Inside The WeatherCast

According to TVNewser, The Weather Channel is still on Dish Network. But this WeatherCast threat is definitely real. Paul Douglas blogs on the Minneapolis Star-Tribune about the work that’s gone in to the WeatherCast set (scroll down the page…no permalinks on this blog)

What a day. Thursday afternoon we launched “The WeatherCast” on Dish Satellite Network, a national weather channel, something we’ve all been working on for a long time. I can’t say much more at this point, other than to say it’s the most challenging thing I’ve ever tried to pull off in my professional career – and it would not have been possible had it not been for a team of amazing friends/employees, developers, engineers, & meteorologists who attempted the impossible.

19 Responses to “Inside The WeatherCast”

  1. I wish if that happens they should give to Cable Companies and others to have an better choice than the weather Channel which is losing it’s way and not being weather anymore. Since they chose to air Movies and car chases and non-weather news. WeatherChannel needs to learn. NBC leave the news to msnbc and nbc network and Business to CNBC and weather to the weatherchannel and stop this craziness.

  2. harry1420 Says:

    coming soon..a cable news channel..that actually covers news!

  3. laura l Says:

    Harry, you’re dreaming.

  4. laura l Says:

    The sad part is, would any of us even watch such a channel?

  5. -the sad part-

    No. Other than during a major breaking story, few of us would be entertained enough to want to sit through a personality-lacking news programme for more than ten minutes.

  6. meggielou Says:

    I’m appalled that anyone would expect a weather channel to actually do weather… or a news channel to do news. What’s next? Someone asking MTV or VH1 to actually do MUSIC?
    (Yes, I’m showing my age – I remember when MTV was all videos, all day. It was great. Bring back Mark Goodman!!!

  7. laura l Says:

    I remember watching Headline News when it was..Headline News. Was I ever that young?

  8. joeremi Says:

    -Headline News-

    Remember when they cluttered up the screen to make it look like a webpage? The anchor was in a little box. Awful.

  9. I remember when there were no bloody advertisements on cable television. And I remember HBO’s Not Necessarily The News.

    Hmmmm….. that’d be a good title for for a few shows on today.

  10. laura l Says:

    I remember when Geraldo was a respected newsman. I think I was in middle-school..

  11. -remember when Geraldo-

    Then I must be younger than you…

  12. laura l Says:

    Or older with a faulty memory. Your move..

  13. I’m clearly not as witty.

    So, way back when Geraldo was a respected newsman, was he being blown horizontal while desperately clawing onto a sign pole doing a hurricane report?

  14. laura l Says:

    I wouldn’t speculate on what he was ‘being’, but they say he did a good expose on a mental-health-facility in the early-70’s. I remember him as ‘investigative reporter’ in the Watergate days. One of them long-hair-hippie-types.

  15. joeremi Says:


    “Goodnight America” on Friday nights on ABC. That title presaged GMA.

  16. -Early 70s-

    I was a kid living across the Pond.

  17. laura l Says:

    D@mn foreigners. Unable to appreciate the god-like presence that is Geraldo.
    One thing I do like about him lately is that he does live news on a weekend evening. I don’t know when that became a noteworthy thing, but it certainly is on Fox.

  18. Wow, it didn’t take long for The Weather Channel to freak out and respond to the threat you presented to them. The knuckleheads at Dish Network caved immediately of course, too bad. What we saw of WeatherCast was great but the almighty dollar won out, sad.

    For what it’s worth we called Dish Network and told them they could leave all of The Weather Channel garbage off and just put the WeatherCast on for us. TWC doesn’t know these United States include the Northwest at all.

  19. salbaby Says:

    I was tremendously pleased when Weathercast appeared (unannounced) on Dishnetwork. They just as summarily removed it. I have repeatedly written to the WeatherChannel complaining about their lack of weather…I call it weathertainment. The Weatherchannel then announced that a new weather channel created in conjunction with Dish and the Weather Channel would appear in the slot, channel 113. Now that channel has just disappeared. I use accuweather videos now, tho’ they have become thinner and more advertising ladden than ever.

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