Megyn Kelly Interview…

Mediaite’s Steve Krakauer interviews FNC’s Megyn Kelly…

Mediaite: What do you think will be a big story that may not be big right now but you see in the next couple months could be a big story that will be covered a lot?

Kelly: I think Afghanistan is going to get big. Given the offensive our troops are on over there and that they’ll be pursuing, especially come in June, the nation’s attention is going to turn there in a way it has not recently and I think that’s a good thing because that’s a conflict that needs coverage, and our men and women on the ground are about to make a big push that could be very important. That’s one, and obviously the 2010 midterms are going to be huge. Probably not for the next couple of months but probably mid to late summer. People are very fired up politically right now, both sides of the aisle, and they’re donating like we haven’t seen in a while, and interest is at a level we haven’t seen in a while so I think people are going to be more interested in midterm elections, congressional elections which normally aren’t the headliners in ways we have not seen in recent history.

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