More FBN Changes…

ICN has heard that there are more changes on the way for FBN.

– “Imus in the Evening” which I only just noticed yesterday and has had a very short run and was lightly promoted on the network, has been canceled.

– “Fox Business Morning” has been canceled. The 5am ET slot will be replaced with a “Best of Imus” hour starting Monday. This hour will feature live business news cut-ins.

– The biggest news is the four hour Saturday phone-in program “Your Questions, Your Money” with Dagen McDowell and Tracy Byrnes has been canceled and will end its run by the end of the month.

There are apparently other changes coming but I’m going to hold off on noting those until I hear more.


6 Responses to “More FBN Changes…”

  1. terance Says:

    FBN might as well go ahead and sell the channel or re-brand it.

  2. biznews247 Says:

    Canceling Fox Business Morning ??? Why would they take Jenna Lee’s only anchor hour away from her – she is the BEST part of FBN. If the are not giving her a better timeslot to anchor she should jump ship and simply say FU to FBN. GO TO BLOOMBERG Jenna!! It’s becoming the place to be.

    Side note: Jenna is fantastic in her very brief “minutes” on Imus. She shows a real comedic and sarcastic side of her which is great.

  3. More Imus on what purports to be a business network? Thanks for reminding us why we don’t watch FBN when we want actual business news.

  4. harry1420 Says:

    see fbn is learning like it did with fnc….use the network for what it wasnt meant for and youll get ratings…..

  5. missy5537 Says:

    I agree w/Terance – next thing, the whole network will be “cancelled”!

  6. […] Depth: FBN’s Incredibly Shrinking Business News Coverage… Last Friday ICN broke the news that FBN would be canceling several programs including Fox Business Morning; the latter being […]

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