What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/11/09

It’s an all Not Hot list this week…

What’s Not:

Fact check run amock – CNN fact checking SNL is like US National Team Wrestling fact checking the WWE. Why bother?

Tape heads – Everyone knows I don’t think much of FBN bringing in Don Imus and essentially giving CNBC a free pass from 6-9. It’s a brand damaging move in my opinion. So is dumping all your primetime daily programming for a bunch of documentary repeats which don’t always have a strong tie in to business news (despite what CNBC says). CNBC has thrown in the towel in primetime in the same way FBN threw in the towel with Imus. It’s all about ratings now, not necessarily about branding.

Drip, Drip, Drip – More FBN selective ratings leakage this week. Plug the leak with a “Do not open until we’re rated by Nielsen” sign on it.

Health care reform is either dead or on life support – The evidence? Keith Olbermann devotes an entire show to the subject. The problem with this is he’s not going to influence anyone since, given his audience, he’s talking to the choir.

Don’t quit your day job – ICN did Mediaite’s Office Hours this week. What were they thinking? Must have been a slow week…

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