of it. He’s Obama and he’s not Bush. It’s almost circular, like so many things.

  38. It’s not fair to go after Obama for getting a prize he didn’t ask for. IMO, the Nobel made a political statement that did him no favors. But it’s not on him to defend it.

  39. Not going after Obama. Just the sycophants that live under the delusion that he’s accomplished something, just by being Him.

  40. Laura, I understand you’re not, but Blue is. I agree about ‘sycophants’. “Not being Bush” isn’t a singular accomplishment. This president will eventually have to rise or fall on his own accomplishments. If he ever gets done working through the economy and wars he got stuck with, we might find out what he’s capable of.

  41. imnotblue Says:

    Well, Joe… I understand how you came to that conclusion… and perhaps the conversation has veered off in that direction, but it wasn’t my initial intention.

    No… Obama didn’t do anything to get this award. And I mean that both on the, “He didn’t ask for it,” side and the, “He didn’t deserve it,” side.

    Unfortunately, to talk to someone who strongly believes he DID deserve it, you have to discuss Obama’s “accomplishments,” or lack there of. It would be impossible to discuss the validity of this award, without discussing Obama himself.

  42. By the way, I think the Right’s perception of the Left’s adoration of Obama is overstated. The Left, especially the “Progressive Left”, has been quite critical of him for some time. This theory of The One Who Will Save Us may have been prevalent before the election, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a “true believer” right now. SNL, not exactly a bastion of right-wing conservatism, excoriated him a week ago. Obama The Immaculate is a tired caricature.

  43. unclearthur Says:

    I’m still asking for a list of what he’s DONE to deserve this.

    And I repeat, what has Aung San Suu Kyi ‘done’? If you insist that someone has to have accomplished something, rather than just promoting it, you’re going to have to admit that she doesn’t deserve the award either. So do you?

    I swear to god, if someone had told me ten years ago that the US President winning a Nobel Peace Prize will be considered a BAD thing, I’d have suggested they seek help. Sadly, it’s all part of the GOP playbook now.

    I’d be really curious to see the Right’s reaction should we actually capture or kill bin Laden. I’ll tell you right now – however it goes down, it will be All Wrong. Either he’ll be killed, and the right will rant that they made a martyr of him and he should have captured him alive, or he’ll be caught and brought to trial, and the right will rant he should have been killed on the spot because a big show trial will make a big fat terrorist target.

    I guarantee, should either event occur, it will be an exciting new reason to bash Obama. It’s kind of an amusing parlour game to think up new otherwise-happy news that can be turned into a negative if an Obama does it.

    Try it – say, Michelle is expecting. The Right’s reaction? My guess – it PROVES they’re not committed to the environment, since they’re adding another person to the planet.

    Malia gets all A’s? Michelle Malkin stakes out her teacher’s house to prove the teacher was taking payoffs (probably funneled through ACORN). OR, Rush Limbaugh: she got those A’s by affirmative action and a white kid got B’s who deserved A’s. Glenn Beck interviews the white kid – they both cry.

    It’s getting harder and harder to parody the Right – they keep exceeding anything the comics can invent.

  44. Earth to Art. Take off your tinfoil hat. The Right in the U.S. are not the only one’s questioning this decision.

    Watch the video. Listen to the gasps in the room when they announced Obama the winner. Look at the shock from newspapers around the world.

    Your Bin Laden thesis is beyond stupid. The Right wants to win in Afghanistan, and actually listen to the generals on the ground who want more troops.

    Your hero, after promising he would win in Afghanistan, is trying to figure out what the best move is for him politically.

    The Nobel Peace Prize is an absolute joke and has been for a long time.

    Past winners include the father of modern terrorism, Yasser Arafat, and global warming conman, douchebag extraordinaire Al Gore.

    At least they accomplished something though (Arafat killed thousands of people, Gore got rich by conning millions).

    Obama’s accomplishments: ZERO.

  45. unclearthur Says:

    Past winners include …. global warming conman, douchebag extraordinaire Al Gore.

    Tells me all I need to know about where you’re coming from, Red. Ugly, crude and impoverished place you live.

  46. unclearthur Says:

    Still nothing from the right justifying Aung San Suu Kyi’s prize. I guess they’re going to be wresting it away from her too.

    Oh wait – she’s not an Obama.

  47. Still nothing from the left justifying Yasser Arafat’s prize. I guess they support terrorist leaders winning it, along with people who have accomplished zero.

  48. unclearthur Says:

    Still nothing from the left justifying Yasser Arafat’s prize.

    google is your friend:

    In the early 1990s, Arafat and leading Fatah officials engaged the Israeli government in a series of secret talks and negotiations that led to the 1993 Oslo Accords.[36][63] The agreement called for the implementation of Palestinian self-rule in portions of the West Bank and Gaza Strip over a five year period, along with an immediate halt to and gradual removal of Israeli settlements in those areas. The accords called for a Palestinian police force to be formed from local recruits and Palestinians abroad, to patrol areas of self-rule. Authority over the various fields of rule, including education and culture, social welfare, direct taxation and tourism, would be transferred to the Palestinian interim government. Both parties agreed also on forming a committee that would establish cooperation and coordination dealing with specific economic sectors, including utilities, industry, trade and communication.[64][65]

    Prior to signing the accords, Arafat—as Chairman of the PLO and its official representative—signed two letters renouncing violence and officially recognizing Israel. In return, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, on behalf of Israel, officially recognized the PLO.[66]

    The following year, Arafat and Rabin were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, along with Shimon Peres.[67]

    Keep in mind that this wasn’t too long after Anwar Sadat was assassinated for recognizing Israel.

  49. So, if Charles Manson wrote a letter renouncing violence, would he be eligible for a Nobel Peace Prize too?

  50. unclearthur Says:

    So, if Charles Manson wrote a letter renouncing violence, would he be eligible for a Nobel Peace Prize too?

    stuff your strawmen, Red. If Charles Manson were leader of a large population of people in search of a homeland… well, that’s a novel in search of an author. Feel free.

  51. unclearthur Says:

    this, by the way, is why I’m glad people who think like Red does are no longer in charge of US foreign policy.

  52. Arafat is responsible for the terrorism deaths of thousands, both before and after his Nobel Peace prize. And you think he deserves the award.

    This is why I’m scared shytle$$ that people who think like Art are in charge of US foreign policy.

  53. […] flying to New York in October to pry my snorkel away from Mediaite’s clutches, I headed home only to have my baggage, with said repatriated snorkel, get lost by the airline. […]

  54. […] I got there that it had disappeared. Then it turned up in New York City where I pried it away from Mediaite’s clutches only to have the airline lose it on the way home. Then I found out it was back in Hawaii and […]

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