Martin Savidge back on CNN?

Former CNN anchor Martin Savidge was seen on CNN today giving an update from Detroit on the NWA 253 incident…

Update: TVNewser says Savidge is freelancing for CNN…


2 Responses to “Martin Savidge back on CNN?”

  1. That’s odd. Last time I checked he was anchoring WorldFocus on PBS. Although I think he was demoted from the anchor chair and made a correspondent.

  2. Just saw Savidge do a NWA 253 Detroit update.
    In August he said he wanted to do more reporting and would only anchor Worldfocus one week a month. I haven’t seen him on since but I Dont see the show all that often.
    He would be a super catch for CNN; a multi award winning reporter/anchor who has the gravitas missing from so much cable news. If available he would be a instant top nominee for the John King Morning slot. He could also do the job at the Dobbs slot or even replace Campbell Brown. IMHO he’s way overqualified for dayside.

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