What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/18/09

What’s Hot:

White House vs. FNC – The story of the White House taking what could only be described as an aggressive stance against FNC dominated the news cycle this week. Ironically, most of the MSM, which is considered by some to be in the bag for Obama, came down against the idea of the White House going to war with a news network.

Marc Lamont Hill fired by FNC – The reasons for Hill’s dropping from FNC remain something of a mystery. What wasn’t mysterious, but was surprising, was that Rupert Murdoch made the announcement of Hill’s departure. This would be akin to Jeff Immelt announcing that Pat Buchanan had been fired from MSNBC. Very odd.

Balloon Boy – I hate putting this up here because it’s just so sensational but it drowned out almost everything else when it happened.

Fareed Zakaria GPS – The show you never watch. I’m putting this up here because the show is the best thing on cable or broadcast news. Period. Nothing else comes close. Week in and week out Zakaria delivers an in-depth, insightful, provocative program which, refreshingly, sheds all the negative aspects of cable news. Panelists discuss the issues without verbal attacks. Talking points are (mostly) not used. Even panelists who are light years apart on the issues are intellectually honest enough to concede a salient point the other side makes. When’s the last time you can remember a show on the air like that? You’d have to go back over a decade. I don’t know if the show will last because it flies in the face of what’s going on with cable news today. So enjoy it while you can. If there’s one must-DVR show out there, this is it.

What’s Not:

Mis-quoting Rush Limbaugh – Another major story running through this week’s news cycle concerned Rush Limbaugh and certain quotes, which Limbaugh never made, that were cited on cable news networks CNN and MSNBC. CNN apologized by the end of the week. MSNBC did more of a tap dance around the issue. A second mis-quote involving Rachel Maddow remains unresolved.

News (mis) judgement – FBN’s decision to cover the balloon boy saga in the last hour of the trading day, while probably juicing the network’s ratings, was a really bad call.

6 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 10/18/09”

  1. Zakaria is definitely unpredictable. E.g., Iran’s not really trying to build a nuclear bomb, Afghanistan is actually going well for us…

    Nice to be able to sit on the sidelines.

  2. – Balloon family –

    That Jiffy Pop balloon thing did look an awful lot like the Robinson family’s Lost In Space craft. If only they had that robot… ‘Warning! Warning! You are a moron!”

    Oh the pain, the pain…

  3. I registered just to agree with the point made about GPS. It’s such a fantastic show that brings the top international issues in a calm, collected manner. While Fareed may not scream or shout to get his point across, he does stir up intelligent debate. Amidst all the bad decisions CNN has made lately, this is one jewel that CNN has at least done right.

  4. biznews247 Says:

    As to FBN’s coverage of “Balloon Boy” …. I stopped watching FBN the day they started with IMUS. I’m mostly back to CNBC, but have been very pleased with what I see on Bloomberg – especially their morning coverage from 6 AM until Noon.

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