Donny Deutsch to anchor MSNBC at 3pm next week…

Deutsch will take a look at “America the Angry” all next week it was announced this afternoon on MSNBC. What about news?

17 Responses to “Donny Deutsch to anchor MSNBC at 3pm next week…”

  1. inwisconsin11 Says:

    Yikes! Have you ever heard him on Morning Joe? He is hardly one to be impartial talking about the “angry” in America. Though I should take my own temperature since I actually had a thought MSNBC could be impartial about anything! As far as he is concerned, anyone in the Teaparty (which is what I am assuming this is all about) is a nut case.

  2. missy5537 Says:

    “America the Angry”? I guess that’s everyone who doesn’t like their healthcare being overtaken by the government, and those who don’t want to be taxed at 90% or whatever.

    We’re truly in an era of class warfare. OF COURSE the 47% who don’t pay taxes are thrilled, and of the 53% who do, most are upset at being taxed even more. Heirs to fortunes like Danny Deutsch can sit back and call others angry, because he’ll never be forced out of business or face bankruptcy or foreclosure.

    The left loves using terms “anger”. “hate” and “racist” to demonize those with whom they disagree. I’m sure Saul Alinsky would be proud.

  3. Nice job attacking low-income workers for not paying enough taxes. When did the Right become the “lower taxes except for poor people” movement? This new mantra is repulsive.

  4. inwisconsin11 Says:

    The Right is not all about “lower taxes except for poor people” but I do believe if you pay for something you have a vested interest in making sure the money is spent wisely. If you get something for free (i.e. not paying income taxes) you have no need to worry about the spending. But this is a typical way for a liberal to think since you believe you will grow your ranks by making someone “need” you. I guess i am a true believer in the philosophy “if you teach a man to fish….”

  5. I’m a true believer in “don’t kick the wotking man while Exxon and GE pay no taxes to this country.” Exxon pays them to other countries.

  6. To be clear, I’m not necessarily arguing against every complaint about the tax code as it relates to lower income people. I can see the problem with an unemployed person getting a tax credit. But suddenly, for the last two weeks, the Gop/Tea Party has been proclaiming that “47%of Americans pay no taxes.”, an argument that flys in the face of their stated desire for lower taxes. It leaves the impression on us less well-off folks that you ‘haves’ don’t give a damn about us. At the very least, it’s stupid PR.

  7. ^More misspelling, too tired to care.

  8. missy5537 Says:

    Joe, whatever you’re saying has nothing to do with my intent. I am simply saying that liberals are demonizing ANYONE who disagrees with 0bama’s taking over the country’s healthcare, while taxing the “rich” even more.

    Certainly, corporations should be paying income tax! But “the rich” INDIVIDUALS already pay enough. At what point will they have no incentive to even work?

    I am not demonizing the poor (I am technically currently one of them in the income category, at this point), but I sure as hell hate some little snot like Danny Deutch demonizing me or anyone who feels as I do. I’m in bad financial shape but am not looking for the government or anyone else to bail me out. I’ve gotta figure this out for myself. And I’m certainly not going to demonize anyone who will not agree with me!

  9. You won’t get any disagreement outta me about Deutch. I’ve grown to like the guy, but I have no clue why he’s hosting this special at that time.

  10. “wotking man’

    Few people realize Wotking Man was the original title for that classic Rush song. Geddy Lee O.D.’d in a Sushi Bar at the time apparnetly and he had musical inspiration…

  11. ^^^

    Ok, I really need a vacation…

  12. — Ok, I really need a vacation… —

    Truer words are unimaginable.

  13. Apparnetly we all do. Points for the Rush reference. Another Red Barchetta joins the chase..

  14. lonestar77 Says:

    Don’t you think if everyone paid income taxes, they’d be more concerned about how the money is spent? It’s easy to say, yeah I want free health care that will cost other people trillions of dollars. This is what the Dem party is all about. They want to create a sizeable voting bloc that will always vote dem because they are promised free handouts paid for by the other 50% of us. If I have to pay income taxes, everybody should. Neither of my parents went to college, I did, & it cost me about $50K. I just paid my loans off last month…$500/month for 9 years. It’s not my fault that Joe liberal smoked crack all through high school and now has to rely on me to pay for his house.

  15. LS, the average liberal does not expect free government services. The idea is fair taxation for programs tast are fairly available to all. Never gonna happen in this country. The Corporation will always win.

  16. ^-that-
    Vacation. Now.

  17. I’m working on it…

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