Blogus Interruptus

My home PC blew up tonight during a Divx update. At this point I’m not sure what went wrong. Could be a hard drive corruption/failure. In any event, until I get this sorted out and the system rebuilt, the blog will stay down barring some major news event.

Update: It’s the hard drive. On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is simple rebuild and I’m off and running and where 10 is rebuild but significant permanent data loss, this is an 8.5 and I’m going to be busy the next couple of days trying to get the system somewhere near where it was. Thank goodness I printed out my tax returns before the drive blew. But I still lost a lot of stuff I probably can’t get back. Backup, backup, backup…I used to be a real hard case about that but I slipped the past few years. And it’s come back to bite me big time…

Update 2: Have corrected the original problem, replaced the hard drive. Now stuck on new problem, prepping this machine to install Windows 7. I tried three times and three times the system hung near the end of the install. Looks like I need to flash the motherboard BIOS to the latest version. Last time I did that, when I originally built the system over three years ago, I fried the motherboard and had to buy a new one. Hopefully history won’t repeat itself this time. Well it can’t since Abit went out of business…

Anyway, hang in there. Maybe I’ll be able to resume blogging tomorrow…

36 Responses to “Blogus Interruptus”

  1. My home PC blew up tonight.

    Spud that Suxs.

  2. dvschase Says:

    ya when my last laptop died i lost everything. now i am using this one and still not backing anything up. maybe I will start.

  3. And to make things worse today is Easter and I can’t buy a new hard drive. Otherwise I’d be well on my way to rebuilding the system by now.

  4. Testing. It’s letting me post text, but not links. Either I’ve offended someone, or something really strange is wrong.


  6. Spud: Ever thought of using one of those on line backup services?

  7. joeremi Says:

    CNN live with Mexico quake coverage. FNC rerunning Geraldo, MSNBC…God only knows what MSNBC is airing.

  8. Spud: Ever thought of using one of those on line backup services?

    And tie up my system for chunks of the day? No thanks.

  9. terance Says:

    In case of catastrophic failure, I don’t trust the second partition on my main drive.. So, I use an additional hdd for backups.. until they migrate to a stack of DVR’s for safe keeping.

    IMO, its much easier to periodically backup or even save data directly to the extra hdd than to burn a bunch of data dvd’s.

  10. Spud

    I am backing up on this external drive, they come in different sizes. My husband bought himself one for his lap top and he got me one for my computer 500 GB.

  11. Fox Business News, patiently awaiting the Tiger Woods press conference..

  12. …and CNBC…and Bloomberg. Oddly enough, ESPN is showing baseball.

  13. joeremi Says:

    Interesting. Chris Mathews owned up to using the word “regime” against Bush, then continued to bash Rush for it. I’m sure some conservatives will disagree with me, but I think that’s an honest approach. “I shouldn’t have done it, and neither should you.”

  14. Yes, of course. Now that his guy is in the White House, he’s suddenly seen the light. We should do as he says, and not as he did. Honesty, hypocrisy. Not terribly difficult to judge.

  15. joeremi Says:

    Honesty, hypocrisy. Not terribly difficult to judge.

    Difficult enough that we picked different choices.

  16. Difficult to choose between Chris Matthews and Rush Limbaugh (Obama and Bush)? Please.

  17. joeremi Says:

    ^Huh? I quoted “honesty, hypocrisy”. If Rush used a word 8 years ago, then criticized someone else for the same thing with the admonition that he was wrong to do it, too (yeah, that’s gonna happen), I would have a hard time criticizing him for it. That’s all I’m saying.

  18. Disagreements aside, I just love seeing these people get nailed with their own words. I like Matthews, and cut him slack quite often, but he’s not much different from the rest. They can say any nasty thing they want about Bush, Rush, and conservatives in general. Let the Right respond in kind, and it’s the end of the world as we know it (and probably racist). The collective memory-lapse allows for much hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth, backed-up by a baseless moral superiority.

  19. joeremi Says:

    …Bush, Rush, and conservatives in general.

    This is a grouping I will never understand, and I think lies at the heart of the intransigence I encounter in many debates with conservatives here. I consider Bush a singularly repulsive president, and Rush a singularly repulsive entertainer…and don’t consider either of them indicative of conservatism as a whole. But when I come after them, it seems that my criticism is often received as a general attack on right-wing thought. That frustrates me.

  20. ..Glenn Beck, Tea Party people, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin…
    Yes, we’re ‘intransigent’ when we fail to accept your representation of various people, which is hardly as limited in scope as you claim it to be.

  21. Of course, I’ve confused my response, as I was initially speaking of Matthews and the media in general. It’s good to live in a time when previous intemperate statements can be easily found and amplified. It’s so much more amusing than ‘Yeah, right’.

  22. joeremi Says:

    ..Glenn Beck, Tea Party people, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin…

    All excellent examples of a far right/libertarian fringe of conservatism which is doing a hell of a job of overtaking the GOP. You may think they qualify as mainstream conservative. I don’t see it that way.

  23. ..And I will give CM credit for acknowledging it. Many (including perhaps O’Reilly) would have ignored it. Christopher has a pretty good track-record of acknowledging these things.

  24. joeremi Says:

    Shep: “Did you hear what Karzai said?” No, Shep, I’m watching the news so you can tell me. Why do cable news anchors constantly ask me this question before starting a story? Banderas and Kelly do it all the time. Drives me nuts.

  25. joeremi Says:

    Oops! Shep got punked by a caller supposedly reporting on the W. VA> mine collapse. Started babbling something about Jaimie Foxx.

  26. joeremi Says:

    …and a very unpleasant word made it through.

  27. They caught it fast. You couldn’t really hear the word, but you don’t need a vivid imagination to figure it out.

  28. Gee, a report on O’Reilly about how Tea Party members are half Republican and half independent and Democrat. Easy to see why the Left is so desperate to marginalize them.

  29. -Drives joe nuts-

    Conversational-style interaction. Most people will tend toward trusting those who talk with them instead of to them.

    -Hard drive-

    Sorry you’re going through this crap, spud. The down-side of running frequent back-ups are irritating and few of us maintain due diligence with out files.

  30. joeremi Says:

    …how Tea Party members are half Republican and half independent and Democrat.

    Gee, I’ve mentioned before that the movement is equally hard on both parties, and seems determined to be it’s own fringey, anti-government, “you’re with us or against us” thing.

    I know I know…have at it. I’ve taken up way too much of what’s left of Spud’s bandwidth today. Later.

  31. dvschase Says:

    joeremi Says:

    April 5, 2010 at 4:26 pm
    Shep: “Did you hear what Karzai said?” No, Shep, I’m watching the news so you can tell me

    I always joke to the local tv news people that they ask us questions, but we (the print media) answer them. Our local news here is competitive and they tease every story endlessly by asking questions.

  32. — Westboro Baptist Church —

    I try to imagine what my stepfather or father-in-law would have done if these cretins had shown up at a funeral of ours. I have no legal background whatsoever, but it seems to me that intentionally provoking people at a funeral would fall somewhere other than under the umbrella of ‘free speech’.

  33. Merciful God in heaven, it’s Dick Morris AGAIN. Will this madness never end?

  34. Here’s a friendly tip for Glenn Beck. Don’t ever turn your back to the camera again. A shot from behind makes the morgue-quality-makeup just that much more obvious. Plus the hair-color and neck girth, which are best left unmentioned..

  35. I’ve been watching DVRed stuff and hadn’t kept up with the news. is reporting that there are 25 confirmed dead in W. VA. now. The irony in relation to the miracle in China is heartbreaking.

  36. joeremi Says:

    Fox and CNN ran the Governor’s briefing at 3:45est. MSNBC stayed with tape.

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