Ludacris/O’Reilly feud over?

It’s not quite as big as if Olbermann and O’Reilly buried the hatchet (What? It’s been tried already?) but it’s up there. Radar Online reports that O’Reilly and Ludacris have ended their feud. Then again Radar Online did state that Justice Roberts was looking to quit the Supreme Court…

In an exclusive interview the controversial rapper confirmed he confronted the conservative television host at a recent event and extended the hip hop hand of friendship.

“The first thing I said to him was, ‘I want to meet the guy who has had so much to say about me, but knows absolutely nothing about me’,” Ludacris told

“I identified that I wanted to speak to him when I saw his name on the guest list. I looked at what table he was on, and I walked my a** straight to that table.

“He wasn’t expecting to see me, at all. The look on his face when he saw me approaching… priceless.”

And in the most unlikely pairing, Ludacris said the foes even teamed up for a recent charity event, which was kept secret.


2 Responses to “Ludacris/O’Reilly feud over?”

  1. Hallelujah! Maybe there’s some hope after all for the Middle East!

  2. harry1420 Says:

    bill is mad at the world. only at bills death will any feud be over!!

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