HD News…

Both MSNBC and (maybe) CNN made HD adjustments this morning. Morning Meeting rolled out some graphic changes and was rumored to be in full 16:9 mode (which I obviously can’t verify since DirecTV still isn’t carrying MSNBC in HD). CNN apparently rolled out HD in Atlanta this morning but it seems like a bit of a mish mash. I’ve seen Kyra Phillips and Rick Sanchez in full HD, and the crawl and lower thirds are full HD but the open for Sanchez’s show had SD graphics with sidebars including CNN’s Newsroom wipes. An emailer wrote in earlier in the morning, before I tuned in, that it appeared to him that earlier CNN was using upconverted SD for its cameras, however I can’t confirm that.

ICN had written last month that CNN was rumored to be planning on rolling out HD and a new studio in Atlanta in the latter half of October. Well, we’ve (maybe) seen the HD rollout. But the rumored new studio has yet to make an appearance…

Update: Unfortunately, that studio Sanchez and Phillips are at is in NYC, which is already HD ready. So forget that part as it’s a non-sequitur. I guess I’ll have to wait for tomorrow to see Atlanta in action to figure this all out once and for all. Unless a screen grab pops up somewhere before then.

2 Responses to “HD News…”

  1. geoffrey1986 Says:

    The camera shots from CNN Center in Atlanta during Sanchez’s show are HD, but I guess it’s going through the New York control room. The New York-produced shows often showed HD shots from the Washington studios before the Washington shows went HD.

  2. Yes, but that’s not what I was talking about. I’m talking about CNN Atlanta not CNN NY.

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