Free for All: 04/19/10-05/07/10

Behave yourselves. Because I won’t be…


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  1. Because I won’t be…

    That’s a reason?

  2. We’ll be good. Sorta.

  3. I feel compelled to contribute a bit of behavingness. Unfortunately, I’m fresh out.

  4. missy5537 Says:

    THREE WEEKS????????

    Let’s try to get this thing up to 1,000 posts or so. We can do it!

  5. meggielou Says:

    I’m game. Let’s have a party!!!
    Isn’t that how we’re supposed to “behave” when those in charge are away?

  6. Um. No.

  7. Um. No.

    Oh sure, scare away someone who never posts.

  8. ^Thank you, dear.

  9. meggielou Says:

    Hey, Joe –
    Don’t worry – I can’t be “scared away”… I’m just waiting until Spud is really gone… then we’ll start the party.
    Who’s bringing the guns?

  10. Meggie. 😉

  11. Does anyone read Huffpo anymore and actually take it seriously?

    Cenk Uygur basically compares Sarah Palin to Jefferey Dahmer in a post (final paragraph):

  12. CC, HuffPo is a big site with lots of authors. I take it plenty seriously. If I agreed with every bonehead who posted there, it wouldn’t be a very interesting site.

  13. meggielou Says:

    I agree with Joe – as far as prefering interesting over boring, (it’s why I love this site!) but I don’t put much stock in the Huffington Post.

    That being said, I think that Uygur was simply attempting to show how absurd he thinks the premise of Palin hosting the show is – not that she is necessarily on the same “level” as Jeffrey Dahmer. Maybe if I was a Palin fan, I’d be offended, but I’m not…

  14. Check out Chris Mathews’ Let Me Finish at the end of tonight’s 7pm est re-air of Hardball. “Are your rights really threatened? Call me in 10 years when you still have them. “

  15. missy5537 Says:

    “Check out Chris Mathews’ Let Me Finish at the end of tonight’s 7pm est re-air of Hardball. “Are your rights really threatened? Call me in 10 years when you still have them. “”

    Um, no!

    When did Chris Matthews ever let ANYONE finish a thought!

  16. — “Are your rights really threatened? —

    Of course, the best way to retain one’s rights is to never worry about them.

  17. No fair. Neither one of you listened to the comment. It’s not about not being ‘worried’; it’s about people freaking out about imagined repeal of ther rights instead of being honest about simply not liking the results of the election.

  18. The election was a year-and-a-half ago. 53% voted for Obama. His approval-rating was 65% over a year ago. It’s in the mid-forties now. I’m thinking that maybe his opposition is not predominantly made up of sore losers.

  19. ^I’m thinking you never got around to watching the comment. There’s a lot of people screaming about losing their ‘rights’, as if a democratically elected President of the United States is going prevent you from saying what you want to say and going where you want to go. Long after Obama is gone from office, you’ll still have your rights as an American and your guns.

    Obama’s opponents should argue with him based on policy, and stop acting like he’s the Communist Devil coming to put them in an archipelago.

  20. Missy, why would you flat-out refuse to watch something just because it’s not your political stripe? I don’t understand that. I asked people to check out the last couple minutes because I thought Chris made a good point. I didn’t expect them to watch the whole show.

    I made that comment about the segment’s title the day it debuted. Pretty funny.

  21. missy5537 Says:

    Joe, I’m already pretty p*ssed about Bill Clinton’s remarks, likening the retirees, grandmas and housewives of the Tea Parties to Tim McVeigh. Will this Matthews video make me similarly irate? If so, I can’t do it.

    Seriously, people, when you watch these Tea Party videos, the people are just standing there listening to the speakers. The biggest movement seen is that of flags waving. The left has their Black Panthers, SEIU thugs, Code Pink, environmental terrorists, etc. We’ve got retirees from “The Villages”! And there is some sort of equivalence to these two groups?


  22. The Mathews bit focuses on the people who complain that they feel their constitutional rights are being threatened. It’s a hysterical argument that masks that some people just hate Democrats, and won’t put up with anything less than conservative policies being enforced.

  23. Joe, what about the people who claimed for the better part of 8 years that Bush = Hitler, and that their rights were in imminent danger?

    Not to mention the protestors who used to carry signs with pictures of Bush altered to give him both a Hitler mustache and a bullet hole in the forehead?

  24. zonedaiatlas Says:

    You forgot to mention these from the far left during the last 8 years..

    President Bush burned in effigy

    A Hitler Bush with a noose around it’s neck

  25. meggielou Says:

    Changing the subject… I noticed two things this morning while watching TV:
    1. Fox really should not have Courtney Friel fill in for any of its anchors – I’m sure she’s a very nice person, but she is woefully inadequate in an anchor position. It was painful to watch – so I changed the channel.
    2. Why in the world would President Obama try to reason with a heckler? (When speaking at an event for Senator Boxer, someone was shouting out things about repealing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy… and the President said something like, “well, Senator Boxer didn’t vote for it anyway”.) I just don’t understand what he possibly thought would be gained by going there.

  26. missy5537 Says:

    meggie, that’s standard operating procedure for this guy!

    Look at all of the abuse GWB took from people. He never engaged anyone. But 0bama does all the time – just look at his “they should be thanking me” remarks he directed toward the Tea Partiers the other day.


  27. Meggie, how bad was she this morning? We turned on the TV, saw Courtney Einstein and her big open mouth and quickly changed the channel.

  28. “What about Bush, what about Bush?’ You guys never stop. If you’re not going to address the topic I brought up, don’t address me.

  29. Sorry, Joe, but things don’t happen in a vacuum. And when blatant hypocrisy exists, there will be many to point it out.

    So if that’s the way you want it, it might get pretty lonely for you here. 😦

  30. BW, the question implies that I think it was OK to call the effing little war criminal Hitler. Calling anyone Hitler is ridiculous. Bush didn’t need comparison to another person. Being George W. Bush was bad enough.

  31. meggielou Says:

    Joe: I didn’t see the Chris Matthews thing, so can’t comment. I mentioned the incident with President Obama because I heard it this morning – and not in connection with anything you said.

    BW: She was VERY bad. Steve and Brian were [purposely, it seemed] doing most of the talking/reporting/reading and leaving very brief spots for her to insert single words or phrases, which seemed very rehearsed and stiff. I don’t understand the push for Courtney – but I’m not a guy, so maybe that’s why I’m missing her “attributes”.

    Changing the topic yet again (we’ll get to that 1000 posts, Missy!): not really cable-news-related except that it will be reported, any predictions for first pick in the NFL draft? Is it really going to be Sam Bradford? Big mistake in my opinion…

  32. Meggie, that was specifically directed at the two people who did the dreaded “what about you?” thing to my topic. You have every right to bring up your own topics, and I encourage it. I counted the comments in this thread last night and discovered I had almost half of them. I’m counting on you and Missy to rectify that. 😉

  33. zonedaiatlas Says:

    I guess being burned in effigy or being beheaded is fine with you Joeremi, because it’s George W. Bush.

  34. Joe, what about the posters with pictures of Bush with a bullet hole in the head? Or that “art film” fantasy about his assassination?

    Meggie, did we miss any humorous moments? Courtney is usually good for a few malapropos. It’s also a mystery for us (one is male) why FNC keeps inflicting her on us.

  35. Are you guys really stupid, or just acting that way?

  36. meggielou Says:

    BW: As noted, I turned the channel pretty quickly, and didn’t see/hear any specific mix-ups, but I’m sure there were some as the morning progressed…

    Joe: you’re on. (I’ll post!) I don’t feel like engaging in the drama going on at work today and am not getting much done anyway!

    No takers, I guess, on the suggested NFL draft topic…

  37. A woman wants to talk football…and gets no takers from the men. Welcome to upside-down world. Can’t help ya, either, Meg. If it aint racing, I aint watching.

  38. Since we don’t agree with you and the way you see this, Joe, we’re either really stupid or just acting stupid? Sheesh.

  39. unclearthur Says:

    People started calling Bush names -after- he lied us into an unnecessary war, wire-tapped Americans and made torture an American policy.

    People started calling Obama the anti-Christ before he took the oath of office, and went really off the deep end after he… expanded healthcare coverage to most Americans. Wow, what a dangerous man!

  40. Selective memory. Bush was maligned and attacked from before his inauguration, by the usual suspects.

    Obama didn’t “expand healthcare coverage” – he engineered the largest government takeover of the American economy!

  41. meggielou Says:

    Sorry, Joe, can’t help you on the racing. I live in the very heart of “NASCAR Country” and couldn’t care less.

    Missy threw out the challenge (1000 posts) and now has disappeared!!!

  42. grandpadave Says:

    44 posts in one day (more or less) times 19 days equals only 836 posts.

    Hey gang, we’ve got to get busy!


  43. meggielou Says:

    Thanks, Dave, and I agree.
    However, I’m outta here for now. I’ll check back later. You all carry on…

  44. If you are interested, Courtney Friel with Lou Ferrigno and Erik Estrada. Awkward and weird.

  45. BW, I’ve said numerous times here that I don’t support violent/N@zi imagery towards any elected official, yet you follow up my denunciation of Bush being called Hitler by asking if I’m cool with an assassination fantasy. You either can’t read, or don’t have any interest in the answer.

    And if you expect me to believe Bush was treated like that pre-inaugeration, you’re nuts. Criticism of the guy who won is not the same as ‘vociferous attack’, which is what Obama got from the very beginning from the screeching, right-wing fringe. A fringe that – thanks to a bunch of idiots in the GOP – is becoming mainstream.

  46. My take on Bush: I didn’t vote for him, but I wasn’t too thrilled with the guy I did vote for. I felt the Supreme Court made a mockery of fair elections, but once W. got the job, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. As I have every President-elect. It’s a big job, and you don’t know how a man (someday, a woman) is going to rise to it.

    My problems with him started with Iraq. We had an unprecendented amount of support and good will after 9/11…and that dimwitted little jock blew it. He BSed the nation into the wrong war while Bin Laden scampered away, blowing a budget surplus while cutting taxes in the bargain. By 2004, he was accusing Democrats of not caring about national security.

    George W. Bush was an idiot with a messiah complex. Positive he was right, and too stupid to question it.

  47. missy5537 Says:

    Joe, get a grip!

    People such as Rush and Glenn Beck DID predict that 0bama would run the country as a socialist, and I remember thinking that those two were really becoming hysterical.

    But alas, it was I who was wrong. They had apparently studied 0’s history much better than I had done, and were right.

    Again, I don’t care if the POTUS was black, white, or a Sponge-bob type. Taking over our health care, attempting to shove through massive energy cost surcharges (crap and trade), his shame of our country’s soverignty and his soon-to-be announced massive amnesty for illegals is enough for ANYONE to want to amass to take back our country.

    But to the left, we’re just racists! The reasons I’ve mentioned, above, are ignored by libs; we are not allowed to say ANYTHING about the POTUS because the race card will be dealt.

  48. Missy, I’m not dealing the race card. Some people are racists. Duh. To call all opposition to Obama race-based is ludicrous. (The ‘birthers’ movement is race-based, but not worth bothering with. Truly a fringe). Calling Obama a socialist when he won’t even support a public option is an insult to socialists. He’s not even a ‘progressive’.

  49. I’ll do my share for the count. NFL draft? Dexter McCluster from Ole Miss.
    Not an Ole Miss fan, but I have to admit I’ve never seen anyone run that fast. He is really good. I’ll put the rest in another post to up the count.

  50. Had heard that Trace Gallagher was being sent to LA but never could find anything about it from Fox or any blog. Today shows up on America Live with Kelly from his new post as co-anchoring from LA on “America Live West Coast Newsroom. Same style but expanding Fox on the west coast. Ties in to FBN, intl news and more time in a brand new newsroom on air. I hope this makes sense to someone.

  51. I hope this makes sense to someone.

    Frankly, I’ve never understood it. A while back an MSNBC anchor (name escapes me for the moment) was ‘moved to LA’. What does that mean? If I don’t see her on the air, what is she doing there?

  52. — Awkward and weird. —

    Yes. Not much else can be said about it. Anyone with an ounce of wit or charm could have at least made it amusing. It seemed as though none of them had it.

  53. missy5537 Says:

    Joe, how can you forget Chris Jansing?

    She was actually on TV today – reporting from the volcano, I believe (sorry, I was in a hurry and only saw her for a split second.) She looked familiar, but different! Anyway, glad she still has a job.

  54. Joe, how can you forget Chris Jansing?

    Got lost in my crowded little brain. Plus, I was never the fan Spud is. Every day with Tamron Hall makes me miss her a little more..

  55. – Awkward and weird. –

    Nope. Not gonna watch it.

    The big mystery is how she’s lasted 3+ years there. Even the World Poker Tour dumped her as soon as they could.

  56. OK, here’s something that could drive up the post count here.

    We freely admit that we sometimes like to laugh at online freaks, and TV News Caps (the latest incarnation of Reporter Caps) is chock full of them. But the obsessive stalky behavior isn’t limited to degenerate males lusting after female anchors and reporters. At least a couple of male FNC anchors have rabid followings.

    In fact, one has such intensely devoted fans that at least studied an online video of said anchor at home so closely and managed to make a screen cap showing that even though a man wears jeans, it can still be VERY obvious if he’s going commando.

    Can anyone figure out who it is and find the photo? Or does anyone care?

  57. ^Freaks.

  58. Joe, are you referring to the women who studied an online video for this?

  59. zonedaiatlas Says:

    The same ol’ leftist talking points. Bush lied… blah.. Blah.. It’s funny when World Leaders, Democrats and even previous Presidents said the same thing about WMD’s, and yet because it’s George W. Bush. He lied…

  60. meggielou Says:

    We’ve gotta do better than this on the count…

    Delryan, I like Dexter, too, but haven’t seen him very high on any of the mock draft lists. Hope he makes it – and on a team that I like! I like Colt McCoy better than Sam Bradford. Also like CJ Spiller… and I hope that Tim Tebow is a HUGE success, despite the nay-sayers.

    Back to cable news, news – I’m glad to hear that at least Trace is still appearing – I figured he’d probably disappear.

  61. BW, I’m talking about you, you little perv.

    Zone, suspicion of some ability to operate WMD in Iraq is not the same as “imminent mushroom cloud”. They trumped up the “intelligence”, then took out Iran’s natural enemy. A bunch of wasted lives and money, while the people that attacked us were ignored. The hijackers were predominantly Saudi, btw. When is any president going to look into that?

  62. …”Peter Doocy. Future Game Show-Host”..
    It’s like he was built from a kit.

  63. Darn. Megyn Kelly referred to Billy Graham as ‘the late Billy Graham’, and I missed it. My life is so empty..

  64. Megyn made a correction: Billy Graham isn’t dead.

    Jane Skinner called Peter Doocy Steve Doocy.

    Trace Gallagher’s new digs in LA are pretty cool. I think this is actually a good thing for him. He’s probably closer to family. “TG” as Megyn Kelly calls him, isn’t going anywhere.

  65. What does anyone think about Donny Deutsch’s 3pm show being dumped after two days because he criticized Olby?

  66. Shoulda clarified. I heard her make the correction, having missed the faux pas. Says she’s been having prompter problems through the show. We’re just so strapped for subject matter..

  67. Say what you want about Olbermann, but he doesnt criticize his own. Otherwise Mika, Joe, and Pat would really be climbing in the Worst Person’s list.

  68. Olbermann. A man among men.

  69. lonestar77 Says:

    hnmnf Says:

    April 21, 2010 at 12:02 pm
    Say what you want about Olbermann, but he doesnt criticize his own. Otherwise Mika, Joe, and Pat would really be climbing in the Worst Person’s list.

    Uh, he doesn’t criticize his own prolly because they have an arsenal to fire back with. Olbernut can’t go a day without saying something bat shiite crazy. It would turn that tv channel into a 24/7 place for office politics.

  70. Really, Joe? For someone who is SO sensitive about being called names, you sure do know how to do the same to others. We’ve gone out of our way to avoid anything that might upset you like that, but perhaps it’s time to rethink that courtesy. If you can dish it, you can take it, right?

    Oh, and we’re not the ones who scrutinized streaming videos for signs of genitalia. So save your insults for the correct parties.

  71. “Megyn isn’t going anywhere”.
    I wonder if they finally realized the help she needs. She’s not on the air for two minutes before Trace comes on and does news the professional way. I’m happy for the guy. He’s been thrown under the bus so many times, I wondered what would happen to him. Looks like he’s finally got a great spot, home with family and friends in California, and Lord knows Megyn needs as much of him as she can get. (professionally speaking of course).

  72. Amen boogiewoogee! Sarcasm from someone who can’t tell a night scope from a test pattern.

  73. meggielou Says:

    Good for Trace! I agree with all of you who hope that his new assignment is a great one for him. I never see Megyn’s show, and somehow… I’m not sorry about that.

    Steve Doocy/Peter Doocy… same person, just different clothes, right? Think about it – do you ever see both of them in the same live shot?

  74. mlong5000 Says:

    “Say what you want about Olbermann, but he doesnt criticize his own. ”

    Tell that to Dan Abrams who was or still is on the MSNBC payroll when KO attacked him and called his father a Nazi.

  75. Peter Doocy was reporting from the Chicago Bureau. So if Steve looks really tired tomorrow, we can assume he and Peter are the same person and had to catch a late flight back to NY to do F&F.

  76. meggielou Says:

    Excellent, Corny! I’ll be checking that out!

  77. BW, notice nobody else even acknowledged your bizarre post? Think about it.

  78. What does anyone think about Donny Deutsch’s 3pm show being dumped after two days because he criticized Olby?

    I think using your test for your own show by criticizing one of the main talents on that network is stunningly stupid.

  79. Hmm, ‘to criticize one of’ makers more sense in that sentence. You get the idea..

  80. ‘makers’. I swear..

  81. — criticized Olby —

    It does seem incredibly stupid. If Scarborough got spanked for doing it on Twitter, then what the hell was this guy thinking?

  82. Del, you have me confused with someone else. I talked about Sarah Palin’s “crosshairs” imagery on her Facebook page.

  83. BW – I noticed.

  84. …then what the hell was this guy thinking?

    “I’d rather be right than working.”

  85. BW – I noticed.

    Suit yourself, Del. I think that s**t’s kinda creepy.

  86. — kinda creepy —

    I have as much prurient interest as the next person..but I might agree.

  87. What’s it gonna take to get KO to work a full week? Larry O’Donnell. Again. Good thing it’s Miller Time on The Factor tonight.

  88. Screw American business, screw autoworkers, screw the government having a hand in anything. Shoulda let ’em sink. It’s in the Constitution, I tell ya. Damn socialists.

  89. No confusion Joe. You said I was too young to recognize a test pattern.
    Al had to point out to you that the logo on this page was a night scope.

  90. Del, a distinction you would have been unaware of, and I only point it out because I’m ‘in a mood’ and touchy about details: that was a humorous comment related to the fact I had recently explained test patterns to my 22-year-old daughter. I don’t believe I commented on what the ICN logo was. But, knowing me, I could be wrong..

  91. -Test Pattern-
    I hear it used to show up on the telly after the national anthem.

    -Night Scope-
    What some people should gargle with before bed.

    -In “a mood” and touchy-
    You don’t scare me… that’s a way of life for some.

    -ICN Logo-
    Should be a dead snorkel

  92. I hear it used to show up on the telly after the national anthem.

    …which showed up after the guy reading the “touch the sky” poem while a fighter jet headed for the clouds. The same poem Reagan later quoted the day Challenger blew up.

    … that’s a way of life for some.

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  93. ^That’s hysterical on several disturbing levels.

  94. grandpadave Says:

    ^ Creative writing.


    I need some chamomile tea.

    With a shot of Jack Daniels.

  95. missy5537 Says:

    Re: Donny Deutsch mentioned Keify in his “Angry Anchors” segment.

    So was Deutsch actually fired from the network, or just sidelined for a while?

  96. Missy, my impression is they just pulled his 3pm experiment. I expect him to show up on Morning Joe again eventually.

  97. meggielou Says:

    I’m thrilled… just checked and we’re up to 100 posts. YAY!

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to add much to the number this afternoon (it’s 1:00 here).

    How was Miller Time last night, Joe? I was otherwise occupied with American Idol (don’t ask…) I used to watch Dennis Miller on SNL. He was the coolest. EVER. Love him!

    And, to follow up on the thread yesterday, Steve Doocy DID look kind of tired this morning. The Steve/Peter conspiracy lives on…

  98. missy5537 Says:

    Meggie, are you saying that Steve and Peter may be one and the same, kinda like Clark Kent and Superman?


  99. meggielou Says:

    YES! I suggested it as a possibility yesterday (about 50 posts above, I guess…) and got a response that Peter was reporting from Chicago yesterday, so if STEVE looked tired this morning, maybe it was because he took a late flight back home. As I asked yesterday: have you ever seen the two of them in a live shot together???

  100. — ^ Creative writing. —

    Those two should write a book. Save us from the next Jennifer Aniston movie.

  101. Meggie, Steve did look a little tired. Perhaps you are on to something?

  102. Proof that Peter and Steve are not one and the same, just close facsimiles. Or maybe someone is really good with the photoshopping? We’ll never tell!

  103. -Miller-

    He was smarmy, arrogant, and used references no one understands. In other words, awesome as usual! He was funnier as a liberal, though (long time ago, for you kids).

  104. Michelle “I have no idea what I’m talking about” Bachmann calls our government gangsters for saving American manufacturing at GM (loan repaid 5 years early, idiot), and Ron Christie goes on The Ed Show to defend her. What a goon. Oh, he says Michael Steele doesn’t speak for the GOP. Care to help me with the definition of “party chair”, Ron?

  105. Looks like Sam Bradford is headed to the St. Louis Rams. I don’t actually know what that means, but I thought Meggie might appreciate it. Question: The Rams aren’t in LA anymore? 😉

  106. If you invite someone to speak at a prayer service, there’s a pretty good chance he’s not going to agree that all religions are equal and good. Plus..he’s right. Don’t tell anybody where I live, somebody may want to kill me for saying it. The creators of South Park have been threatened for joking about Mohammed. Mohammed can kiss my liberal, tolerant, inclusive a**.

  107. -Joe’s liberal, tolerant, inclusive bum-

    It’s your fault my screen needs cleaning.

  108. — your fault —

    Sounds like you should credit him for having a clean screen. A ‘glass half-full’-type thing.

  109. ^ smart bum

  110. ^ God knows I try. Not much to work with, lately.

  111. missy5537 Says:

    “The creators of South Park have been threatened for joking about Mohammed. Mohammed can kiss my liberal, tolerant, inclusive a**.”…

    HELP! Someone has kidnapped our beloved Joe, making him say things contrary to his liberal, tolerant, inclusive self!

  112. ^Hey, I may not be the fundamentalist evangelical I once was, but some things will never change: I love my Jesus music (The Message, XM32 on your radio dial, kids) and I hate the devil. “Believe like us or die” is the devil. Just sayin’..

  113. Beloved??

    Ok, maybe so…

  114. missy5537 Says:

    Joe, just be sure you love Jesus.

  115. Beloved??

    Bless her heart, that one startled me, too. She clearly doesn’t know me very well. Incoming.. 😉

  116. I still believe, Missy.

    Even I have limits with political correctness. The Pentagon holds a prayer service, our President supports it, and the Christian leader speaking at it shouldn’t be criticized for his Christian views. Religion by its very nature is a specific set of beliefs. ‘All inclusive, everybody in’ isn’t religion. It’s new-age feel-good no-responsibility horse poop.

  117. I listened to the clip of Howard Stern’s Megyn Kelly interview on… J$ or Mediaite, I think. Sounds like she did well. That’s the first time I’ve listened to Stern since long before he went on satellite radio. All the guy ever talks about is… well,

    .oooO . . . . . . . Oooo.
    ( .. ). . . _ .. _ .. ( . .)
    .\. (.. . /. ) .(. \ ..). /
    –\_)- /. (—). \-(_/–
    …… ( . . ). ( . . )
    ….. oooO .. Oooo

  118. Howard Stern is a slob.

  119. I did my best, kids. I can’t make you guys talk.

  120. Nice. Jon Stewart repeated Bernie Goldberg’s “Go F*** Yourself” song for the Muslim douchebags that threatened the South Park guys. I can sleep happy now.

  121. FNC is pre-empting Red Eye for a British election debate. Hannity gets yanked from the Tea Party, now socialists on Fox. I think Rupert is paying attention to his network..

  122. I think Rupert is paying attention to his network..

    When you don’t even realize that your own network promotes, supports and backs the tea parties, you’re either stupid or ignorant. Murdoch can be either one of those, or both.

  123. The Murdochs seem to have a keen interest in this election.

  124. meggielou Says:

    Especially for Joe:
    Thanks for at least pretending to care about the NFL draft. I watched the whole first round last night… just couldn’t tear myself away. Delighted that CJ Spiller went early, but I worry about Buffalo – way too COLD!!! What a hoot that Tebow went before the highly touted Jimmy Clausen. Still don’t think that Bradford was a good first pick. And no, the Rams aren’t in LA anymore. I’m assuming that question was an example of your dry wit.

    I’m sticking to my Steve/Peter Doocy combo-thing conspiracy theory. Photoshopping can do wonders these days.

    Hate that I didn’t get in on the lovin’ Jesus thread. Count me in on that one.

    We’ve still got lots of posts to go to reach 1K!!!


  125. I’m assuming that question was an example of your dry wit.

    Perhaps. I grew up near LA when they were there, and can see why they left. Sports-team loyalty in SoCal is non-existent. The Lakers maybe get a little of it, but football and baseball is hopeless. Just ask the LA Raiders..

  126. Governor Chris Christie on Imus In The Morning. New Jersey’s Teacher’s Union Needs To Chill.

  127. Joe

    I agree with Jon Stewart – I also think his FNC satire was funny too long but funny 🙂

  128. …too long but funny.

    I hear ya, sister. I thought that thing would never end.

  129. For the record, I think South Park is hugely offensive in general. I just don’t think their lives should be threatened over it.

  130. Proof that Steve and Peter are different people:

  131. Ok, I didn’t mean to embed.

  132. While the cat’s away, embeds will play.

  133. I just saw a fawning Scott Brown piece on MSNBC. He claims he’s not running for president in 2012. I think he could beat Obama. He’s handsome, likable, and apparently not too conservative for moderates and independents. What’s Obama gonna do, accuse him of being too inexperienced? Discuss..

  134. missy5537 Says:

    I heard that Howard Stern piece. I am not familiar with his program, but he wanted to know who Megyn would have sex with, and who she would kill? Are you serious?

    Neither Megyn nor anyone else should put themselves in the position of having to answer such idiotic questions. If this is some type of humor, then I don’t get it.

    On the other hand, I think Chris Christie is overreacting a tad stating that he received a death threat from the teacher’s union. While I totally disagree with their tactics and their politics, I received the same note, except mine ended with “and God, just so you know, Nancy Pelosi is my favorite politician.” I thought it was hysterical. But a joke, of course.

    Finally, re: Scott Brown. I guess he could make a run for 2012, but we’ve already seen what a telegenic guy with no experience can do in the White House. Forget it!

    I just hope that the current POTUS is ousted before he can do even more damage. Hopefully the midterms this year will put the brakes on his overspending and “transformation” (destruction) of the country.

  135. missy5537 Says:

    Yikes! I did not hear that Howare Stern piece, I should have stated that I “read” about it. Had I actually heard it, I may have some sense of why Megyn decided to do the program, how they interacted, etc.

  136. chipsohio Says:

    I found this article pretty interesting. What are the odds that this TV critic ends up on KO’s Worst Person List again???

  137. I found this article pretty interesting

    That’s David Zurawik who went after Olbermann about six months ago with a similar claim.

    Olbermann savaged him (surprise) in response.

    The fair thing to do, of course, would be for Olbermann to invite Zurawik on and go toe-to-toe and respond.

    It’s called journalism. And class. And fairness. And decency.

    All terms that Olbermann knows absolutely nothing about.

    He is what he is: an absolute disgrace.

  138. What drives me crazy about KO is he gets a lot right…then flushes it all with his craziness. If he thinks it helps, he’s wrong. Countdown was a great show a few years ago.

  139. …(destruction) of the country.

    I will never understand that fear. He’s just a Democrat, not the devil.

  140. Sounds amazingly familiar. Like the ‘scare tactics’ that Republicans were using. Now they tell us what we already knew.

  141. Of course, they knew it and passed it anyway. Knew it would make things worse, and knew people didn’t want it. Evil or incompetent. Pick one.

  142. Funny how when (presumably) liberals protest an immigration law, riot police have to be called out. When (presumably) conservative protesters come out..not so much. Then we get treated to endless, hand-wringing concern about ‘violence on the right’. I know, shouldn’t compare the two.

  143. I know I know, I should argue with Laura. I can’t. Where’s Shawny when you need him..

  144. Someone needs to argue, laud, something. Al, wake up!

  145. I guess it’s just you and me, kid. Who are these people with their..lives and stuff?

    I’m still not arguing, though..

  146. Life. Pass it on. From The Foundation for a Better Life..

  147. life is an std. =)

  148. I’m watching Red Eye – which I’ve become addicted to – and (gulp) Courtney Freil just said “I’ve been wearing sleeves lately.” Is it possible she’s been reading BW’s derangements? Oh the humanity.

  149. missy5537 Says:

    Joe, I still don’t get it how these women are wearing these sleeveless dresses. I guess maybe they’d be OK in August, but it’s just April, and it’s still cold out much of the time in NYC!

  150. missy5537 Says:

    “…The fair thing to do, of course, would be for Olbermann to invite Zurawik on and go toe-to-toe and respond…”

    In contrast, Laura Ingraham was sitting in for BOR yesterday, and she had on TWO LIBS to debate the Arizona illegal situation. That’s right, TWO opponents, and no one else from her point of view.

    Take that, Keith!

  151. Missy, maybe they wear jackets when they go outside???

    I agree, the sleeveless look is annoying this time of year. This morning on F&F, Juliet Huddy has a nice look. Keep in mind, I’m a guy. But the whole “barely wearing any clothes look” isn’t very desirable in a news anchor. I think FBN, as a business network, should especially have their anchors in appropriate attire. But they don’t.

  152. Interesting. It seems that Joe is more than a bit obsessed with us. He also watches Courtney Fail much more than we do. Strange little man.

  153. Missy, many of these women go sleeveless, as well as without hosiery, in the middle of the winter. It makes us wonder what kind of audience they want.

  154. BW, you’ve got your obsessions, I’ve got mine. And I’ve been strange…all my life.

    I can’t believe I started a conversation about sleeves.

    I like Courtney. She’s not too bright, but she’s sweet. The fact she keeps working may have something to do with being pleasant to have on set.

  155. Something I’ve noticed on FNC. Everything is shocking.

  156. — shocking —

    Yes, but it was shocking when Bush was in office, so it’s OK.

    — obsessed —

    Y’all are quite obsessible. I’d take it as a compliment.

  157. Kind of a cool video. No sound, it’s not your computer.

  158. — The backers of the bailouts to General Motors cried with triumph this week when the automaker announced that they had repaid their bailout loans ahead of schedule. That amounted to proof of the wisdom of government intervention, the argument went, and wondered aloud why bailout critics didn’t acknowledge their errors. Perhaps it’s because the government essentially got paid off with even more government money: —

  159. I’m glad some of the auto workers kept their jobs, but most likely everyone would have been better off oin the long run if those companies had been allowed to fail. Companies don’t last forever.

  160. Letting GM and Chrysler fail – especially at the moment of cataclysmic meltdown for our country’s economy – would have been criminal. That’s crazy.


    My point being that FNC has a tone that works. Fox News. Shocking. They’re the exclamation point of cable news.

  161. — Letting GM and Chrysler fail – especially at the moment of cataclysmic meltdown for our country’s economy – would have been criminal. That’s crazy. —

    Then say that. Which you just did. Don’t say that it’s a wonderful example of government intervention because they paid it off. They didn’t.

  162. Then say that. Which you just did. Don’t say that it’s a wonderful example of government intervention because they paid it off. They didn’t.

    But, but..I want to stick to my story even though you’ve proven me wrong. 😦

    I support the bailout of GM. I agree the “repay” story is bunk. I would have known that if I weren’t so dense.

  163. We enjoy your density. That’s why we keep you around.

  164. We enjoy your density. That’s why we keep you around.

    We thank you.

  165. meggielou Says:

    Good grief, where did everyone go?

    CC: thanks for your post (about 50 earlier – on Friday) which supposedly “proves” that Steve and Peter are two different people, but it’s a video… could have been doctored. (yeah, I’ll keep my conspiracy theory…)

    I’ve spent the weekend in shock that my Carolina Panthers ended up with the quarterback that I spent last week dissing…

    Joe, I think you probably like Courtney Friel for reasons other than that she is “sweet”… yeah, sounds like something my husband would say.
    I concur with the comments about the sleeveless attire. Not professional.

    How about the guy (looney or what??) who was arrested in Asheville over the weekend, impersonating a police officer and trying to get close to the President. At least he wasn’t FROM North Carolina, I guess.

    I noticed that Spud has posted a new article – I thought he was “out”… I guess it’s easy to get bored when you are in those horrible tropics (or wherever he is…)

  166. meggielou Says:

    Just for you, Joe:
    I don’t know how to post websites on here, but check out Chickaboomer today. Pictures of Courtney’s birthday party, including cake and tiara!

  167. Meggie: Yeah, this place gets pretty quiet on the weekends. People must be, like, going outside and stuff. Whatever.


    In the immortal words of John McLaughlin..WRONG! I like a pretty face as much as the next (straight) guy, but I’m touchy about it (there’s an unfortunate sentence). For example, the Anniston/Jolie conundrum. Both good looking girls, but one seems nice and the other, not so much. I can’t deny that Jolie is physically attractive, but that “go to hell” look on her face doesn’t work for me at all.

    There’s plenty of babes on FNC, and Courtney seems like one of the nicer ones. I can’t vouch for her performance on other shows, but I like her on Red Eye. She’s not bright enough to keep up with much of the humor, but she flounders sweetly. And I couldn’t possibly care less about her sleeves, or lack thereof. 😉

  168. meggielou Says:

    I can’t respond for everyone else, but what I’m mainly doing (if not working) is chasing around (or trying to keep up with) two teenagers. Now, THAT is a challenge! Weekends usually go into overdrive!

    Thanks for the “pretty face” clarifications… and I find Angelina just plain old scary-looking… but I was never a Brad Pitt fan, either. How did we get on this topic? Hmm… the things we do to increase the number of posts, huh?

    On to another topic, Huckabee is grating on my last nerve lately. For one thing, why must his program be shown and then repeated THREE more times (at least) over the weekend? I also think he seems kind of fake. His show is actually getting to the same place on the “irritating scale” (for me) as Hannity & Hannity and Geraldo, and that’s saying something.

  169. hdncshadow Says:

    The Early Show looks great now that it’s finally in HD:

  170. Meggie, I like Huckabee as a commentator on other shows, but his speaking style on his own show is irritating. Very “3rd grade teacher”.

  171. Tucker Carlson wasn’t half bad guest hosting Hannity & Hannity tonight. Or maybe he was horrible but in comparison to Hannity…

    I saw that tiara thing on ChickieBoo’s blog earlier. I’m getting so I can’t stand Courtney Friel. I was very dissapointed the other day when she showed up on Red Eye – that was too much Friel to fast forward through so I utilised that “delete” button.

    I still like Huckabee’s show, but I agree on all the stoopid reruns. Doesn’t somebody else want a weekend show so he isn’t on both nights? Of course it could be worse… they could give Courtney Friel a show.

  172. Say what you will about Huckabee (and we’ll most likely agree), but this kind of rocks

  173. Al, this is what a CF show might look like

  174. If that’s a Friel video, I don’t want to watch it. I’m not into ridiculing Ms. Friel; I just want her to go away.

  175. It’s not based on ridicule. It’s her pal “interviewing” her in and about her new walk-in closet, while she’s wearing her birthday tiara.

  176. Jay Leno played a Tamron Hall clip during his monologue. Kevin Eubanks wants an “off the record” with her.

  177. I heard part of Hannity/Tucker on the radio. Who was the conservative woman that blurted out “the economic stimulus failed”? Fortunately Bob Beckel was there to at least mention that we didn’t end up in a Second Great Depression, although we’re still damn close. I can appreciate policy/philosophical differences, but simplistic statements like “it failed” are just repetition to create fact. Dishonest, ‘talking point’ pablum.

  178. The “stimulus failed” comment was lifted from a article which reports that economists say the stimulus didn’t help.

  179. “Econimists say”. Please. Other economists say something else.

  180. Hey, I didn’t write the article. But since most of the monies in the legislation hasn’t yet been spent, much of it that has been spent went toward things most of us would consider to be of “political payback” nature such as the testing the saltyness of clams, and what has gone toward jobs has been mostly flash-in-the-pan type things such as repaving roads (and for some reason around here it went for roads that didn’t really need it), I’d have to agree with the economists who say that boondoggle hasn’t done squat.

  181. I’ve seen lots of sorely needed roadwork being done around here, by people with sorely needed jobs. Ever heard of a “full time” paving job? It’s the same as a “full time” house building job. There’s no such thing! Does that make them not real jobs? Come on, libertarians..what’s it gonna take to get you to support something the government does to help people?

  182. On Red Eye, something called a “Kinsey Schoenfeld, Celebrity Ghost Blogger”, said this in response to the “show us your papers” law in Arizona: “I completely agree and I don’t know why we’re worried about hurtings people’s feelings. It’s a bad issue, like, we just need to take care of it, stop crying.” Well thank you, stupid pretty white girl.

  183. I actually watched a lot of “Hannity” last night. I always liked Tucker’s MSNBC show. It was the only thing on that horrible network I could watch. Now the only thing I can watch is Morning Joe. I can’t watch “Hannity” when Hannity hosts, but Tucker is pretty good. But he still seemed less animated than he was on his own show.

  184. meggielou Says:

    Regarding the comments on the “stimulus jobs”, I agree that they provide employment (usually for a short period of time) to those who are currently unemployed – and that’s a good thing.

    However, as someone who has had the “opportunity” to hire people during the past 10 months or so, using stimulus money, there are a lot of issues in doing so. There is a tremendous amount of red tape and constant monitoring. There are also very rigid/strict “rules” for what these employees may and may not “do”.

    Let’s say that I need to hire some people to help me build houses. Great! There is stimulus money available for that – BUT, the people I hire using stimulus funds can ONLY lay brick… or pour concrete… or install carpet. And I need someone who can do roofing… too bad for me. (I’m using this example for illustration only; I have no idea what the restrictions are about using stimulus money for building houses, but you get my point.)

    Additionally, if I use stimulus money to hire someone and spend time training that person, what am I to do when the stimulus money runs out in 6 months or 12 months? Use money I didn’t have in the first place to continue that person’s employment? Go back to what I was doing before that person started work?

    It’s a great “idea”, but it is very apparent from working with the program that there was not a lot of in-depth thought and planning that went into it. Once again, gov’t had the big-picture view, but didn’t bother with necessary details (except those that restrict what the program is intended to do!) Ok – as you can tell, I’m pretty frustrated with the whole stimulus thing.

    On the other recent topic, glad to hear that someone else was doing the H&H show last night. Almost anyone (except Olberman) would be better than Hannity…

  185. Meggie, it sounds like “no matter what ‘big government’ tries, they screw it up”, but if there were no rules and limits, conservatives would complain that taxpayer money is being thrown around without rules and limits.

    What frustrates me about the conservative mantra “smaller government, lower taxes” is that it’s so simplistic and easy to say. Anything government does is wrong, any amount of taxpayer money spent is wrong. There’s no such thing as good government or reasonable taxation. They just throw their hands up, say ‘no’ to everything, and it gets them re-elected. To a job in government. Paid by taxpayers.

  186. Saw a Chief Deputy from Arizone on Hardball. He’s concerned that the “show us your papers” law will produce a “fight or flight” mentality among certain people when approached by law enforcement. “Are they going to run, or pull a weapon, instead of having a calm conversation with us?” That’s damn good question. Has anybody asked the cops how they feel about having immigration enforcement dumped in their laps? Do they get double pay now?

    This needs to start with the employers. If they knew the INS would drop in to see if all employees provided proof of citizenship before being hired, the jobs would dry up. And so would the traffic to get them. Putting this crap at the feet of police busy stopping rapes and murders is ridiculous.

  187. -Anything government does is wrong, any amount of taxpayer money spent is wrong-

    That is exactly right. The role of government is to provide the means and mechanisms for conductiong commerce. The government should not be creating “winners” and “losers”.

    If the goal is to provide a temporary stimulous to the economy it is best done with tax cuts or credits to companies, and they will spend the money in such a way that makes the most sense to them. President Obama did give small tax breaks to some companies and individuals, and that surely helped. But most of that spending has so far been wasted.

    New roads are nice, but when the federal government pays the bill for them and does so with borrowed money their costs become outragiously expensive. It’s like any of us getting deep in debt and using credit cards to buy our food – not a good thing.

  188. I read that twice and didn’t see a single misspelled word. The damn thing posts and I see a whole bunch of ’em.

    Joe’s kingdom for an edit button…

  189. meggielou Says:

    Thanks for the very civil discussion/difference of opinion re: stimulus funds. I agree with Al, based on my own very frustrating experience, plus what I believe to be the government’s primary functions (which do not include propping up companies or insuring that everyone has a temporary job)… and it is beyond absurd to think that bureaucrats in Washington know better what local entities “need” than the people who live and work in them do -infuriating!

    Joe, I agree that the recently passed law in Arizona is a mistake, and not on a Civil Rights basis (entering the country illegally is – guess what? – ILLEGAL), but because I agree that the immigration mess is now being laid on police officers to “fix”. They are already underpaid and understaffed (in every place I know of) and most definitely do not need this additional burden. The whole thing is a recipe for disaster.
    You are exactly right – if employers were held acountable for their shady hiring practices, we would see a huge change, and quickly. I also believe that this is a national security issue, which SHOULD be handled by the federal government… and it is not doing so, going as far back as I can remember.
    Whew! I guess that’s my rant for the day. Y’all have a good night!

  190. I just did a ‘restore’ of my Carbonite backup. It was frighteningly easy. It was of some deleted emails, so I don’t know how it would work with other things. All I did was key in the name of the folder, which was a very common five-letter-word, and the files came up, along with the date modified. Ezy.

  191. missy5537 Says:

    Monday was good viewing on Fox. Laura in for BOR; Tucker in for Hannity,

    I wouldn’t mind seeing those two made PERMANENT hosts of those programs!

  192. Unfortunately, FNC restored from their Carbonite account and Hannity & Hannity was back on Tuesday. Sounded exactly the same so can’t tell if it was from a recent backup.

  193. Look, I hate George W. as much as the next sane guy, but Laura (Bush) is a different story. KO started Countdown with a shot at her account of her car accident (17-years-old, other driver died) in her new book, saying she blamed it on a “small stop sign”. I read the excerpt earlier today on She blamed it on herself, the sign, the darkness, the Corvair the other guy was in; and she derided herself for not attending the funeral or contacting his parents. In other words, a very sad event during a time when road sign, street lighting and automobile safety regulations were nearly non-existent, and she’s clearly still suffering from it. Keith tried to draw Richard Wolfe into his little “Laura killed a guy” smear. He wasn’t having it. Keith Olbermann…is a goon.

  194. missy5537 Says:

    Posting something like this is out of character for me, but…

    A young Chinese couple gets married. She’s a virgin. Truth be told, he is a virgin too, but she doesn’t know that. On their wedding night, she cowers naked under the sheets as her husband undresses in the darkness.

    He climbs into bed next to her and tries to be reassuring. ‘My darring,’ he whispers, ‘I know dis you firss time and you berry flighten. I promise you, I give you anyting you want, I do anyting – juss anyting you want. You juss ask. Whatchu want?’ he says, trying to sound experienced and worldly, which he hopes will impress her.

    A thoughtful silence follows and he waits patiently (and eagerly) for her request.

    She eventually shyly whispers back, ‘I want to try something I have hear about from odda girls…. Numbaa 69.’

    More thoughtful silence, this time from him. Eventually, in a puzzled tone he asks her, ‘You want Garlic Chicken wif snow peas?’

  195. — Sounded exactly the same so can’t tell if it was from a recent backup —

    I think his file was modified sometime in 1996.

  196. Juan Williams was great hosting for O’Reilly.

  197. Juan is a gentleman and a scholar. One of my favorite liberals, a short list indeed.

  198. Missy!

  199. Nothing wrong with a little craziness once in a while. Me? I’d have gone for the 96.

  200. … it’s a John Candy reference.

  201. If Juan Williams is a liberal, then Joe Scarborough is conservative.

  202. Well if it isn’t number one on the ‘short’ list… 😉

  203. ^As Mickey Rooney said to Johnny Carson, “Johnny…I’ve been short…all my life.”

  204. — all my life.” —

    Even in the womb, though it was hard to tell.. 😈

  205. ^You win, I’m out.

  206. missy5537 Says:

    I hate how this site somehow orders posts out of sequence. Today, I see a post about Laura Bush, whom of course I would have defended and thought of nothing else. Instead, I posted a joke yesterday, right under the Laura Bush post. This post was not there when I initially posted the joke!

    Anyway, how dare Keith slam Mrs. Bush over that accident, for which she seems truly sorry and has spoke about often. Is that all he’s got?

    What a loser! But we knew that.

  207. -KO-

    I hear you, Missy. It’s my habit to let MSNBC run and sort of watch Countdown when it’s on, but it’s getting harder every week. It’s a tough call for me, because switching over to The Factor is about as infuriating for different reasons. I either put up with the jerk I generally agree with politically, or try not to throw shoes at the nicer one whose views drive me crazy. I suppose I could watch something other than cable news at that time. I know..crazy talk.

    Olbermann’s attack on Mrs. Bush is frightfully close to Rush’s ridicule of Michael J. Fox’s disability, which I will never forgive. Some things are just too personal and painful to be fair game. As the sane Richard Wolffe made all too clear when KO tried to get him to play along.

  208. Dylan Ratigan is starting to get my attention. He’s been banging the drum against the unregulated casino on Wall Street for months, but even though I’m waist deep in the upside-down-on-my-house boondoggle those charlatans created, I’ve been slow to hear him. Keep talking, Dylan. I’m listening.

  209. I know I know, he’s not on TV, but this guy makes me ill. The other day Rush said Obama was racist against white people for reaching out to minority and female voters…like no white male has ever done that. Now he’s claiming the Democrats are for illegal immigration because “illegal voting” is the only hope they have to remain in power. Hey Rush, I have a message for you and the nasty, hate-filled, devisive crap you dump on your dittoheads for your own angrandizement every day: F*** you.

  210. “even though I am waist deep in the upside-down-on-my-house boonddoggle those charlatans created” So you blame others for your bad judgement on buying your house at the top of market and now have a mortgage you can’t afford? Who exactly are those “charlatans” – the Democrats who controlled Congress and got into bed with Fannie & Freddie? Why is that not part of the “financial regulation bill” that is being discussed right now? And those of us who were responsible and educated ourselves are supposed to make your life comfortable and use our hard earned tax dollars to make your life easier! What a crock! Label me “a hard worker” who is tired of taking care of others! No one took care of me while I was in college working 40 hours a week and carrying a full credit load.

  211. Moderation. I’ll try again.

    I’m not asking for help, so stfu. And spare me your idiocy about “good judgement”. I bougfht at the top of a juiced market I didn’t know was juiced. None of us did. I live in CA., the prices were high, had been for a long time, and I had no reason to suspect it wasn’t a normal business cycle I could ride out. Prices go up, prices go down. But this was gamed. I have a good job and good credit. I thought that’s what got me a house. Turns out YOU get a new house and YOU get a new house and EVERYBODY gets a new house. They gambled with MY money, then walked away fat and happy as their house of cards collapsed on my a$$. I’m not asking for help. I’ll figure it out myself, idiot.

  212. — buying your house at the top of market —

    Gee, I guess it you were brilliant enough to know when the housing-market topped-out, you might have passed it along to the rest of us. Most people just thought that houses were a bit pricey. You could have saved a whole lot of people from financial calamity. I guess you were too busy being an @sshole.

  213. And I didn’t say I couldn’t afford it, genius. Work on those reading skills.

  214. missy5537 Says:

    cornycob, wasn’t Tucker’s program on MSNBC the best? I know it got moved around to many time slots, but the format I liked the best was at 11 p.m.

    And I knew that since I liked it so much, that it wouldn’t be around long. Like everything else I think is just great, it gets cancelled, discontinued, phased out, etc.

  215. foxywatcher Says:

    Did anyone catch Tamara Holder on Hannity? I think Courtney Friel could give this girl a run for her money in an IQ contest and this girl is supposedly an attorney.

    She’s not pretty and yet she throws out her cleavage on full display. Does she do that so we might not pay attention to what’s she’s saying? It’s been a long time since there’s been someone that clueless on his panel.

  216. missy5537 Says:

    FW, might this Tamara Holder character be related to AG Eric?

  217. -Kudos to Al for making this prediction-

    Thanks, chips, but no kudos warranted. It’s easy to make a prediction when the facts are so plainly obvious and the choices made so wantonly disregard them.

  218. To Missy, Al, et al..folks that kinda know me: I’m sorry for posting my little “house market” rant with my personal relationship to it, and I appreciate you ignoring it. I should have stuck with the Dylan Ratigan part, which is actually related to the topic of this blog. Peace.

  219. To Joe from someone who kind knows you:

    Everyone deserves a rant once in a while. That includes you. No foul.

  220. missy5537 Says:

    Joe, I haven’t read all 200+ posts and might have missed a lot, but saw you used a bad word re: myself and other dittoheads. Meany!

    Anyway, sounds like you’ve got money issues related to real estate. Me, too. Who would ever believe that housing prices would drop, and to the extent that they have? I was laid off from my job, and went to great lengths to ensure that I kept my house, no matter what. My IRA is now gone (yes, I took the 10% hit); credit cards are maxed out.

    And like you, I know that I have to get out of this by myself. I sure wish I had gotten laid off more recently, however, since I guess nowdays unemployment goes for about two years! Not that that would have made all of my payments, but it would have helped.

    And here’s something simply unbelievable: I was at a church function, and a guy was telling us how God miraculously led him out of debt! I was ready to listen intently, ready for a big miracle, and this idiot tells us that God led him to bankruptcy and foreclosure on his home, and how liberated he now feels. Can you believe this guy?

    Now quit being mean to us dittoheads!

    See everyone tomorrow.

  221. Missy, I intended to make clear the “F you” was directed at the person talking to the dittos..not the dittos themselves. A big “F you” to every listener who happens to catch his program would be ridiculous. Some of my best friends listen to him. 😉

  222. ^ And agree, which is even worse..

  223. As for “God led”…puhleeze. We (believers) pray, make our financial decisions, and accept the consequences. Any sentence that starts with “God told me” usually ends badly.

    I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I certainly expected house prices to dip some at some point – that’s a normal economic cycle – but I didn’t foresee complete collapse. It’s simple supply and demand: If every Tom, Dick & Harry can get a home loan, the demand outstrips supply and the price goes up. The banks created an artificial demand, which created an artificial price. Not. Good.

  224. ^ And agree, which is even worse..

    You don’t agree with everything he says, any more than I disagree. Just sayin.

  225. Technically, Congress created an artificial demand through legislative maneuvers designed to make Fannie Mae hand out more home loan guarantees to people who couldn’t afford them. These loans were then sold to other banking institutions. These same regulations that resulted from congressional action allowed short-term mortgage companies to write mortgages that included not only high-priced homes but also ridiculous cash advances… and that drove up home prices artificially.

    Both presidents Clinton and Bush warned Congress that a crisis was looming. While it’s true that congressional Democrats started this mess, it’s also true that Republicans didn’t change it while they were in power. Well, maybe they tries but obviously not hard enough.

    On the good side of that, three of my kids were able to buy very nice homes this past year because of the housing market crunch. The cycle renews… as it always does.

  226. missy5537 Says:

    Sorry Joe. As I stated, I didn’t read every comment. And I’m glad to know you have dittoheads for friends!

    And Al, good that your kids were able to get houses in this market.

    Have a good day, everyone.

  227. Problem with Fox # 238: They do opinionated program teases. The latest is something like “Is Obama trying to silence his critics? Karl Rove analyzes on On The Record..tonight.” It’s a comn practice with them, and they play all day. Gets on my nerves.

  228. Problem with Fox # 238: They do opinionated program teases. The latest is something like “Is Obama trying to silence his critics? Karl Rove analyzes on On The Record..tonight.” It’s a common practice with them, and they play all day. Gets on my nerves.

  229. ‘Do liberals want you dead? On the next Factor!’

  230. ^No!

  231. …although Rush could swim with the fishes, for all I care.

    Megyn is done for the day. Does that mean she’s done YELLING, too? What is it with that woman?

  232. meggielou Says:

    Haven’t you heard? Megyn is the next coming of Barbara Walters (or Baba WaWa for you old time SNLers)…

    I liked Juan Williams on the few minutes I’ve seen of BOR the past few days. He is very natural and not at all presumptuous … unlike others I could (but won’t) name…

  233. … unlike others I could (but won’t) name…

    Oh c’mon, Meggie..this place is boring me to tears. Let’s have it.

  234. mlong5000 Says:

    Well tomorrow there are going to be a lot of protests by people who don’t think Mexican citizens should obey US immigration law and the MSM will be there to fawn all over them and ignore any violence or hateful signs…unlike the way they cover the Tea party protests it will really be amazing how different they treat the 2 groups.

  235. ^You can turn anything into a simplistic talking point, can’t you? I don’t think The Man should be stopping me on the street and asking for proof of citizenship because he doesn’t like my shoes. Close the border, enforce employment laws.

  236. Hannity puts the ‘blow’ in bloviate.

  237. meggielou Says:

    in response to your request to “let’s have it”…

    ok, ok, you twisted my arm… I can’t say NAMES, but his initials are “Hannity”. I would put your buddy “Olberman” in that category too.
    O’Reilly (once again, only using initials) can have that tendency as well, but he seems to have mellowed a little over time.

    Yes, I’m quite punchy. Dreading tomorrow morning and the terrifying SAT for one of my kids…

    Laura: my sentiments exactly…

  238. -Close the border, enforce employment laws-

    Once again, Joe and Karl Rove are in lock-step.


    The good ole days…

  239. I’m Karl’s brain.

  240. missy5537 Says:

    All these loud mouths who are against the AZ immigration law should just shut the hell up. If they’re so much against the law, why don’t they pony up some money to give to AZ to curtail the costs that these illegals are costing the state?

    We’ve got Shakira, Linda Ronstandt, baseball teams, the cities of SF and LA, and even conservatives Marco Rubio and Connie Mack, among many others, all decrying the bill, while admitting that “something must be done”. Well, NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING! Why don’t these millionaires kick in some money to give to AZ to help defray the gazillions that its costing the state in law enforcement, entitlement programs and jobs lost to U.S. citizens? And what about the victims of illegals and their crimes – shouldn’t they receive compensation?

    Help in a REAL WAY, or keep quiet!

  241. missy5537 Says:

    Another mistake! Should read “jobs lost BY U.S. citizens”.

  242. meggielou Says:

    Hey, Missy:
    You must live in the eastern time zone, too… it’ll be a while before our west coast friends are up!

    I don’t disagree with anything you said; my main “beef” with the Arizona law is that it will put the burden of enforcing immigration laws on the shoulders of already-stretched police officers. The federal government should be handling this issue – instead of meddling in areas in which it does not belong.

    I say a big “amen” to Joe’s contention that we must “close” the borders (to illegals, not to those who want to come here by legal means, of course) and hold employers accountable for hiring undocumented workers. The drug traffic and violence associated with that mess is also the responsibility of the feds. As I noted before, this problem goes back as far as I can remember – at least to Reagan, when he promised to secure the borders after granting amnesty… and not a thing was done to keep that promise.

    Dropped my daughter off to take the SAT – she’s very nervous. Please keep good thoughts for her – she usually does not do very well on standardized tests!

  243. joeremi Says:

    Good morning from the west coast!

    Comedian Paul Rodriguez made some good points on MSNBC last week. He said a main reason our cheap-labor force stays here is because it’s so difficult going back and forth. “Unless Americans are ready for $10.00 tomatoes”, we need a temporary work visa program. Get ’em in here for the jobs there’s no way Americans are going to do, then let them go back home with the money…which is where they send most of it, anyway. Jobs get done, Mexico’s families stay together, everybody wins. And a freakin comedian can figure it out.

    Good thoughts and a little prayer for your daughter, Meggie!

    Btw, Missy said ‘hell’. Just sayin. 😉

  244. joeremi Says:

    Nice to know the “environmentally conscious” oil company had their priorities in order.

  245. missy5537 Says:

    Yikes – I sure did, Joe. However, I started out at “STFU” and thought that was vulgar, so I toned it down.

    BTW, Lou Dobbs did some sort of “produce” study, and it turned out that a head of lettuce MIGHT cost a dime more w/o illegal labor, and that other produce would similarly be priced just a tad higher. Don’t know what his source was, but that’s what he reported.

  246. joeremi Says:

    But Missy, everybody knows Lou Dobbs is insane. 😉

    Btw, Missy said STFU. Just sayin.

  247. zonedaiatlas Says:

    It’s about time legal immigrants are voicing common sense about the law…


    You break the law by entering the US illegally and you will be deported… End of Discussion!

  248. Ugh. Ainsley Earhardt (under qualified and under dressed) doing “Fox Report?” We’re done. Fox News is the joke that its detractors have long said that it is. They’re just steps away from being what Sparty and the other housebound celibates want it to be: 24 hours of slo-mo video of Courtney, Ainsley and that ilk having pillow fights in their lingerie.

    For a while now, we’ve been embarrassed to tell people that we watch Fox News, but we’re not going to have that problem anymore.

  249. On the subject du jour here, can anyone tell us why the illegal aliens rally in NYC was FULL of union people? Wouldn’t union people be against illegals, because they take what would be union jobs by undercutting them on wages?

  250. motownman Says:

    Boogie, Ainsley did a great job.
    I agree with joeremi. Your obsession with Ainsley, Courtney and the TV News Caps site is at disturbing proportions. I sincerely hope you get the professional help you so clearly need.

  251. That’s especially rich coming from you, Spurty. Ever look in the mirror? If so, you’d probably only see the dirty sweatshirt you wore to stalk the nitwit.

    You freak out on anyone who doesn’t worship your blow-up doll.

  252. motownman Says:

    I thought Spud told you to knock off the gratuitous insults toward Ainsley.
    Keep it up. Boogie. Maybe you’ll get banned from this site like you were from Carpe Diem.

  253. Sorry, but we were never banned from Carpe Diem. We left because we didn’t appreciate the way Jake alters people’s comments.

    When did you become Cindy Brady?

    Heck, we didn’t even ban you from our site, even though you check us obsessively and then waddle back to your fellow perverts and refer to us as “an a—–le” (without the dashes). We also know that you regularly PM people there with the link to our site.

  254. Go over there right now and see for yourself, Cindy.

  255. missy5537 Says:

    From boogie: “On the subject du jour here, can anyone tell us why the illegal aliens rally in NYC was FULL of union people? Wouldn’t union people be against illegals, because they take what would be union jobs by undercutting them on wages?”

    I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. If the illegals come here to take union jobs away, 0bama will somehow make it up, via exceptions or special legislation, to the union, the illegals of both, as he has done with health care, the auto bailout, whatever!

    Everyone can participate in socialism and entitlements now! (except for the “rich”, who have to fund these mandates!).

  256. motownman Says:

    I pm people with the link to your site?
    How do you get your head through doors with that ego?

  257. Good point, Missy, about how Obama tries to sneak special favors to the unions. But still, with so many people not exactly flush with cash these days, we’re just wondering why these people seem to be acting against their own best interests. Especially since they should know never to count on a politician’s word.

  258. I pm people with the link to your site?

    We can look at the site stats and see that people are clicking from a link that leads to the PM function at the freakshow site. And we do know that you’ve posted our link there, while using a rather vulgar term to describe us. Classy as always, Cindy.

    How do you get your head through doors with that ego?

    We’ll refrain from a cheap shot at you in the sweatshirt.

  259. zonedaiatlas Says:

    There were lot of Socialists, Communists and Pro Illegals at these Immigration protests. You won’t hear a peep out of the MSM…


  260. joeremi Says:

    You won’t hear a peep out of the MSM…

    …because no one cares but Socialists, Communists and Pro Illegals. When they get their own cable news network, or a major newspaper, I’ll give a crap.

  261. Let’s try to get this thing up to 1,000 posts or so. We can do it!

    Ya’ll have been slacking big time. You’ll never make it to 1,000 now… 😛

  262. zonedaiatlas Says:

    Did you hear about the vandalism that took place on May Day from the Pro Illegal Immigration protest? Of course not…


  263. zonedaiatlas Says:

    Of course you don’t give a crap Joeremi. It exposes the hypocrisy of the MSM and far left. When the far left protest it’s hate and violence but when the Tea Party protest it’s peaceful… I bet the business owners in Santa Cruz don’t have a favorable opinion on protesters demonstrating at a May Day rally when their business were vandalized…

  264. Greta, back in the day:

  265. Great find, Corny! Thanks!

  266. missy5537 Says:

    I couldn’t believe it when Fox took on Greta – I thought she was a very boring legal analyst. But she has really earned her $ at FNC, I believe.

    She has interviewed heads of state, foreign and domestic politicians, stars of the entertainment and sports fields, and “ordinary people”, usually those who are victims of crimes. And she does so exceedingly well!

    This turned out to be an excellent move for Fox!

  267. joeremi Says:

    Zone: Look at all that…walking…and…a couple drunks standing on vans. Shocking. You’ve never been in Santa Cruz on a spring Saturday night, have you?

  268. joeremi Says:

    Nice to hear the BWs have given up on Fox. Hopefully that means they’ve given up posting pervy comments about news anchors, too. We applaud this turn of events.

  269. Really, Joe? What an odd thing to say, considering we’re not posting guesses about women’s bra sizes or what their husbands must do to/with them, or other lascivious drooling.

    What’s so pervy about pointing out that certain women dress in an incredibly inappropriate manner for what is supposed to be a news channel?

    What a weird little man you are.

  270. meggielou Says:

    Based on many of the posts over the weekend, I’m actually very glad that I didn’t have time to watch much TV. Sounds like too much of stuff not related to news was/is going on. I was glad to see Allison back on F&FW for the few minutes I had it on (I know, that’s not how she spells her name, but it’s too hard to keep up with all the odd name-spelling that anchors/reporters use… what’s up with that, anyway?)

    Spud, you’re right – I don’t think we’ll make it to 1K before your return. (and by the way, it’s “y’all”, not “ya’ll”, just sayin’…)

  271. This probably belongs in the Times Square Coverage thread, but in an effort to boost the numbers here, we’ll toss this one out there: It was quite surreal to watch Greg Kelly interview his dad in Times Square this morning. Maybe we missed it, but there was no disclaimer re the Police Commissioner being his father.

  272. zonedaiatlas Says:

    Obviously Joeremi you didn’t click on the link when these protesters did over $100,000 in damages to business owners…

    But hey, these business owners deserve it because they were infringing these far left protesters right to vandalize…

  273. zonedaiatlas Says:

    Again Joeremi, these business owners probably deserve it because they were infringing these far left protesters right to vandalize.

    You won’t see that at a Tea Party protest…

  274. joeremi Says:

    Obviously Joeremi you didn’t click on the link…

    Clearly. I played the video, which is what I thought you were referring to. Oops. Sorry.

    I don’t get the comparison to Tea Party events, though. the problem with them wasn’t violence at the events, but the words and imagery coming from the movement that threatened to incite violence elsewhere. Fortunately – for the moment, at least – that crap seems to have subsided. Rupert’s obvious decision to reel in FNC’s promotion of the Tea Party has helped greatly.

  275. joeremi Says:

    What a weird little man you are.

    Wait, are you calling me weird? And short? Oh..right..

  276. joeremi Says:

    9 minutes. That’s how long I had America Live on before Megyn said, “DID YOU SEE THIS?” QUIT YELLING AT ME.

  277. Little, as in petty and small-minded.

  278. joeremi Says:

    Little, as in petty and small-minded.

    You get the last word, last word getter.

  279. You get the last word, last word getter.

    If you really meant that, you wouldn’t have responded! Ha!

  280. joeremi Says:

    You are incorrect, sir/m’am. It’s a conversational device used to denote that I won’t be objecting to your previous attack on my pettiness and small-mindedness. No matter how precious those qualities are to me..

  281. zonedaiatlas Says:

    Show me right now Joeremi the words and imagery that you claim that the Tea Party Protesters were using to incite violence. SHOW ME RIGHT NOW! Back up your accusation that the Tea Parties were inciting violence. Show me the proof!…

  282. joeremi Says:


    Quit yelling, Megyn. I said in my comment that I wasn’t referring to the actual protests. It was the “revolution/armed and dangerous” crap people like Beck and Bachmann were throwing around in support of the movement – vociferously broadcast by the media arm of the far-right fringe of the Republican Party – I had a problem with. Fortunately – which is what I was asking for – cooler heads seem to be prevailing now. If your party and Fox News can keep the loons on the fringe, the Tea Party movement has a chance to be a legitimate factor in policy debate.

  283. We see that Joe is winning friends and influencing people today!

  284. joeremi Says:

    ^I’m nothing if not influential.

  285. joeremi Says:

    I expect this kind of idiocy from Rush Limbaugh (he said it), but Dana Perino? She “wonders” if the oil-rig explosion was sabotage by environmentalists to stop offshore drilling. How stupid do you have to be to a). think there’s any evidence of it, and b). think “environmentalists” would do this to the environment. This is a major disaster that started with the loss of 11 lives, and Sarah Palin said accidents happen and the feds need to regulate drilling better.

    Of these three people – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – Sarah Palin is the only one who knows diddly about the subject.

  286. meggielou Says:

    Speaking of the oil leak/disaster…

    I only saw/heard bits and pieces of things on TV last night, but as I was walking through a room, someone on a show (no idea which one, or what channel) was talking about something that – perhaps – COULD have been done soon after the explosion, when the leak (it seems absurd to call it that, when it’s so much more than a “leak”) could have been contained… maybe…? Some type of ships/boats that could have gone to the area, using some equipment to minimize the spill.
    Obviously, I heard no details, but wonder if any of you all did…? Of course, it’s a done deal now, but I have many family members who live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and who will be greatly affected by this disaster… if something different could have been done, why wasn’t it?
    We cannot lose sight of the fact that 11 people have already died from this… in addition to the enormous impact on the livelihoods of people who live on the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Obviously, we’ll all be paying twice as much for a gallon of gas very soon as well…

    Joe, I sort-of get where Dana Perino is coming from, (although I don’t agree with her “theory”), but I don’t know that I would have actually come out and said it. Sounds a bit too paranoid, although it wouldn’t surprise me for any number of “fringe” groups (left and right) to consider loss of life a reasonable sacrifice for what they see as the benefit of the “cause”.
    That being said, yeah, we’ll remember the date that you actually agreed with Sarah Palin…

  287. laura l Says:

    — we’ll remember the date that you actually agreed with Sarah Palin… —

    One of those ‘where were you when’-moments..

  288. joeremi Says:

    Meggie, I’m not saying Dana’s “theory” shouldn’t have crossed anyone’s mind. It’s just that the facts of oil-rig operation (my brother works in the field) make it highly unlikely anyone could get in there to pull such a complex operation off. It’s ridiculous to go on TV and speculate a conspiracy out of thin air. That never stops Rush, but he is just a blowhard stirring up hysteria for ratings on the radio. Dana Perino is a former administration official. I expect some semblance of sanity from her.

  289. brettfan Says:

    “I expect this kind of idiocy from Rush Limbaugh (he said it), but Dana Perino? She “wonders” if the oil-rig explosion was sabotage by environmentalists to stop offshore drilling. How stupid do you have to be to a). think there’s any evidence of it, and b). think “environmentalists” would do this to the environment. ”

    No different than Michael Bloomberg telling Katie Couric on CBS that someone who disliked The Health Care Bill was behind the failed Terror attack in New York City on Saturday when all evidence showed it wasn’t someone like that.

    MSNBC took it a step further on Sunday when a so called ” Terror” expert Evan Kholmann, the left wing version of a terror analyst, said the incident looked like a lone wolf and was done by someone right wing.

    Eager to jump to conclusions. Faisal Shahzad, the suspect turned out to be Muslim and even a registered Democrat. So then it seems Miss MSNBC Contessa Brewer was lamenting it wasn’t a right winger when she decided to go on Left wing radio’s Stephanie Miller show. So it seems the left wants the right to commit a terror attack so they can get going with the playbook of smearing Tea Parties again.

  290. joeremi Says:

    Hey Brett, how about addressing those completely unrelated topics without connecting them to my comment about Dana, eh? The conflating that goes on here is tiring.

    I like Contessa, but in this case…idiot. But then, I’m biased. I have nothing but disdain for that violent crock of crap called Islam.

  291. laura l Says:

    And my links are going into ‘spam’ again.

  292. Once upon a time “spam” was something people would eat.

    -spam links-

  293. laura l Says:

    Once in a while, the blog won’t let me post links. Spud said they wound up in the ‘spam folder’ (an intriguing thought if ever there was one). When he straightened it out, all my links showed up at once. It looked as though I’d had some sort of spastic-episode after visiting Don Surber. Another intriguing thought.

  294. I just posted a Surber link that must’ve gotten folded up into spam.

  295. joeremi Says:

    Mmm, spam.

  296. Yes, sometimes a post with a link will wind up in Spam. When one of the creepy types from TVNewscaps posted on our blog, it wound up in spam for some reason, but before we saw it and reinstated it, he went on frothing at the mouth about how we wouldn’t let him post.

  297. laura l Says:

    ^ I try to keep my frothing to myself. I might have thought it was personal the first time, but would have looked like a d@mn fool if I’d acted that way. Oddly enough, I try to avoid that..

  298. ^ Public frothing is so unladylike.

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