Maddow’s Limbaugh Mis-Quote: Update…

Following up on this post from last Saturday, on Monday’s show Rachel Maddow did indeed address the Limbaugh mis-quote. NewsBusters’ Jack Coleman writes about it

At this point any legitimate journalist ends the correction, although in this example Maddow should also apologize. As you can see from what Maddow said June 3, described here by NewsBusters blogger D.S. Hube, Maddow not only stated as fact that Limbaugh made the remark, she sanctimoniously editorializing about it —

MADDOW: When you get called racist by the guy who said the assassin of Martin Luther King Jr. should get the Medal of Honor, consider yourself honored. Also, nauseated.

Instead of taking the honorable route of correcting the record and expressing regret for the error, and for piling on about it, Maddow trotted out several “verifiable” quotes from Limbaugh in the form of audio clips — Limbaugh referring to “Hafrican American” actress Halle Berry, Americans being urged to support Obama “because his father was black,” Obama wanting the same health care “he had in Kenya,” and that Obama’s “entire economic program” consists of “reparations.”

In other words, just because I can’t verify what I told you Limbaugh said about King assassin James Earl Ray, doesn’t mean Limbaugh isn’t racist — see?!

Sad. Maddow had a chance to be contrite. And blew it. Couldn’t let intellectual honesty get in the way of ideology (in ideological arguments it’s always about never showing weakness, no matter how weak your position may be – something Limbaugh is all too familiar with himself). Sad. Could have taken a page from Rick Sanchez’s playbook and admit the error and move on, knowing full well there would be future opportunities to nail Limbaugh’s hide to the wall. Instead she took a page out of Keith Olbermann’s playbook (see: Giuliani, Rudy) and made her mistake admission look half-hearted at best. Sad.

12 Responses to “Maddow’s Limbaugh Mis-Quote: Update…”

  1. zonedaiatlas Says:

    Rush Limbaugh isn’t a racist and those comments are racists either. The 12 year old boy should have apologized an retract but ends of being another Olbermann.

    Commentary from the Rush Limbaugh Show’s Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley

  2. If you want to post links to video, go ahead. But embedding video in the comments I don’t want.

  3. zonedaiatlas Says:

    I didn’t embed ICN2. I used the URL link not the Embed link so I don’t understand why your site took it as embed.


  4. Soooo. Mr. Maddow would rather be like Olby and Chrissy than an actual journalist? OK, got it.

  5. mlong5000 Says:

    The problem is the term racism has been really watered down,,those things Rush did say aren ‘t racist, tasteless and rude but not racist…..and thats why Maddow used fake comments instead of the real ones because Maddow knew the real ones didn’t have the outrage factor she and the rest of the anti-Rush crowd wanted.

  6. What’s with the “12-year-old boy” and “Mr. Maddow” comments? The “12-year-old boys” appear to be you guys.

  7. You’re all racists.

  8. And N@zis.

  9. I am surprised by Rachel’s “correction”. It’s unlike her to qualify like that, which does make me worry about KO’s influence. As Spud says, there’s a wealth of material to target Rush with outside of this particular segment. There was no need to muddy the waters by including it in what could have been a 30-second stand-alone correction. It smells of non-apology apologies like, “I’m sorry if anyone was offended.”

  10. Limbaugh’s sins, real or imagined, are to savage liberal black institutions and liberal black figures. Emphasis on liberal. If you’re on the left, he’ll savage you. Black, white, gay, whatever. He’s an equal opportunity smear artist.

    Notice that he adores Justice Thomas and scholar Thomas Sowell and has black George Mason Professor Walter Williams fill in for him on occasion. Seems to me that a real racist wouldn’t behave similarly. Maybe, but I’m doubtful.

    Limbaugh a jerk? Yeah. Racist? Probably not. At least not based on these stupid, in-your-face remarks.

  11. Long segment on Special Report about “Obama’s war on Fox News”, including the clip of Savannah Guthrie making him squirm about it. I’ve enjoyed the show, because FNC deserves a lot of the shots they’ve been getting, but – as Spud predicted – the Obama administration is gonna scurry away, with FNC clucking proudly.

  12. ^
    Ack, shoulda been in Free For All.

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