Anderson Cooper Interview…

Mediaite’s Steve Krakauer has an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper…

Mediaite: While other correspondents and anchors return to the United States, you are staying this week as well. What made you decide to stay an extra week?

Cooper: I just didn’t feel it was right to leave. I was just worried that if everyone leaves, then there’s going to be less focus on it. There are still a lot important things going on here. On a personal level, I just wanted to stay and continue covering the story. I talked to Sanjay [Gupta] and he felt the same way.


One Response to “Anderson Cooper Interview…”

  1. CNN is going to have to send in a swat team to drag AC home. Unlike most cable news hosts he seems most comfortable when covering natural disasters and wars and least pleased when having to cover the minutia of Washington politics or latest missing coed mystery.

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