T.J. Holmes Interview…

EURweb.com’s Tibberly G. Richard has an interview with CNN’s T.J. Holmes. Part 1. Part 2. (via Soup Cans)

In 2006, just three years later, he reached a pivotal point in his career when he joined CNN where he now co-anchors the weekend edition of the CNN Newsroom with colleague and friend Betty Nguyen. Since joining the CNN Family, T.J. has anchored a number of major breaking news stories, including the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India; the Virginia Tech shooting; and Saddam Hussein’s execution.

To help you understand the shear magnitude of T.J.’s accomplishments to date, and the challenges that he faced – take note of these stats – according to a report by Bob Papper of Ball State University for the Radio-Television News Directors Association, titled “Women and Minorities in the Newsroom” the broadcast news workforce, in non-satellite television stations, consists of just over 10% for blacks and 2.3% for Asian Americans, compared to the more than 78% of jobs held by their white counterparts.

Holmes has managed to not only beat the odds, but he is doing it on his own terms. He has a refreshing and sometimes non-traditional approach to reporting the news, which he admits he gets called on sometimes. When asked how he developed his style, he says likes to keep things simple. He asks questions that he thinks someone sitting at home would want to know. As for his sometimes playful and bold interview style, he says that he is a product of his environment, and that the person you see on TV is who was as a kid.

“I can credit my mom and dad for developing that style, because they developed me. I grew up in a house where my dad was really outgoing and my mom had this really dry wit. So, I’m really just a product of my parents.”

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