Blogus Interruptus…

As you know my cherished snorkel was destroyed under the pounding North Shore surf in December. Yes, I was in mourning for a while. Now, however I’m scared. Very scared. For you see, the ghost of my snorkel has been haunting the house for the past month.

I’ve tried everything, soothsayers, seances, an investigation by Ghost Hunters…nothing’s worked. But then I was contacted by Carl; a straw hat wearing old time print reporter from the Chicago bureau of the Independent News Service, who had been looking into the story of the ghoulish snorkel. Carl discovered that I was being haunted because the mouthpiece to the deceased inadvertently came home with me from Hawaii by being stuck in my backpack. Since the deceased had not been completely laid to rest, so to speak, its soul was not at peace. Carl suggested that by returning to the burial site, the ocean of the North Shore, and making the deceased whole, the haunting would end.

Well I can’t afford to go to Hawaii right now. So instead I’m headed to Cabo San Lucas. With some luck and a good current the deceased will soon be at rest…

Blogging resumes Sunday…


34 Responses to “Blogus Interruptus…”

  1. Sounds like another fishy story to me.

  2. Spud’s Snorkel would make a great children’s cartoon. Maybe you could incorporate it into a Spongebob storyline.

  3. Could be an eventual spinoff. Like Frasier.

  4. I’ll put this over here and see if anyone notices.

    This moderate-liberal was embarrassed by MSNBC’s coverage Tuesday night. Even more-liberal-than-me (I think) Jon Stewart raked KO over the coals last night. Mr. Brown’s acquiesence to the idiot in the crowd shouting about sodomizing Coakley was pretty stupid, but the hysteria directed at Brown for winning an election handed to him by a vacationing Martha Coakley was ridiculous.

  5. I’m surprised dougie didn’t show up here to defend MSNBC and claim only conservatives are nasty.

    -Vacationing Coakley-

    It’s Massachusetts – any warm body with a “D” after their name should win, especially for a special election which never gets good voter turnout… except this time.

    I looked at the weekly polls again. Ms. Coakley had to be doing something right because she was way in the lead until Christmas, and she’s the one who had state-wide name recognition as the sitting Attorney General who had previously won with 73% of the vote. Neither the DNC nor the RNC had put much money into their campaigns before then so it wasn’t that she was out-spent. Seems pretty clear from post-election surveys that the voters started going heavily toward Brown after the senate passed the behind-closed-doors-written health care bill with all those sweet deals, and they did so for the explicit purpose of sending a message to Washington. And then President Obama tried blaming George Bush for losing the seat. Pathetic.

    No health care bill, no Cap & Trade, no Card Check, no jobs, Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell still stands, Gitmo still open (and Congress not likely to ever fund transferring prisoners to Illinois), unfriendly nations are still snubbing their noses but now so are the friendly ones… basically not much good accomplished on either the domestic or foreign fronts over the past year… with a Democratic super-majority. So probably Ms. Coakley should blame President Obama and the Congress for her loss instead of the other way around.

  6. Gotta love Krauthammer. He’s says this was his best week since spring-break in med-school, and he can’t even remember that.

  7. Might have been Bill Kristol, but I’m pretty sure it was Dr. Krauthammer back in Nov. ’08 who predicted that the newly elected president would have a rough time getting his agenda passed even with his party controlling both houses simply because he’d never been in charge of anything before. Heck, even Sarah Palin got 90% of her agenda passed as Governor, although her voter approval ratings were substantially higher so that’s not a fair comparison.

  8. Higher than Obama’s were in the beginning? It would seem as though his drop in approval has directly tracked the progress (?) of his agenda.

  9. According to this, he was at 70% in April. Also a pretty good run-down of things gone wrong.

  10. Not bloody sure how that happens… anyway, her approval ratings after a year in office were 84% and during 2007 went onto the 90s.

  11. Wow. Wonder what the press corps is like up there. Ya gotta be standing on steaming rubble to get numbers like that down here.

  12. Surber – good read. And I agree that President Obama can get back up there. Sarah Palin somehow already knew what she was doing before becoming governor but most don’t, and they often tank one year in. It’s through these missteps that they learn how to govern. Unfortunately Barack Obama has to go through this as president. We’ll know in a month if he has it in him to change his ways like President Clinton did after he ’94 humiliation.

  13. Ya gotta be standing on steaming rubble to get numbers like that down here.

    No you didn’t.

  14. I do know how to paint a picture, don’t I? 😉

  15. Can’t find the article, but I read something from an Anchorage publication a long time ago about how she got so popular. She basically got her cred by going after corruption even in those of her own party, and she kept her campaign promises which included vetoing excessive spending put up there by a legislature controlled by Repubs. Her favourability among many establishment Repubs was quite low, however, because she wouldn’t play their cushy games.

  16. She sounds good on paper. Somehow on TV it doesn’t quite come across, even as someone who is mostly in agreement.

  17. I do know how to paint a picture, don’t I?


  18. If she worked for CNN instead of FNC she could be be in Haiti teaching them how to fish.

    May 30, 2007 89% ?
    June 21, 2007 93% ?
    November 4, 2007 83% 11%
    April 10, 2008 73% 7%
    May 17, 2008[164] 69% 9%
    August 29, 2008[164] 64% 14%
    October 7, 2008[165] 63% 37%
    March 24-25, 2009[166] 59.8% 34.9%
    May 5, 2009[166] 54% 41.6%
    June 14-18, 2009[167] 56% 35%

  19. That’s twice that’s happened tonight. I didn’t press submit, I pressed “delete” to get rid of all that garbage.

  20. Some of us…less amused. Grrr..

  21. I was amused. Go to Xanadu, joe. You can get a muse.

  22. Tickled the crap out of me. Let’s hear it for unmet expectations..

  23. And Joe goes to bed with a really bad Olivia Newton-John song in his head. You’re a peach, Al. 😉

  24. Here’s a better song, appropriate to the moment. I hope I figured out how to post the link without the video embedded. If not, I’ll run swiftly into the night.

  25. ^Much better. Wish I’d stayed up for it.

  26. Interesting take on the ‘Brown vs. Palin’ possibilities.

  27. puhleezandthankyou Says:

    Sorry for the Shame-less promotion but all MSNBC and CABLE NEWS FANS, Please follow:

  28. ^To paraphrase Johnny Paycheck, you can take your shameless multi-posted promotion and shove it. Your welcome.

  29. Saw a clip of Mitch McConnell on MTP advising the President to “meet us in the middle”. With a straight face. Screw ‘the middle’; the Republicans aren’t there, and Obama wasted a year trying to get them there. It’s time to govern like W did: ‘Our White House, our rules’.

  30. […] in the pounding North Shore surf on Oahu. Then I was haunted by the ghost of the departed and I went to Cabo San Lucas to lay the remains to rest (and work in a gratuitous Kolchak reference that probably went over most […]

  31. Kolchak the night stalker…..

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