The Hazards of Live TV: #25,046

Hannity tweeted about this twice

I asked Beckel if he flipped me the bird on national tv…he did flip off someone but not me! Got a lot of play on the internet this week.

Wait, he just said he would… Either way it’s fun to kid him about it. But he shouldn’t do that when kids are watching.

So is Beckel going to get in trouble with FNC over this?


7 Responses to “The Hazards of Live TV: #25,046”

  1. I said this at the Daily Caller and I will reaffirm this here: It is crystal clear that Bob flipped the bird to the woman next to him. And having seen her on tv before, she probably deserved it!

    Having said that, he should apologize. It was childish.

  2. That was my impression, too, CC. I don’t think he would do that to Sean or any of the other hosts there. He seems to have a good ‘friendly rivalry’ with them.

  3. I’m kinda surprised how dead this thread is. I would have expected more outrage…

  4. Because that woman with the smug look on her face pissed Beckel off? Nope, not gettin’ too worked up about it.

  5. -Outrage-

    The gesture may have been poorly disguised, but it was disguised. Beckel’s a nice guy and has proven that to my satisfaction many times. So if he felt the strong need to flick her off I’m certainly not going to get upset about it.

  6. For all the time Beckel’s been on with Hannity, it’s surprising this was the first time.

  7. […] Feb 2010 – Flips the bird on Hannity… […]

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