Bill George Clarifies Blog Post…

ICN received a statement from Bill George via a media relations person regarding the posting of George’s commentary yesterday concerning several TV talking heads…

Yesterday a member of my social media team published a piece on my blog regarding the lack of balanced, rationale dialogue in the media. The publication of this piece (“Olbermann Overkill Is Hurting America”) was inadvertent, because I had not yet made my final edits on it. I passionately believe that the nation must engage in a more balanced, rational discussion about our economic and political problems, however, I did not approve of the writing’s particular criticism of certain commentators. Regrettably, the piece singled out several individuals, in particular Keith Olbermann. The view expressed regarding these individuals are not mine.

Update: This is the post George says he had intended to publish…

Walter Cronkite once said, “Objective journalism and an opinion column are about as similar as the Bible and Playboy magazine.”

In my opinion, when the latter begins to masquerade as the former – when journalist’s opinions adorn the garbs of objectivity – we face a crisis of journalistic integrity.

This is precisely the situation we find ourselves in today.

A highly partisan culture has emerged in the mainstream and side stream media, releasing a rancor which perpetuates the single-mindedness and inflexible partisanship that now roil the country. “Info-tainers” and shock-jock radio hosts, with rants against opposing party politicians and lambasts of differing viewpoints, contribute little to the constructive debate about how we can fix today’s true problems and continue ensuring that America stays at the respectability forefront.

These media rabble-rousers would not necessarily concern me if they were TV, radio, and internet aberrations, the exceptions to the broadcast-news rule. But they have become the standard, setting a bar for irrational and incendiary political reporting and bouncing the “vitri-ball” back-and-forth from station to station, from blog to blog.

5 Responses to “Bill George Clarifies Blog Post…”

  1. Wimp.

  2. imnotblue Says:

    Uh-oh… looks like someone is about to get “Sklar-ed.”

  3. So the first post was from someone else? I know there’s little in the way of “blog rules” on the internets, but if Spud had a crew anonymously espousing opinions in his name, he would lose all credibility with me. If I read something by Bill George, whoever that is, I expect it to be written by Bill George.

  4. imnotblue Says:

    If you check out Bill George’s website you’ll notice two things:

    (1) EVERY blog post is given a by-line of “By Bill George,” making the idea that he’s not actually writing them suspect. If he’s not writing it, perhaps it shouldn’t include his name as the author.

    (2) If you check out the clips, there are a lot… like a lot a lot… of clips of George on CNBC and NBC. I wouldn’t be surprised if George “realized” (maybe after an email or phone call) that this could hurt his chances of appearing on television in the near future. Let’s face it, Bill George isn’t the most well known person… before this story, how many of us had heard of him? Anyone? “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” and the post comes down.

    Interesting, however, that the “new post” has almost nothing to do with the original post. Hard to claim you “had not yet made my final edits on it,” when your new post contains almost nothing from the old. That’s one heck of an “edit.”

  5. So Boy George is a wimp? No surprise, eh?

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