Get Chris Matthews…

James Rainey blasts Chris Matthews in the LA Times for a whole mess of sins…

There seems to be a misconception among some of Chris Matthews’ guests. Because they have been invited on “Hardball” and put in front of a microphone, they think they will not only be asked questions, but also get a chance to answer them.

If they had been paying much attention, they would know that MSNBC’s fantastically frenetic host often uses questions like a tennis player uses a backboard. Once he gets the ball back in his own court, he spins it, slices it, pounds it, to his heart’s content.

Matthews has become such a self-parody it’s not clear people notice anymore. But that changed this week with the passage of healthcare reform and the YouTube recycling of a volley, notable even by Matthews standards as overweening, blustery and just plain wrong.

6 Responses to “Get Chris Matthews…”

  1. BREAKING NEWS! Chris Matthews doesn’t let guests answer questions, likes to pontificate and has a big ego. Anyone who has ever seen his show could tell you that. And get this,you can see the proof on YouTube. WOW!
    Has any thought it odd that four MSNBC hosts, in the last year alone, have been mentioned as running for the Senate or POTUS?
    Ed Schultz- Seriously approached to run for Senate in North Dakota
    Chris Matthews – rumored to be considering a Senate run in Pennsylvania. It was most likely a contract negotiation ploy, but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn he did some polling just in case.
    Joe Scarborough – Some chatter; mostly from Joe; about a possible POTUS run in 2012. It’s all about the ego.
    Rachael Maddow – used in a fundraising letter by Scott Brown and has a facebook page (doesn’t everybody) promoting her to run for Senate against Brown in MA in 2012. She’s treating it as a joke … so far.
    I’m just sayin’.

  2. imnotblue Says:

    fritz3 Says:
    March 24, 2010 at 4:45 am

    Maybe they’re just trying to find them a job they’re actually good at… since television ain’t it.

  3. INB: With everyone but Maddow I would tend to agree, but it is nice to know you feel they would make good Senators. 😉

  4. imnotblue Says:

    fritz3 Says:
    March 24, 2010 at 9:17 am

    I’m pretty sure I didn’t say “I” thought anything.

  5. Good point, Fritz. This would have been news…in 1999.

  6. Don’t worry, Fritz, INB doesn’t like MSNBC, no matter what they do. They are still the dreaded “liberal media”. Apparently, his assertion is baselessly relied on ratings, even though, many bad hosts on television still get good ratings sometimes.

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