Imus vs. Morning Joe?

Page Six dishes with the usual backroom tittle tattle…

A source told Page Six: “Those higher up at MSNBC are unnerved by Imus’ move to Fox Business Network and fear his show could push Scarborough down. They’re putting a lot of pressure on Joe to keep the ratings up. To make things worse, there are multiple scores to be settled.”

Tom Bowman, Imus’ old producer at MSNBC, jumped to Fox Business with him, and is said to have harsh feelings toward Scarborough and his executive producer, Chris Licht. “So they [Imus and Bowman] are out to win,” said our source.


2 Responses to “Imus vs. Morning Joe?”

  1. danoregon Says:

    Why is it that every “source” of a Page Six whack at MSNBC sounds like it comes from a breathless 14-year-old girl?

    And since when has anyone at NBC put pressure on anyone to keep ratings up?

  2. asleeporawake Says:

    I’d watch Morning Joe if they’d dump Mika.

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