FBN cancels Happy Hour…Andrew Napolitano gets FBN weekend show.

First Fox Business Morning, Imus in the Evening, and Your Questions, Your Money…now add Happy Hour to the list of recently canceled FBN programs. TVNewser was the first to report it and Mediaite confirmed it. Another ratings related cancellation or was this a cost issue as well? Because it’s a live, daily remote the show is going to cost more than your average FBN hour which might have put added ratings pressure on the hour. Getting rid of the technical staff, rather than folding them back in to FBN somehow, is a possible clue that the cost of the show vs. the show’s ratings may have been the ultimate decider. On a personal note, Happy Hour was probably the FBN show I watched the most.

Update: TVNewser now reports that only seven “free lance” staffers were affected and not let go so the above analysis regarding the staffers is now rendered null and void..

I hear there’s still more changes coming, probably of the additive variety rather than of the subtractive variety we’ve been seeing lately…

Update 2: TVNewser suggests that recent hire Geri Willis may get the slot. That would indeed be a surprise move because Willis is so new with the channel and may upset the pecking order internally at FBN. FBN execs might have to spend some time smoothing things over with certain people who appeared to me to be on career trajectory upswings at the network, particularly Jenna Lee. Unless the network has other specific plans for Lee…

Update 3: The first of the “addititive” changes leaked out today. I’d heard rumors that Andrew Napolitano might get a show on FBN but today it was confirmed by Napolitano himself. Johnny Dollar has the audio from the Brian and the Judge show which also announced that the partnership was ending as a result…

Update 4: Mediaite reports that Eric Bolling is slotted for a primetime show.

15 Responses to “FBN cancels Happy Hour…Andrew Napolitano gets FBN weekend show.”

  1. terance Says:

    Speaking of Happy Hour.. Didn’t TVN completely ignore the Rebecca Diamond/Gomez script tampering report?


    Anyway, I agree Jenna Lee would be getting a raw deal if passed over for Gerri Willis. Seriously, her Saturday morning program and the one at noon were pure crap.. Plus she’s extremely boring.

  2. lurkerlou Says:

    Can’t say I’m sad about it cause in an earlier post from a few weeks ago I said how I’ve soured on Rebecca Diamond BIGTIME.

    I remember a long time ago I even defended her on whether she knew more about business then Charles Payne. Hahahahaha oh boyyyy…

    I was thinking to myself a while back that Eric Bolling could assemble a group and take on Fast Money.

  3. Has “Your Questions, Your Money” ended yet? I don’t get FBN, but my TV still lists “Opening Bell” as a show, so maybe my cable company, Comcast, hasn’t updated things yet.

  4. This is according to Wikipedia (not the best source, but whatever).

    In March 2010, Willis left for Fox Business, and will host a new program reportedly to be called ‘The Willis Report.’

  5. lurkerlou Says:

    Since David Asman already anchors 2 crucial hours, Bolling takes his spot at 7?

  6. -maybe my cable company, Comcast, hasn’t updated things yet-

    When I had DISH network I was told that the listing signal is controlled by the individual cable or broadcast networks and sent with the programming transmission. Makes sense because sometimes on Comcast I’ve seen the programming guide for Discovery Channel change just as the show comes on.

  7. jjmac00 Says:

    Terance what the hell are you talking about? Jenna Lee doesn’t have a Saturday or noon show. I think your thinking of Tracy Byrnes.

    Jenna is FAR from boring. She has a great personalty, smart, and one hell of a anchor/reporter which is why she’s the only female FBN anchor who appears regularly on the FNC. Hell, she even filled in for Jane Skinner on ‘Happening Now’ yesterday. No doubt she’s one of Ailes rising stars and she’s only 29. Still a youngster and a lot of room for improvement.

    Spud I agree with you on that whole passing up Jenna for Willis thing. I guess the news anchor business is not a seniority thing. It’s a travesty, but Jenna has always been the morning person since the channel started. No doubt she will get first dibs on a pre-market morning show once Imus keels over or FBN changes the morning format again.

    I truly believe Imus is not going to last much longer. The way he talks about his illnesses on air, I’m surprised he’s still working. He seems to have a new disease every week. At his age that can’t be good.

  8. jjmac00,

    I think terence was referring to Gerri Willis’ shows, not Jenna Lee. Gerri had a sat. morning show (Your Bottom Line) and at noon weekdays for a while (Issue #1).

  9. And Yesterday Jenna co-anchored Happening Now. She has a pretty big profile on FNC.

  10. terance Says:

    Thanks, Corny.

  11. I don’t watch happy hour, I mentioned before, I thought it was targeting a different demographic.

    I still think FBN should put in their own version of Way To Early with Willie Geist or their sister’s channels Red Eye. As a lead into Imus In The Morning.

  12. bushleaguer Says:

    That’s a shame that Happy Hour will be no more – but not surprising. The show has been moving away from finance more and more and over to politics (if I want to watch Alan Colmes face off with his sister-in-law or another Conservative, I’ll watch FNC). They have interesting segments like the one where people bring in their product idea and it gets graded by the panel. The big minus for me has been Cody Willard – interesting guy but the “fascist regime” spiel is tiring.

    No more Rebecca Diamond in those alluring dresses – bummer.

  13. lurkerlou Says:

    The best young talent FBN has is Sandra Smith.

    You see her going all over the country reporting on news, she can report at the Chicago oil pits, report at the NYSE, she’s a better sub-host on Happy Hour then Rebecca, do back and forth commentary on Varney’s show and Hannity etc…

    Very nice get by FBN from Bloomberg. Her teleprompting skills need improving but that’s expected since she doesn’t get to use it alot. If she gets a hosting gig in the future she will perfect it in a month.

  14. Come on BizNews247. You can use terms other than that to describe talent. Comments deleted.

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