CNN behind the scenes changes…

CNN President Jonathan Klein sent out a memo announcing that Campbell Brown EP Janelle Rodriguez has been upped to Director of Programming for CNN/US. Taking over the EP position for Campbell Brown will be Kathy O’Hearn…

Dear Colleagues,

I am very pleased to announce that effective immediately Janelle Rodriguez has been promoted to Director of Programming for CNN/US. In that role she will oversee all of our Atlanta-based news programming. Janelle is of course moving to Atlanta and will continue to report to SVP of Programming Bart Feder. She will arrive just in time to work with all of our show teams in launching our new set and continuing the ambitious development of our dayside and weekend programming.

Through her more than 10 years at CNN, Janelle has taken on increased responsibility to become not only a superb producer but an excellent leader and manager. Most recently, as you know, Janelle has been executive producer of Campbell Brown, taking the helm of that show last May. She has added her trademark dose of energy and inventiveness, and I am proud that Janelle and Campbell have staked out an unbiased alternative to the partisan noise on both sides.

Prior to moving to primetime, Janelle was the executive producer of American Morning where she grew the program’s audience by 35%. Before that, she served as a senior producer on The Situation Room and was instrumental in that program’s launch.

Janelle spent two years as senior producer on Anderson Cooper 360° and has also served as executive producer for numerous specials including the award-winning Jack Cafferty: Broken Government and a presidential faith forum hosted by Soledad O’Brien. She began as a producer at Headline News (now HLN) in Atlanta before moving to CNN/US where she worked on various weekend shows and Wolf Blitzer Reports.

Effective April 5th, Kathy O’Hearn will take over as executive producer of Campbell Brown. Kathy of course was most recently EP of Amanpour, is an award winning and accomplished journalist, and is no stranger to the workings of CNN/US.

Please join me in wishing Janelle and Kathy success in their new assignments.


4 Responses to “CNN behind the scenes changes…”

  1. She did such a great job as EP of Campbell Brown, now we’re giving her authority over all Atlanta-based programming!

    I wonder how much the dayside ratings will now decline at CNN.

  2. Cute…

  3. The Peter Principle – everyone talks about it – no one does anything about it…l

  4. […] kept Brown and CNN from giving her show an identity until the elections were over – changing producers and the show’s format from straight news to more of an opinion based show and then back to […]

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