Branding Run Amok: Example 1,005

From the season finale of NBC’s “Mercy”. CNBC being shown off breaking non-business news. What were the producers thinking? Why not use MSNBC instead?

Update: Yes, I have created a new category called “Branding Run Amok”

12 Responses to “Branding Run Amok: Example 1,005”

  1. I’m also pretty sure that anchor, Bill Griffeth, is on leave right now.

  2. joeremi Says:

    Bill-O is in Iron Man 2. I know this because I paid good money for that steaming pile of “dreaded sequel” dreck. It’s like everyone involved in the first one showed up and immediately developed amnesia about what was good about it. Then invited Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johansson to be sparkly things to distract us.

    Assuming Branding Run Amok is for cable-news cameos in fiction..there you have it. Otherwise, enjoy a nice film review. 😉

  3. laura l Says:

    Mickey Rourke as ‘sparkly thing’? Just, eww. 😈

  4. starbroker Says:

    So Bill O is now part of Paramount/Viacom? Because for your “branding run amok” that would need to be the case.

    If you want to discuss an actual BRA in Iron Man 2 that involves Viacom and their sometimes PARTNER CNN then you might want to discuss the Christiane Amanpour part in the movie.

    If you want to talk about Fox and “branding” then talk about the beautiful Heather Nauert being part of last weeks “24” or talk about the gorgeous Jenna Lee in the upcoming “Wall Street 2”.

    Of course in this case, yeah, why would a BUSINESS CHANNEL break news about an airport bombing???!!! Terrorist attacks etc against airlines/airport have NO EFFECT on the economy at all or business community. NOT!! lol

  5. joeremi Says:

    I’m pretty sure Star just defended CNBC..

  6. No. Star defended FBN, which is far more likely to break business news coverage to talk about something not business news related than CNBC is.

  7. joeremi Says:

    No. Star defended FBN..

    Ah, you are correct sir. Situation normal.

  8. starbroker Says:

    Yes, I did defend CNBC Joe.

    I also love how a terrorist attack on an airline “still” is being described as “non-business” related! ha ha ha

    I certainly hope the owners of stock in the airlines don’t consider thab business related. Geez, wasn’t that pretty much the whole premise of “Casino Royal”. Attack a new airlines. Short the stock. Make a fortune. Oh wait, but now that isn’t considered business related!!

    What a great laugh that is!

    Oh and Joe, I also support Joe S. and Savannah Guthrie being on Bravo’s Top Chef! More power to em.

    I prefer Erin Burnett on Celebrity Apprentice too!

    And if NBC wants to continue to have their news personalities/etc on “The Marriage Ref”-go for it!

  9. joeremi Says:

    Top Chef, Celebrity Apprentice, The Marriage Ref…ugh. I despise “reality” shows with a despision that knows no bounds. The Devil’s handiwork.

  10. Geez, wasn’t that pretty much the whole premise of “Casino Royal”

    Great Star. Cite a work of fiction to support your case. Makes sense…not.

    And if NBC wants to continue to have their news personalities/etc on “The Marriage Ref”-go for it!

    Publicity at all costs, eh? Don’t agree with it.

  11. starbroker Says:

    Airline stocks take hit after terror arrests
    Major carriers tumble in early trading after 21 nabbed in plot to blow up trans-Atlantic flights, but recover later.

    Game- Set-Match!

  12. starbroker Says:

    Publicity at all costs, eh? Don’t agree with it.>>

    And that’s why you aren’t responsible to shareholders to deliver.

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