The Weather Channel Gets “Zucker-ized”?

The Wall Street Journal’s Michelle Kung writes about the Weather Channel airing movies for the first time. Would a forensic examination of the channel reveal the fingerprints of Jeff Zucker; the man who loves to dilute channel purity with taped programming (e.g. MSNBC and CNBC’s non-topical docs)? Sounds like it to me…

For the first time in 27 years, The Weather Channel is mixing up its programming schedule of, well, the weather, to include full-length feature films. Four titles — “The Perfect Storm,” “March of the Penguins,” “Deep Blue Sea” and “Misery” — will make their debut on the station over the course of the next month. (Severe weather alert addicts needn’t worry: updated temps will continue to scroll at the bottom of the screen during the airing of each film, and full reports will post at the top and bottom of every hour.)

5 Responses to “The Weather Channel Gets “Zucker-ized”?”

  1. Surely ‘Twister’ will appear in the very-near future.
    How about a ‘Crossfire’-style show where people argue about the weather? Trying to think of a good name…

  2. “Perfect Storm” Too easy.

  3. I’m not sure this is quite the diluting of network vision that Imus on FBN is. Weather Channel runs weather-docs at night, which is about the only time I ever tune in ( is much more efficient for actual weather coverage). I might be inclined to watch weather-related flicks like ‘Twister’ and ‘Perfect Storm’ if they showed up. OK, maybe not ‘Perfect Storm’. Awful movie.

  4. How about a show that reviews weather-related movies? As long as we’re programming crap that isn’t actually weather forecasting.

  5. chipsohio Says:

    Perhaps there will be a show on the Weather Channel that analyzes the weather forecasts from other markets? Maybe a show on the political leanings of the weather forecasters?

    I can just imagine bad weather updates being pre-empted because of the Weather Channel’s Movie Of The Week.

    If the Weather Channel becomes “Docu-Weather” does it cease to be known as the “Weather Channel”…i.e. MSNBC Weekend Doc Programming?


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