Looking at FNC’s News Operation…

CJR Daily’s Terry McDermott writes about FNC’s news operation…

The perceived problem is not that Fox’s straight news is relatively bias-free and its opinion programming overwhelmingly conservative. The problem is that the news portion is very small and the opinion portion very large. It would indeed be like a traditional newspaper opinion-news division if the ratios were reversed.

Fox has a reporting and editing staff about one-third the size of CNN’s. Fox has many fewer bureaus, both domestic and international (again, about one-third CNN’s total). From personal experience covering news around the world, you almost always run into a CNN crew or stringer. You almost never run into a Fox reporter, and never one from MSNBC.

In essence, MSNBC has no news operation whatsoever. It has about half the total staff that Fox employs, roughly one-sixth that of CNN, but none of these people are reporters. It is almost purely a talk network. It regularly runs even less news content than Fox. In primetime, it runs none at all. At 7 p.m., when Fox and CNN are running hour-long newscasts, MSNBC airs a re-run of Chris Matthews’s interview show, Hardball. Even when it puts news on the air, the content is almost entirely drawn from its corporate big brother, NBC, and NBC’s news operation pales compared to that of CNN. From a business standpoint, MSNBC is useful as a means to amortize the costs of NBC’s newsgathering. This can produce genuinely awkward moments—as it did frequently during the 2008 election campaign, when NBC’s relatively straight news staff joined its more opinionated studio hosts in covering election results.


7 Responses to “Looking at FNC’s News Operation…”

  1. missy5537 Says:

    He’s after Fox News? Is he serious?

    “The perceived problem…” yada yada yada

    This clown’s beloved mainstream media helped elect a guy based on charisma and image, conveniently omitting the candidate’s very questionable associates and failing to vet his positions on many subjects, yet he’s after Fox News????

    This is the same media who has told us EVERYTHING about Bristol Palin and Levi, the baby daddy, while conveniently keeping the John Edwards debacle under wraps! Is the sex life of a teenage daughter of a VP candidate really more important than that of a candidate for POTUS?

    And has the MSM even touched on the Charlie Rangel saga? I doubt it. But the DID speculate that John McCain was involved with some aide. This proved to be totally false, yet the NYT ran with the hypothesis at a critical time prior to the 2008 election (BTW, I am no fan of John McCain).

    If this is what the CJR is concerned with, we’re screwed. Sad to say, but the National Enquirer puts out a better product that these elitist snobs, who constantly “drop the ball” when it comes to giving us accurate information re: the candidates running for election, and in exposing some very corrupt politicians who run our country.

  2. I would like to see a report on the size of US bureaus only. Once you factor in international, of course CNN wins because they have an international channel. Duh!

  3. Fox has a “news” operation? Well, that comes as news to me.

  4. Surprisingly to most Americans news happens outside the USA.
    Thankfully CNN & PBS and to a certain extent CBS,ABC & NBC do cover foreign news.
    Fox & MSNBC might cover it if there’s video that’s compelling (dead bodies etc.); it has a connection to the US or it falls under their particular political bias.

  5. I thought this was about FNC, yet two-thirds of that excerpt is snarling about MSNBC.

    I think Fox utilises its NewsCorp holdings in order to get much of its world coverage. The Skynews out of the UK, etc.

  6. We have a strong hunch that many, many, MANY things come as news to Dougie Fresh up there.

  7. Thanks, boogie. I appreciate the “hunch”, and speaking on behalf of everybody here. I doubt they all agree with you, but I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself.

    In the mean time, maybe you should use your trusty “hunch” to actually discover the “news” operation Fox runs and see how much of it is actually based around credibility that viewers can rely on. Just because teabaggers (that Fox promotes) and conservatives (that Fox Loves) love them so much doesn’t mean they are taken seriously.

    Also, it doesn’t help the “news” operation too much when the network is run by a former GOP media consultant under 3 different Republican presidents. Why don’t you think about that little nugget?

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