FBN Schedule Changes…

When Alexis Glick was “let go” from FBN, ICN said that there was talk of further changes to the FBN schedule. This morning those changes, starting next Monday, were revealed in an internal memo. The highlights…

– Imus will extend itself until just before the US markets open (9:20 am)
– Stuart Varney will be anchoring from 9:20 – 11 am.
– Brian Sullivan and Dagen McDowell will anchor from 11am-12pm.
– Cheryl Casone will continue at the 12pm hour as she had before.
– Brian Sullivan and Dagen McDowell will return from 1 to 2pm.

All other programming will stay as it is.

Update: TVNewser has the FBN press release which inlcluded more details on Varney’s new show called “Varney & Company”. Dang that was quick. I barely got this in under the wire. Need to get up earlier.

Obvious question: What has happened to Tom Sullivan? His bio is still on the FBN website but where is he?

Update: Sullivan still has his radio show but it appears he’s no longer an FBN anchor but an occasional contributor.


5 Responses to “FBN Schedule Changes…”

  1. That’s dumb. Connell McShane should be on at 9!

    My dream is for Joe Kernan to leave for FBN, and he and Liz Macdonald do a morning shoe together. But that won’t happen.

    So I guess this means Tom Sullivan is done anchoring?

  2. don’t know.

  3. Tom Sullivan hasn’t been seen in weeks but I saw him last week on Varney’s show. He was now known as a FBN contributor.

    They got rid of his anchoring duties awhile back and no one noticed cause he’s pretty forgettable ZzzZzzZ

  4. Varney isn’t bad at all. However, I doubt he’ll raise the numbers higher than Glicks.

    Oh, and leaving Imus on for an additional :20 is lame.

    Btw, I have an idea to help out this fledgling channel! How about convincing Liz Claman to resign.. And take her fat check and pay sandwich board carriers to advertise on the street.

  5. biznews247 Says:

    FBN is stupid for not giving Jenna Lee more on-air time. McShane could easily do the 5 to 6 AM hour alone – then give Jenna the 9:20 to 11 AM slot. Keep Brian & Degan at 11 and extend them a half hour to 12:30, then bring in Cheryl Casone AND Varney together from 12:30 until 2 PM. Why have Sullivan/McDowell on for two unconnected hours ??????? Okay, so let me recap:

    5 to 6 AM – Connell McShane
    6 to 9:20 – Imus
    9:20 to 11 – Jenna Lee
    11 to 12:30 – Brian Sullivan & McDowell
    12:30 to 2 – Cheryl Casone & Stu Varney
    then continue the day as is.

    Anybody agree with me ??

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