HLN’s Growth…

Broadcasting & Cable’s Claire Atkinson writes about HLN’s recent growth…

Greg D’Alba, executive VP and COO of CNN ad sales, says the channel is “humanizing the headlines.” Whatever the content, it seems to be working for advertisers, who D’Alba says, are increasingly interested in the wider remit of the service. Retail, packaged goods, food and beverage and automotive categories are all spending more ad dollars on HLN. According to CNN, HLN’s first time advertisers include Subway, Pepsi, Del Monte, Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Energizer, Expedia, Fox Searchlight, Sunny Delight and Unilever’s Dove brand.

Additionally, a number of advertisers have returned to the HLN service. D’Alba adds that ConAgra hasn’t been on the channel since 2002 but is back, along with McDonald’s, which hasn’t been on air since 2006, and Aflac, which has been absent since 2001. WalMart, P&G and Pep Boys have all grown their share of spending on the channel, he says.

Subscriber numbers are now 100 million, up from 98.3 million last year, but SNL Kagan estimates net ad revenue at CNN and HLN combined is on track to decline for full year 2009. Kagan, which doesn’t break out separate figures for the two services since they are often sold together, forecasts net ad revenue will be off from $556,297 last year (which was a political year) to $535,799. Kagan suggests CPM’s on the two channels are $5.81. D’Alba says he is recording double-digit ad revenue growth for third quarter versus last year.

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  1. claudiva33 Says:

    Watching any of those hyped up women and especially in a row makes me feel like I have drank 2 gallons of coffee in a short span of time. Knock off the yelling, Jane VM!

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