Revised MSNBC Schedule leaks on Wikipedia?

We’ve seen before where someone connected to an organization posts information on Wikipedia related to said organization before the news breaks officially. Well it may have happened to MSNBC. The Wikipedia page for MSNBC lists some previously unreported changes to MSNBC dayside. Among the alleged changes “It’s the Economy” is canceled, Norah O’Donnell returns to anchoring at 2pm, Andrea Mitchell Reports moves to 3pm, and Page Hopkins and Christina Brown will be sharing anchoring duties on “First Look/Early Today”. That last one may turn out to be more conjecture by an overzealous Hopkins fan than based on actual inside info. All that said, this reputed insider who made those changes may be a wealth of information and should be contacting one of us bloggers instead. Like me for intstance…

Here’s the alleged new M-Fr schedule…

5am-5.30am First Look” – Page Hopkins, Christina Brown
5.30am-6am “Way Too Early with Willie Geist”
6am-9am “Morning Joe”
9am-10am “The Daily Rundown” – Chuck Todd, Savannah Guthrie
10am-12pm “MSNBC Live” – Contessa Brewer and Monica Novotny
12pm-2pm “MSNBC Live” – Tamron Hall and David Shuster
2pm-3pm Mon-Thur “MSNBC Live” – Norah O’Donnell
2pm-3pm Fridays “The New York Times Edition” – Norah O’Donnell and John Harwood
3pm-4pm “Andrea Mitchell Reports”
4pm-5pm “The Dylan Ratigan Show”

Note that The New York Times Edition is still around. This is somewhat surprising because it goes against conventional wisdom to put a 1 day a week show on in the middle of the day. Also note that MSNBC is going with a two anchor format for its dayside news for most of the day except at 2pm.

The other major thing to note about this schedule is that free flow live headline news will only be airing from 10am -3pm. Andrea Mitchell Reports is more of a politics show and Mitchell’s show has been known to be averse of stories of…how shall I put it?…the more sensational variety and The Dylan Ratigan show has been (up till now) more of an interview show. Those looking for news headlines and stories will likely change channels.

(thanks to Fritz3 for pointing this out to me in the comments)

Update: As someone noted in the comments, and I should have spelled out with more emphasis earlier, this is all conjecture. It could be the schedule. But then again it may not be. It could all be some arm-chair programmer’s fantasy schedule. We’ll find out soon enough…

12 Responses to “Revised MSNBC Schedule leaks on Wikipedia?”


    Its nice to see MSNBC finally woke up a little bit and reverted to a more Terance-friendly type of Dayside.

    That said, what keeps ’em from switching things up again in 3-6 months?

    So, lets go ahead and fire every one in management so we don’t get more sweeping changes with crap hosts no one cares for either way.

  2. Down boy…

  3. “Those looking for news headlines and stories will likely change channels.”

    You think “Rick’s List” on CNN will have more headlines and stories?

  4. Don’t know yet. Maybe.

  5. Ah … instead of the attempt to launch the themed programme during the hours when hard news coverage is sought … MSNBC should have put it’s “heavyweights” to use to begin with. Allowing their Chief White House Corr./Political Director (Todd) & Chief Washington Corr. (O’Donnell) to introduce & close their dayside emphasis on hard news, while Chief Foreign Affairs Corr. (Mitchell) serves to transition from hard news to the opinionated prime time lineup (Ratigan to Maddow) may have been a much belated decision, but, with patience & stability, MSNBC may just claim a healthy 3rd in dayside ratings by earning the trust of bored CNN & FOX-hating viewers.

  6. I’m not a fan of the Monica/Contessa pairing. Contessa would be better with a stronger co-anchor and Monica shouldn’t be on at all. She’s not that bad, but she only got her job because she worked on Olby’s show.

  7. ucfphillys Says:

    Nobody has mentioned that this schedule could just be supposition on the part of an overzealous fan. Anybody can put out anything on wikipedia, i seem to recall someone else doing something similar before the changes took effect in July, and they were wrong!

  8. That’s true. I should have been clearer about that. But I’ve been given MSNBC schdedules from inside MSNBC in years past and I can tell you sometimes schedules get reworked several times just a week ahead, sometimes days ahead. So the above schedule could have been operative at one point but may not be what happens in the end.

  9. CC, that’s quite a theory you’ve got there about Monica. A ridiculous one. She’s paid her dues for a long time. Her stint doing segments on Countdown didn’t hand her anything.

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  11. what is with all this “MSNBC Live” stuff? they’ve been doing it for god knows how long now. why cant they just give the straight news anchors from 10-3 each a different and separate show title?

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