Margaret Brennan Interview…

Talking Biz News interviews Margaret Brennan…

How is Bloomberg TV different than CNBC or Fox Business?

I don’t watch a lot of Fox, to be quite honest with you, so I wouldn’t critique what they do in comparison. I worked at CNBC for so long, so I know that best. As far as the content, I’d have to come back to the fact that here, information is paramount before the personality. That’s refreshing to me to talk to the reporters about that first, to get really well-sourced reporters on thousands of different topics on camera or on background. There’s just a different resource allocation here. And I think because of that, it allows Bloomberg to be a smart alternative to anyone else.

Plenty of people at CNBC pick up Bloomberg and read the wire service on background. But if you want tune in and hear an in-depth conversational give and take between one of the highest ranked analysts — they have strict paramaters about who you can have on air here — CEOs, investors, you’re going to have a measured, conversational tone. You’re not going to hear screaming. This is sort of my personal thing too. I don’t like jumping in and cutting people off in mid sentence. I let them finish their sentences and get across the thought that they have. It’s more about what they’re saying than the fact that I am saying it to them. That’s a different production choice, and I think that’s better for the viewer.

I think there’s a lot of context given here because of the resources — the terminal, the print reporters, the people around the world. There is a lot of that that allows you to flesh out a story a little bit more.

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