CNN, you need a dress code…

I’ve been carping about this on Twitter and now I’m going to carp about it here. This week has seen a noteable uptick in tie-less necks at CNN. It started with John King trying the casual look on his new 7pm program. This morning I woke up to John Roberts sans neck tie. Rick Sanchez sometimes shows up on air with a tie, sometimes he doesn’t even show up wearing a dress shirt. Some like Ali Velshi dress impeccably and Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper never show up not dressing like anchors on their sets.

I expect professional behavior and professional dress on news programs. I cut some slack for entertainment/talk shows like Morning Joe and Fox and Friends (though the men of Fox and Friends rarely go the casual route) because they aren’t straight news programs. But the rest of the day is another matter. Appearances matter. The casual look suggests a casual approach to news. Maybe I should mosey on over to the CNN store and order myself up a custom “Free John King’s neck ties!” shirt…


14 Responses to “CNN, you need a dress code…”

  1. John King’s new show is a bit silly. He is from New England, yet he is dressing up like he’s from Texas. WTF?

  2. tinafromtampa Says:

    CNN needs a lot more than a dress code.

  3. grandpadave Says:

    Don’t limit that dress code to the men. I think it’s un-professional for female anchors to wear something that looks more appropriate for Saturday night bar hopping.

  4. How bout’ a dress code for HLN as well?

    Would somebody PLEASE buy Natasha Curry a skirt!!!

  5. harry1420 Says:

    here’s a solution…turn your head…or close your eyes…problem solved. at least the cnn folks wear clothes. tell those barely clothed fox people to put something on…

  6. missy5537 Says:

    Very well stated, Spud, grandpadave, everyone!

    The guys should wear ties; the women need to cover up a little more! Many of these anchorettes DO look like they’re ready for the bars.

  7. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for those skirts to get longer. Fox didn’t get the ratings lead on ideology alone.

  8. * I once saw Catherine Herridge doing the anchor-thing on Fox. Established, respected reporter, right? Her skirt was so short that you could tell she was terrified of revealing an inadvertent upskirt. Any time the camera pulled back, the body-language was obvious. Don’t think I’ve seen her do anchor since then.

  9. missy5537 Says:

    laural, I saw CH do a news program this summer in a sleeveless pink ruffled dress! I guess she was on her way to a picnic or something.

    It really looked strange, her dressed that way while reporting on some national security event.

  10. I’m old school, so I like the anchors to dress in a professional manner.

    By the way, I live in Texas. cornycob, may I ask how professional attire in Texas is different from that in New England?

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