Free for All: 10/15/09

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  1. What the hell? Watching on MSNBC right now, a 6-year-old boy detached his family’s experimental hot-air balloon and is stuck in it over Colorado.

  2. Shep: “I’ve seen it all.”

  3. This is INSANE! There is no way I am leaving the tv until this comes to an end. Postively that is.

  4. Oh lovely, now we’ve got Tamron ‘shouting breaking news’ Hall on MSNBC.

    Why is FNC putting the video in a smaller box?

  5. biznews247 Says:

    I’m watching it too. Amazing. Hopefully the 6 year old will land safely …. then they need investigate how his parents (if you can call them that) could let something like his happen. Do you see how fast that thing is moving ???? It’s horrible for the kid, but a GREAT change of pace from Healthcare and everything Obama !!!

  6. biz – thought the same thing….no more heathcare talk! woo hoo. Sadly at the expense of this 6 yr old.

    Apparently this is the dads ‘balloon’.

  7. An astronaut/fighter-pilot on FNC says it could fly for days! He says it could take hours to organize a helicopter rescue, which apparently is time they have. Unbelievable.

  8. Uh oh. One side of the balloon looks collapsed.

  9. Alicia Acuna just said that this thing isn’t designed to fly. Then what the heck is it for?????????

    Can you even imagine the fear and terror his parents have right now?!?!?

  10. zonedaiatlas Says:

    Has anyone heard what kind of damage from all that helium would caused to that 6 year old boy if that little boy is in the balloon….

  11. No boy in the balloon. WOW! Kid is probably hiding out somewhere at home, thinking he was in a heap load of trouble for letting the balloon go.

    No one covers this kind of stuff like Shep, no one.

  12. Until we find out where the boy is, we’ll just be grateful that Ainsley Airhead Earhardt is nowhere near a microphone right now.

  13. zonedaiatlas Says:

    I was so happy that didn’t find the little boy in the balloon, I’m just hoping he’s hiding underneath the bed scared…

  14. zonedaiatlas Says:

    I was so happy that they didn’t find the little boy in the balloon, I’m just hoping he’s hiding underneath the bed scared…

  15. I went out for a few minutes and heard on the radio. I can’t believe they can’t find him. Martha McCallum was the first I heard speculate that he’s hiding. I hope so.

  16. Tamron has been shockingly restrained today. Ambien?

  17. The kids parents were on the show “Wife Swap”… This whole thing is too weird.

  18. Al Sharpton and Pat Buchanan on Hardball. Pat says Rush is being blacklisted. His own partners dumped him from the bid! It’s not blacklisting, Pat…it’s business. Welcome to free market capitalism.

  19. He was dumped because of the bad press he’s been getting, and most of that had to do with statements he didn’t make. That’s a form of blacklisting. It’s not fair but I won’t lose any sleep over it.

  20. Give me a break. He was dumped for the same reason ESPN dumped him. His Donovan McNab comments are very well known around the NFL, and widely considered to be racist because of how irrational they were. He gets paid to be an offensive bigmouth…and he paid for it.

  21. Funny how the NFL denizens are okiedokey with the druggies, wife beaters, murderers, animal abusers and so forth.

    If OJ Simpson had any skills left in ’94 some team would have signed him.

  22. I would say “narrowly” considered to be racist, and he owns up to that long-ago quote which was certainly known by his partners before yesterday.

  23. I agree BW, it’s all about results. As long as the wife-beaters and dog-killers are producing on the field, anything goes. There was no upside with Rush, so they booted him. They would have hired OJ in a minute, especially after they realized how ‘focused on results’ he was.

  24. Al, his partners underestimated the amount of heat black players would put on them. “Narrowly” encompasses almost every African-American in the NFL.

  25. Found the kid at the house, safe and sound. Whew.

  26. EXCLUSIVE1 Wife swapper on ‘Ed’. It’s a proud moment in cable news.
    At least Ed’s sane, for the moment.

    Swear! Burp! Fart! Tonite, only on ‘Ed’! LOFL

  27. He’s actually pretty good, in a ‘breaking news’-context. G0d knows we’ve seen worse…

  28. ‘The Network of Record’, for interviewing the ‘wife swap’-lady. Surreal, all of a sudden.

  29. Busted! Ed is interviewing Arianna Huffington, and I’m thinking she’s there to discuss her call for Joe Biden to resign, so why is he asking her about the boy? Then she says, “If the boy has been found, why are we still talking about it?” Awesome!

  30. I praise the guy…then G0d intervenes with Arianna-based reality. I could watch this show!

  31. Of course he owns up to that quote, Al! Everyone and their brother heard him say it, either live or the recording!

    But all these other quotes that some left wingnut attributes to him in some nutty book are largely unsourced and even where he claims to cite Media Matters as a source, they deny it totally.

  32. Who’s Ed and what the alleged “network of record”?

  33. Why, MSDNC, of course. 😉

  34. ^
    Of course. 😉

    I just saw the boy’s father on said network. He did a nice job of plugging his “invention” while holding his son and giving him a dramatic weepy kiss. There’s something smelly here…

  35. FBN’s been on for TWO YEARS??? Where the he!! did that time go?

  36. Ted Turner says he wants to run CNN and The Cartoon Network. Get an animated Wolf Blitzer and I might even watch.

  37. Wolf’s got ‘animated-super-hero’ written all over him.

  38. He’s probably got a “Stuffed In China” label on his bum, too.

  39. O’Reilly defending Limbaugh, Juan Williams seems to agree. Striking.

  40. Juan Williams said it just about right. Mr. Ballantine, on the other hand, shows that he has no scruples.

  41. Mr Ballantine talks in circles, and pulls numbers out of his @jss, such as 90% of NFL owners are conservative. Where is that fact documented?

  42. One doesn’t have to be a Limbaugh defender (I’m certainly not: his “liberals are all evil while conservatives are all good” schtick is awful) to be alarmed at the willingness of major news organizations to use damning quotes from unverified sources.

    Exactly what type of editorial checking do these networks have? If any.

    I hear journalists for major news organizations repeatedly sneer and dismiss bloggers for their amateurism and recklessness.

    Well, let’s see what you guys are hiding under your pajamas.

  43. Limbaugh doesn’t need defenders as he’s more capable than most for that. But everyone should rally against such insidious attacks in defence of the principle.

    This is not unlike the other news outlets beginning to question the wisdom of allowing the Obama White House to get away with “punishing” Fox News. They, too, have heard the White House whining and recognise that they might be next.

  44. I’m convinced the entire kid in balloon incident was a fraud perpetuated by the parents.

    The kid just gave it away on a CNN interview. When asked why he didn’t come when they called him, he said “because you said we could get a show”.

    I suspected this before I heard the kid say it. These people are gloryhounds & they just wasted the entire afternoon of every law enforcement and rescue worker in Colorado.

    I hope the state sends them a big fat bill for this douchebaggery.

  45. Interesting, Red. Told ya it smelled funny..

  46. I said earlier that this was way too weird, but I’m not yet convinced.

  47. zonedaiatlas Says:

    Well Joremi, The Balloon Boy incident indeed was a HOAX!

    “We did this for a show”

  48. ^
    For the record, because I love to win…I called it!

  49. zonedaiatlas Says:

    Here’s an interesting article from Former Secret Service agent opens window into private lives of presidents…

    Secret Service agents: Jimmy Carter was a jerk

  50. -Jimmy Carter-

    Old news and not surprising. Still, Secret Service agents should stay silent,

  51. All you need to know about Jimmy Carter from a fun-to-be-around POV: I don’t remember where I read this – maybe Hamilton Jordan’s book – but a couple gentlemen paid Carter a visit, and the president offered them a beer. When they accepted, he got two glasses out, opened one 12 oz. can, and split it between the two glasses.

  52. — split it between the two glasses. —

    Only thing missing is the ice.

  53. Balloon Boy: Dad screwed up. You can’t get a 6-year-old to stick to the plot. Dad should’ve tucked him away from the media because “he’s too upset by all the commotion”, then he could’ve blown Wolf’s mind with his marvelous inventions. Oops.

  54. Billy Beer by chance?

  55. — Billy Beer —

    Get that on Ebay?

  56. I’m sure they sell fermented peanuts on Ebay.

  57. My stepdad has a six-pack of that swill fermenting somewhere.

    I’m watching the LKL re-air. Both boys are struggling to keep their stories straight while dad goes on about “voltage” or something. He’s putting the crappy tethering job on his wife. What a guy.

  58. My theory: The balloon release was an accident, and dad did believe, at first, his son was aboard. But then he found the kid and, realizing his contraption was still on TV, decided to ride it out. Which would explain why a box in an attic would have been avoided, because it sounded odd to me that it was skipped.

  59. Nope. Watch the CNN interview. Their story doesn’t add up at all.

    Total hoax.

    Also, watch this video of some of their strange clips from “Wife Swap”.

    The dad is a media whore, and a douchebag extraordinaire. He set the whole thing up.

  60. Also, watch the 6-year old in the interview. He can’t sit still for 15 seconds. You honestly going to tell me he was able to sit still for 4 hours in a box???? Total b.s.

  61. You may be right, Red. I’ll have to take your word for the Wife Swap deal. Aint no way I’m watching a single frame of that crap.

  62. I’m lovin’ the fake tears from the parents. No Emmys for them..

  63. Joe, trust me. Watch the first quick segment to see what a freak this guy is.

    And you’re right about them being terrible actors. Just abysmal.

  64. Dude looked autistic to me on LKL. Maybe with my Aspergers I’m a little sensitive to the subject, and start believing everybody’s got it, but when I see an eccentric that’s hyper-focused on one topic, I start to wonder. He seems awfully determined to get on TV with his little contraptions.

  65. “He seems awfully determined to get on TV with his little contraptions.”

    Therein lies the whole truth. He spent more time talking about voltage & crap with his stupid saucer than he did about his kid, who he supposedly thought was facing death.

  66. As for the balloon hoax the MSM sure did their part..even after the kid was found safe they still drag the story out for the rest of the night…so if the plan for publicity they sure got a lot of it.

  67. How was it dragged out? They dropped it while the search continued for the “box”, then came back in for the story of his discovery. They showed the requisite news conferences, then the family was on Larry King. Where’s the “all night” here?

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