A faceless CNN?

Marketwatch’s Jon Friedman says CNN lost a lot with Christiane Amanpour’s departure…

During its best moments, Christiane Amanpour symbolized what CNN prides itself on: a commitment to reporting hard news.

At CNN, Amanpour did this so well, and for so long, that she evolved as the face of the network. Now, she has agreed to join ABC News as the host of “This Week,” its Sunday morning program.

CNN has lost its most charismatic journalist and its signature correspondent. Yes, John King is hard-working and earnest. Candy Crowley is authoritative. Anderson Cooper is known for displaying empathy. But none of them projects Amanpour’s most noteworthy qualities: fearlessness and intelligence.

4 Responses to “A faceless CNN?”

  1. He’s forgetting all of the great anchors and correspondents who work at CNN International. With Amanpour leaving, hopefully more CNNI reporters will start showing up on CNN Domestic.

  2. Lou Dobbs and Christine Amanpour, both gone they were identified with the CNN brand. Is it possible that CNN wants to go young and hipper? So they can attract the coveted demographic?

  3. I would stipulate that Lou Dobbs isn’t associated with CNN to the degree he was ten years ago. Now he’s more associated with his opinions.

  4. I would stipulate that Lou Dobbs went from “that business guy” to “that illegal immigration guy”. He was never a frontline face for CNN. He went from one niche to another.

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