Maria Bartiromo Interview…

I’m back up. Sorta. Still have a ton of software to install though. Anyway Wowowow’s Leslie Stahl interviews CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo…

LESLEY: I’m not blaming the media, but I wonder if everybody who does what you do, and you specifically, have gone back and said, “Wow, I blew it. What do I do next time? What do I do right now?”

MARIA: I think you have to look at the situation and ask very simple, straightforward questions of yourself. Is this too good to be true? Does this seem sustainable? Home prices moving up 40 percent year over year is obviously not sustainable. I would like to think that the next time around I could be more of a contrarian, I can be more skeptical. That’s what Jim Rogers, the international investor, will tell you. Make sure you look at things and question them, and don’t always go with the herd mentality. Don’t — just because everybody says it’s true — necessarily feed into it, because nothing goes up forever and if it does seem like it’s unsustainable, it probably is. So that’s one thing that I feel like I could learn. Another thing is, look around and if everyone is doing it, investigate why. So Goldman Sachs was selling all of these packaged mortgage securities that included sub-prime. Why? Because Morgan Stanley was. Why? Because CitiGroup was, because Merrill Lynch was.

LESLEY: So they were making money off it?

MARIA: Yes. They were all making money off of it – until they weren’t. So all they needed was one thing to happen that would break the dominos and that was house prices started declining, and they stopped going up. And then they were all left holding the bag. But you asked why everybody did it – because if you didn’t do it, the next guy was making more money than you. So it was this vicious cycle. And then let’s not forget the regulators. Barney Frank, back in 2006, saying, “Look, everybody should own a home. This is the American dream. Let’s make it affordable.” Alan Greenspan with low interest rates, let’s make it easy to get a home. So you’ve got a lot of things that meshed into place where it just seemed like home prices – we’re looking at this euphoric situation and they were going to continue, until they didn’t.

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  1. missy5537 Says:

    I’m guessing we won’t have a lot of comments on Maria B, so I’m hijacking the thread (Spud can remove it if he wants). Anyway, I saw a piece on Rachel Maddow and her “partner” over at TVNewser, and since there was no picture present, I googled to see what she would look like.

    Take a look:

    The girlfriend looks normal, but is that Rachel, dressed up as a guy? That’s what the caption reads. Is this for real, or an error? Or am I really too much a product of “flyover country” to be able to comprehend all of this?

  2. joeremi Says:

    Missy, you appear to be a product of “tom-boyish looking girls are not common around here” country. Yes, that’s Rachel, and in parts of the area I live in, the other girl is the funny-looking one.

  3. Missy, you’re a peach. Spud can scrub me too, God knows I have it coming. That’s how RM looks when she’s out-and-about. I couldn’t begin to care, but…I thought those glasses died in the crash with Buddy Holly, you know? Gutfeld has a similar pair. Some styles should be allowed to die. Not that I care or anything.

  4. Big, ugly glasses are pretty standard apparel these days for hipsters (i.e., white, urban, bohemian trust-fund brats). I saw Maddow around the Village a few times back when Air America started up, and while she may not have a trust fund, she definitely aspires to the style.

    And if she moved to Northampton from Oxford because it was free from distractions and would allow her to finish her dissertation, I’m Brian Williams. That place is thicker with lesbian women than Chelsea is with gay men. It’s also one of the most expensive areas in the northeast, and if you’re a broke grad student, you’re going to be working around the clock just to rent a walk-in closet in a Smith professor’s home.

  5. missy5537 Says:


  6. unclearthur Says:

    The girlfriend looks normal, but is that Rachel, dressed up as a guy?

    Dressed up as a guy?

    Let me guess – women still wear pearls and heels to vacuum in your country?

  7. The glasses are ‘geek glasses’ (google it) and have been the in thing with celebs for a couple of years now. Personally I hate them as I do those little square jobs that are everywhere as well. Can’t wait for the return of aviator style glasses like Marlon Brando wore.
    You do know RM is gay don’t you?

  8. 😯

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