What’s Hot/What’s Not: 11/01/09

Another all Not Hot list this week…

What’s Not:

White House war with FNC ends with a whimper – Reports of a truce with FNC and the White House signal an apparent end to a war which really didn’t accomplish anything, unless you believe this was all to distract FNC from talking about Health Care reform…

My opinion is opinion is a bad thing – Campbell Brown’s opinion piece on why FNC and MSNBC’s opinion slants are a bad thing looked like something out of the Twillight Zone. A reporter giving her opinion that networks shouldn’t be doing opinion is itself…well…opinion.

CNN in 4th in the Primetime Demo – CNN can spin this all it wants about Total Day and combined presence but coming in 4th in the primetime Demo stings…

MSNBC behind CNN in Total Day Demo – Despite CNN’s 4th place primetime demo finish CNN still came out on top of MSNBC in the Total Day Demo.

No new MSNBC program at 10pm – This winds up being not hot because there’s no new show but because it was already stated back in March that there was no new show coming. All this story did was remind people who may have forgotten that there’s no new show coming.

Leak wars – Lots of ratings leaks going to the blogosphere this week about CNBC’s and FBN’s ratings.

20 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 11/01/09”

  1. I still think the Lou Dobbs vs. Pancho Villa gunfight should be on the list.

    You laugh? They laughed at Gallileo too.

  2. Yeah, slow week.

  3. stevemg – The father of cable news fizz-ics

  4. stevemg – The father of cable news fizz-ics

    Eppur si muovo.

    For CNN, downward.

  5. CNN – Shannon’s entropy in action

  6. The NY-23 Congressional race should’ve been in Hot, and shame on me for not nominating it.

    The no restrictions on abortion, liberal Republican candidate sunk way behind the Conservative Party candidate, and was forced to withdraw.

    Sarah Palin’s endorsement changed this race. It’s a big story.

    Now, the lib Republican has endorsed the Dim, reinforcing what they were saying about her all along.

  7. imnotblue Says:

    BR- It’s a big story, but not really a cable news story… just a news story. I think it’s very big, but I understand what it didn’t make it around here.

  8. – Dede Scozzafava –

    Her endorsement of the Democratic candidate makes Fmr. Speaker and current FNC contributor Newt Gingrich an idiot for his endorsement of her. His chance to run for president just flittered away.

    Ms. Scozzafava would not have won the nomination if there had been a primary.

  9. “Sarah Palin’s endorsement changed this race. It’s a big story.”


    If you say so.

  10. ucfphillys Says:

    I know spud doesn’t like opinion news – but without opinion news all we are left to is spin from poloticians, we need perspective. If news had more perspective in 2003 (or had a spine), we might not have gone to war with Iraq.

  11. My hunch is that the Scozzafava fall/Hoffman rise in the 23rd NY district is being driven more by anti-Republican establishment/anti-Congressional Republican views more than by anything on Palin’s (or Beck’s) work.

    Frank Rich calls it a “re-enactment of Stalin’s purges” or some such nonsense. That such drivel is being published in the most prestigious (still) newspaper in the country is frankly shocking.

    Both Congressional parties are in big trouble. Democrats more than Republicans but that’s only because they’re in power. Obama was elected, in large part I think, because he was viewed as an outsider who would indeed “change” things. He’s making changes, to be sure, but not changing Washington. That’s why his support is fading.

    Anti-Washington sentiment is still strong. Against both parties.

  12. I know spud doesn’t like opinion news – but without opinion news all we are left to is spin from poloticians, we need perspective

    Isn’t that why we have commentators and news analysis? And opinion programs and opinion magazines? And op-ed pages and commentary shows? And I’m not sure what you mean by “opinion news”. Bit of a oxymoron, isn’t it?

    There certainly isn’t – and wasn’t back in 2003 – a shortage of opinion “news” in America. In fact, as Spud argues (correctly I think), we have too much opinion and not enough straight news. Or too much mixing of the two where the church/state wall between opinion and facts has been broached. At least on cable.

    Anyway, that’s how I see it.

  13. – Sarah Palin’s endorsement –

    While it did change the race (money started flowing more heavily to Hoffman’s campaign), Gov. Palin’s endorsement of the Conservative Party candidate for that district wasn’t nearly the surprise many have claimed. She chewed up and spit out more than a few Republican Party “bosses” in her own state.

  14. missy5537 Says:


    My ideas about Cavuto’s speed reader, and Beck’s “Hot Line” were rejected?

    I’m speechless!

  15. As always, brilliant insight an analysis Seany.

    You care do explain how Palin’s endorsement did not change the race?

    Scozzafava sank in the polls after the endorsement & dropped out. That was a significant change, spurred by Sarah Palin.

  16. Missy, there’s always next week.

  17. A reporter giving her opinion that networks shouldn’t be doing opinion is itself…well…opinion

    True enough, but the fact that this made the list at all proves it was a slow week.

  18. missy5537 Says:

    Let’s hope so, Big Red!

    Maybe Mrs. Dunn will call this week. Then Spud will HAVE have to take notice of the Hotline!

  19. ucfphillys Says:

    Steve – I dont think “opinion talk shows” (which oftentimes are self-titled newscasts) are the problem – even people who watch a so called “straight” newscast, are misinformed. And the problem with journalism (& news managers/directors etc..) is that the stories they tell require a government official (State, white house, congress, pentagon) to make them legitimate. If they don’t have an “official” source, the story will not get told. That was the prob. in 03. I’m not saying its better now, but the people that watch cable are a small fraction of the news consuming audience. It is too easy for gov. officials to control the news, regardless of whether its FOX, MSNBC, ABC, CNN…..

  20. unclearthur Says:

    His chance to run for president just flittered away.

    What chance to run for president? Newt Gingrich has as much chance of running for president as … as Sam Nunn.

    And face it – he (of the Liberals Caused Susan Smith to Murder her Babies theory) isn’t conservative enough for today’s GOP.

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