Olbermann/Fox and Friends Weekend mock “fallen” anchor…

The Huffington Post writes about Keith Olbermann and Fox and Friends Weekend mocking an anchor that fell out of her chair. Turns out the anchor had MS. Olbermann subsequently apologized…

The reason for Olbermann’s apology? It turns out that Lawson has multiple sclerosis, which might help to explain the incident. According to a mutual friend of both the MSNBC host and the anchor, Lawson has used a cane for years.

But it appears that MSNBC wasn’t the only cable news network to air the video. Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” also joked about the clip they called “Anchors Away” over the weekend, according to one angry viewer who wrote to media web site Houston Press :


8 Responses to “Olbermann/Fox and Friends Weekend mock “fallen” anchor…”

  1. I’m sure F&F will do the right thing; just as KO did; and apologize. They may well have done it already this morning ( I didn’t see today’s program) as they certainly would have known the situation by then.

  2. I saw that, and I don’t watch F&F. Bret Baier maybe? Could have been a clip online.

  3. Bernie bought it up on Imus In The Morning this morning, they didn’t use the clip or make fun of the anchor but Bernie stated she saw it, and has a pretty good sense of humor about the coverage. ….Imus likes to call Fox & Friends – Fox & Fiends, they are on FBN’s sister Network FNC….

  4. I believe it was on Special Report, as well as MSNBC Dayside and HuffPo. I kinda doubt that Ms. Lawson feels she’s owed an apology. The cool part about the clip is how well she handles the mishap and hands off to the weather man. I’m not even convinced her disease has anything to do with the incident. She reached far across the desk and the chair rolled out from under her. That could have happened to anybody.

  5. Folks with MS tend to be the ones with a real good sense of humour, and it was funny. David Lander (“Squiggy” on Laverne & Shirley) says that he would always feel relieved to learn that movie directors would think him to be a drunk whenever he’d stumble off a curb and bang his nose.

    Forgive me the plug for David, but if you’re at all interested buy his book “Fall Down Laughing – How Squiggy Caught Multiple Sclerosis And Didn’t Tell Nobody”: http://www.penguin.ca/nf/Book/BookDisplay/0,,9781585420520,00.html

  6. Guess you have to have a sense of humor if you’re gonna be Squiggy. Lenny not so much.

  7. testing

  8. bonnieux Says:

    Yes, it was disrespectful for both stations to make fun, but Keith Olberman did apoligize.

    Do you think that Rush Limbaugh would have apologized?. Never, not on your life. But some Conservatives have a double standard.
    Mr. Limbaugh would NEVER have apologized. Instead he would have laughed and made more fun of the incident just like he made fun with his imitation of actor Michael J. Fox.

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