Branding Run Amok: #1,008

Larry Gatlin will fill in on Don Imus’ show on FBN in late June and, according to Cindy Watts at TuneIn Music City, will have lots of business news musical guests…

While in the host’s seat, Gatlin plans to invite some of musical colleagues onto the show for in-studio performances, and will discuss the day’s news with various political analysts over the course of the broadcast.

What word is missing from this story but not the name of the network? Urmm…business?

10 Responses to “Branding Run Amok: #1,008”

  1. This is from a blog about music, after all. I can’t imagine the show being any less about business news than it already is.

  2. starbroker Says:

    GASP, I forgot political issues dont’ have business complications! ha ha Almost all politics effects business. I don’t think they have to spell that out. Most people get it.

    Besides, he will also have guests from the music BUSINESS and entertainment industry……all which is business.

    Good thing I didn’t post this story yesterday when All About Country aired it.

    But since that story didn’t mention it….from AAC….Imus’s Top 5 list:

    And take a look at Imus’ Top Five for this week:

    Zac Brown+Kid Rock – Can’t You See (live)
    Elizabeth Cook – Yes To Booty
    Court Yard Hounds – It Didn’t Make A Sound
    Lady Antebellum – American Honey
    Brad Paisley – Water

    Elizabeth Cook’s new cd is excellent! WELDER! Buy it. Support the music industry. Thats a business after all.

    And for the Red Eye fans, they would remember that Remi Spencer went to see Lady A last week in New York. Touring business =)

  3. starbroker Says:

    In contrast to The Weather Channel, The Weather Cast devotes 100
    percent of its program schedule to weather reporting. There are no movies, no wake up shows and no stories about storms. Further, because its program schedule is all forecasting, it means that The Weather Cast has more time to focus on local weather.

    Now that’s the way you fight other channels. The exact thing GAC should be doing against CMT. The problem is it won’t work for the 3 business channels.

    CNBC is the worst hypocrite of them all so they couldn’t complain about what FBN or Bloomberg does.

    Bloomberg thinks its a racing channel now so who are they to throw stones.

    and actually FBN really does need a Entertainment Show. They need to pair up with Variety or Hollywood Reporter or someone and produce a daily show.

  4. -Business-

    NewsCorp is in the business of making money and anything related to that qualifies as “business” for that purpose – including having musical guests on a programme that seems to be devoted to making fun of people. Nothing wrong with that.

    Nothing wrong with me choosing not to watch it, either. If I wanted to watch stoopid stuff I’d flip to the CBS morning show…. if they still have one.

  5. I say Imus should be moved to FOX NEWS CHANNEL

  6. ^ I’m guessing…. works in programming for CNN?

  7. wheresthebeef09 Says:


    You can always, and I mean ALWAYS count on starcrapper to defend every ‘crappy’ programming decision.

    Meanwhile, CNBC has been LIVE since 3am this morning with market coverage, and Bloomberg has also had their usual strong international business coverage..while Fox Business came on THREE hours later with their lackluster attempt at trying to be a ‘business’ network.

    Yet starcrapper moans and groans about CNBC showing movies on a FRIDAY NIGHT – yet conveniently ignores how Fox Business GUTTED their early morning weekday coverage….you know…when markets are actually open and active.

  8. Fox Business needs to compete with Biz news bring back the business line up in the AM and move Imus to FOX NEWS channel since they like Imus too. Or else someone might get smart and do what Dish is doing with the weather Channel. FOX business,CNBC,BLOOMBURG do what you are made to do biz news. Weather Channel do weather Please!!!

  9. starbroker Says:

    LOL As usual reality completely escapes TheresNoBeef. Funny, but I defended CNBC’s movies. TheresNoBeef can’t grasp that the complaints have not been about CNBC but the HUGE hypocrites (he should look in the mirror).

    And of course the usual, hey, while CNBC does nothing at night and screws over the west coast viewers totally, they are on air at 3:00 am and they get no eyeballs….but they are on. Way to go CNBC!

    Then of course the chorus from other crowds saying move Imus to FNC (where they already don’t have enough slots). I guess some would rather replace a morning show that beats the competition 3 to 1. Also, really smart to take the highest rated FBN show and lose it. And yes, hypocrites you can complain that Imus is the highest rated show on FBN but of course you all will fail to point out POT INC, COKE and other shows shown 20 times or more are the highest rated on CNBC. Heck, at least Imus is new everyday.

    I don’t think the business nets have to worry McC because they are all doing it.

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