Earthquake in Haiti: Your coverage reactions…

Post your reactions to the earthquake in Haiti and the coverage thereof here…

Update 8pm: CNN still all over this. FNC went to O’Reilly and the Palin interview. MSNBC is getting ripped by Rachel Sklar on Twitter for low balling the coverage…

BTW Fox covering news live with Shep Smith….MSNBC rerunning Chris Matthews from 5 (have not seen news cutins on Haiti)

Is MSNBC live? Olbermann teased McGwire steroids heavily up top, started with Palin, McCain and Game Change. CNN still on Haiti.

Update 10:28 pm: Olbermann was live at 9 pm according to Sklar and never touched Haiti. Unbelievable. Anderson Cooper said that he’ll be flying to Haiti. I wonder who else will be going?

Update 11:15pm: CNN still live with Jessica Yellin/Tom Foreman, MSNBC live with Maddow and David Shuster, FNC running O’Reilly/Palin again…

Update 12:20am: CNN simulcasting CNNI, MSNBC live with Shuster. FNC airing Hannity repeat…

Update 1am: MSNBC re-airs Countdown. FNC in tape too. CNN drops CNNI for an AC360 repeat. Odd. CNN Observations notes that CNN Domestic is now missing out…

CNN International has a live intv with a man whose family is in the area and he hasn’t heard from them. You won’t see that on CNN Domestic!


55 Responses to “Earthquake in Haiti: Your coverage reactions…”

  1. icemannyr Says:

    At 8pm there is no coverage on FNC.
    I don’t have access to MSNBC but I am told they are not covering it either.
    Only CNN and CNN International are doing continued live coverage.

  2. Stories like this is where CNN shines. FNC and MSNBC are just asleep.

    Now, if they can just have a flood or earthquake or diaster every day, their ratings problems would be solved.

    Thoughts go to the poor people down there who really just have nothing. And have lost even that.

  3. I understand there is no video and none of the networks seem to have reporters on the scene but CNN is doing the best it can with experts and ireports. With CNN’s primetime ratings as low as they are it’s a no brainer to program this over what they had previously scheduled. It will be interesting to see how the numbers turn out when it’s such a stark contrast in programing. My guess CNN may do really well as I and I expect many cable news viewers are watching them and not MSNBC or FOX.

  4. I’ll be interested to see the ratings for tonight’s CNN/FNC comparison. My bet is that FNC does better than usual. I realise that the earthquake is a big story and I do want to know more, but what’s to know about it right now that I don’t already know?

  5. FNC had Wendell Golan reporting from on the ground in Dominican Republic.

  6. Olbermann: “World ends but first, this is what that idiot Palin said today.”

  7. MSNBC is crashing on Breaking News. Again. I can understand using an update during the Hardball re-air, but now Countdown – a show that usually airs live -is clearly pre-taped and Haiti is nowhere to be found. I swear if they put a comic on for the last segment, I’m going to blow a gasket.

  8. Oh, even better. Mark McGwire.

  9. MSNBC is crashing on Breaking News.

    As Spud said a couple of weeks ago, it’s all or mostly Washington-centered politics. After that, they’ve got nothing.

  10. Maddow leading with Haiti. Hannity running the Harry Reid story with Coulter and Sharpton. Sharpton mentions Haiti.

  11. icemannyr Says:

    9pm: FNC has Hannity with Al Sharpton & Ann Coulter. Zzzzzzz 😛
    CNN is covering Hati as the first story.

  12. -Sharpton & Coulter-

    Those two are great together. FNC should have them host Hannity & Hannity.

  13. Someday, somebody on this blog is going to confess to liking Sean Hannity.

  14. Both Sharpton and Coulter told Hannity to “shut up” tonight. And both did so nicely.

    I’m sure Mr. Hannity is a nice guy. I’ve heard he’s very freely giving of his time and money toward causes most of us would agree to be worthy. So I don’t dislike him. How’s that, joe?

  15. I imagine AC will cover the Haiti earthquake extensively. In fact he may be flying there as we post. It’s the kind of story that he does best (with props to Shep) of all the on location cable news types.
    RM did a segment at the start of her show but then went back to her scheduled pieces. I may watch some RM as CNN is on cruise control now with LK and I’ll catch up when AC starts.

  16. I’d love to see a FOX panel with Beck; Palin: Coulter & Liz Cheney hosted by Hannity. They could call it “Whopper” 🙂 Then again maybe not.

  17. Uh, Al, I was looking for someone who can stand to watch him. 😉

  18. Rachael Maddow just did a very informative interview with David Boyce & Ted Olsen re their prop 8 court case. Kind of a interesting counterpoint to Sharpton/ Coulter on Hannity.

  19. icemannyr Says:

    At 10pm on FNC Greta does 1min on then back to ignoring it.

  20. jeepguy44 Says:

    I’m a FOXnews fan, but was tuned in to CNN’s Campbell Brown because it was the only network at the time with any coverage during that time period. FOX did provide some coverage in the previous hour. In all fairness, information from within has been extremely difficult to come by since almost all communication is down. I’m sure that all the networks will be spending a great deal of the day tomorrow covering this story. It’s probably safe to say that by this time tomorrow, there will be those who will be complaining about too much news time being spent on Haiti.

    In the meantime, make a donation to the Red Cross, Samaritan’s Purse, Compassion International (, or any of the other aid organizations that are scrambling to get aid to the Haitian people.

  21. jeepguy44 Says:

    We all want to see the pictures, but its dark in Haiti. Greta just showed the first video I have seen of the artermath in Haiti.

  22. Jeep’s point is the reason I’m glad C NN and FNC handle these stories differently. Greta just put on video of the aftermath recorded earlier, then back to regular show. I wanted to see that and it’s enough for now. But if I was in the mod for wall-to-wall, to CNN I’d go.

    Of course, I can watch both.

  23. The BBC, for those who get it, has some video including shots of the presidential palace which looks pretty well destroyed to me. It’s always got good coverage of these type of stories.

  24. icemannyr Says:

    Anderson said after his broadcast he will be flying to Hati.

  25. As I suspected and noted earlier Anderson Cooper will be heading to Haiti tomorrow. I wonder if Shep, Rick Sanchez or others will follow. This will be a tough one to cover on site as most of the infrastructure is gone.

  26. Andersen Cooper isn’t really a “news anchor”… he’s more like a Greta Van Susteren with time for more in-depth reporting and analysis. So it makes sense that he’d go. No so with Shep Smith – send somebody else.

  27. icemannyr Says:

    Tom Foreman takes over CNN’s coverage at 11pm.

  28. icemannyr Says:

    Jessica Yellin is anchoring on CNN even though Anderson said Tom Foreman before the break.

    FNC is on tape.

  29. Al Jazeera also has substantial amounts of video from Haiti.

    Live feed:

  30. I didn’t realize RM was live, so switched to CNN. FNC is the dog this time around. Billo/Palin was pathetic enough the first time around. The segment should have been called Ooh You’re Pretty.

  31. 00.00 EST: CNN US is now simulcasting CNNI to broaden their coverage of the earthquake.

  32. icemannyr Says:

    FNC’s Palin Fest 2010 Continues at 5pm when Palin is a guest with Glenn Beck. Zzzzzz 😛

  33. icemannyr Says:

    Come one FNC? Even MSNBC is live for the 12am hour Wake up!

  34. icemannyr Says:

    Come on FNC! Even MSNBC is live for the 12am hour Wake up!

  35. As of 3am EST, CNN Domestic picked up International again. Looks like it’s for the full hour. Don Riddell is anchoring from London.

  36. Maybe FNC didn’t want to do too much live because Ainsley Earhardt is on the overnight desk, and we all know how she does in these live moments?

  37. As of 7AM ET not much has changed. CNN is still pretty much wall to wall with news breaks for other news and MSNBC & FOX are the reverse. MSNBC is a little better because they are trying to fit the earthquake into their political coverage. F&F is doing what F&F does. I’m not sure Ducey could find Haiti on a map.
    I expect things will change for FOX & MSNBC when dayside starts and as video of the devastation arrives.
    Surprisingly (or maybe not) some of the best coverage is coming from Al Jazeera’s english network. The BBC & Canadian networks is also doing there usual good work.

  38. Why do you believe that Doocy couldn’t find Haiti on a map?

    From the little we’ve seen this morning while getting dressed and ready to face the world, there seems to be adequate coverage of this tragedy on FNC.

    Just because something awful happens, that doesn’t automatically mean there needs to be wall-to-wall coverage, especially if new and useful information isn’t flowing. Repeating the same info over and over, and stretching it out with filler doesn’t necessarily make for better coverage, just more.

  39. ^
    For regular FNC viewers you’re correct. Their coverage has been more than adequate.
    As a mostly MSNBC viewer I expect more and I am disappointed with their coverage of this story.
    It’s why CNN will always be the go to network for people, like me, interested in these kind of stories.

  40. What kind of stories? Repetitive and tangential filler?

    Seriously, you haven’t enlightened either of us as to what’s superior about CNN’s extended coverage. Are they getting info that the others are not? Or do you enjoy the extended filler and repetition? Yes, that’s a serious question.

    From the limited amount that we saw on FNC this morning, they had relevant info about what happened, some footage, phone #s (for finding info if you have family in Haiti, as well as where/how to contribute).

    Since it appears that there was little information coming out of Haiti last night and early this morning, we’re confused as to what we missed.

    As tragic and heartrending as this earthquake is, many of us are interested in other news that is more relevant to our daily lives. Of course we want to hear about this (and help out any way we can), but not to the exclusion of everything else.

  41. CNN will always lead in these big international news stories because they have the reputation and infrastructure that people with a deep interest in what goes on outside the USA want. Sadly most FOX & MSNBC viewers just don’t have that interest, as the BW’s above comment expresses well, and so their coverage is less intense. It’s not wrong it’s just the way it is.
    Anderson Cooper just did a phone report from the airport in Port-au-Prince. He’s the first cable news reporter on the scene, as far as I can tell, so props to both CNN and him.
    I watched most of the Daily Report today and was again impressed with the format & hosts. The show split coverage about 50/50 between the earthquake and other hard news. There was no “other” news until the last two minutes. Chuck was at the WH (looking very cold) and Savannah was in the studio. Chuck brought up an interesting point in whether or not there would be a big increase in refugees heading to the Florida coast because of the earthquake. I haven’t heard this idea brought up before. I expect this aspect of the story will be a big part of the FOX coverage in the next few weeks as the anti immigration fanatics push for the White House to set up a blockade of the Florida coast to keep Haitian refugees out of the US.

  42. motownman Says:

    Ainsley broke into both the O’Reilly repeat at 11:30 and the Glenn Beck repeat at 2:30 and interviewed a doctor who has done humanitarian wcork in Haiti. She did a very good job, too.
    One again, Boogie comments on something he hasn’t seen.

  43. Fritz, that’s not at all what we said. Of course we are very interested in what happens around the world, but not when it’s repetitive and not adding anything new to what’s already known.

    Sparty, we’ll wait to hear from someone objective, and sane. Did Ainsley ask anyone how many earthquakes Haiti has had before, and when the last one was, as she did with a recent plane crash? Apparently, the doctor she “interviewed” is a longtime friend of hers, not an actual news source. Wowie.

  44. “As tragic and heartrending as this earthquake is, many of us are interested in other news that is more relevant to our daily lives”

    BW’s: I was making a comment on the general news preferences of the FOX/MSNBC viewers as opposed to CNN viewers. Your post just went to illustrate my point.
    I’m sure you both have a interest in what goes on outside the US; as long as it has some relevance to your own lives. I and many other viewers don’t care about how it affects us personally just that it is a compelling story.
    It’s the same reason CNN has a show like Fareed Zakaria GPS and MSNBC or FNC don’t.
    As to repetitive coverage FNC or MSNBC didn’t mind doing that when Michael Jackson died. Now that was real news with a relevance to our daily lives.

  45. motownman Says:

    Oh, and YOU are an objective source, Boogie?

  46. Coming out of a health reform debate on FNC, Jon Scott: “Talk about health care, boy do they need it in Haiti right now.” Yeah, and we could do without the cheesy segues into coverage of a catastrophe that has every hospital in Port Au Prince collapsed. Idiot.

  47. No, Fritz. We are interested in many things that do not directly affect us, but if all we’re getting is rewarmed leftovers of the same info, interviews with people who’ve been to Haiti at some point in time and rehashes of historical info, no thanks.

    Like many, many people, we found the coverage of Michael Jackson’s death to be beyond excessive, and often inappropriate.

  48. Oh, Sparty. We’ve never claimed to be a source, but we did offer an OPINION as to why FNC didn’t do very much on the earthquake.

    And the FACT is that Ainsley has a history of horribly botching breaking news stories, with her inability to think on the fly and her unerring habit of asking irrelevant and sometimes offensive questions when called to think for herself during breaking news.

    Yes, Sparty, there is a reason she is still confined to overnights THREE YEARS after she started at FNC, and why she was quickly bounced from F&FWe. It’s the same reason she did not play a role at all in the experimentation during the late morning and afternoon lineup during both Megyn Kelly’s neverending maternity leave AND the last 2 weeks of the year when every regular anchor, host, and reporter was on vacation.

    Why do YOU think that happened? Seriously.

  49. BW’s: As I said my comment it isn’t about you but on why MSNBC & FOX cover these type of stories the way they do and CNN does it differently.
    Here’s an idea for you.
    I wonder if some politician, at these bank hearings going on in Washington, could suggest that maybe the big banks should donate some of the billions in bonus money they plan to pay out this year to the Haiti relief effort. Sounds like a good idea to me.

  50. Fritz: Banks? Help people? Don’t be silly.

  51. “could suggest” should read “coulld some politician suggest” sorry lost in editing.

  52. That would actually be a good idea if some of these banks were to donate $ AND maybe get some actual manpower, even if it’s only having groups of employees (especially managers and executives) packing boxes of relief supplies to be taken to Haiti.

    It would go very far in repairing their images and not making people hate their guts so much the next time they hand out huge bonuses.

  53. fox knows it will bigger ratings with it’s tabloid political crap rather than covering actual news in prime time. but you know. it’s only news once. after that it’s called HISTORY! kudos to cnn for sticking with a HUGE news story!

  54. As I’ve stated before, I am a Fox fan. But I have to hand it to CNN for their great coverage of Haiti. Sure, there is lots of rehashing, but didn’t really want to hear anymore about the health care debate when a catastrophe of monumental proportions was playing out on CNN. I enjoyed the comment made earlier about interviewing so-called experts. So much of news coverage these days (yes, even on my beloved FOX) is filled with asking the same questions to as many guests as possible, hoping one of them will give a newsworthy answer.

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